Movember and the realities of Organic

Updates on the Movember movement and facts on organic food and the health benefits.

Dear Jake Paul

A message to Jake Paul and Ricegum about the mystery box video, Mystery Brand scam, gambling addiction and kids. Listen to our podcast: http://sidenotepodcast.comAsk us your burning questions in the

How Many Sexual Partners Is 'Normal,' Really?

The latest research suggests we're still judging each other over how many people we've slept with. Why?

This Broth Is The Best Way To Nourish Your Hormones Daily

Use it as a base for soups or just sip it on its own!

Citrus Scent DEBUNKED!

So we really messed up on this one. Even we can have a difficult time with R and S Limonene! We appreciate your patience with this video and here it is for the final time. Rest assured everything in

Weekly Tips - Kraft Jello, Movember and The Reality of Organic

This week a win in the great Jello war, Big Soda keeps on keeping on and some interesting facts about the reality of what we think is organic and the benefits.

Why Is There Still A Stigma Around Non-Monogamy?

The psychology behind why people fear consensual non-monogamy.

How To Revel In Tonight's Super Blood Wolf Moon — According To Your Sign

This spectacle can shift power balances and net you some coveted attention.

Skip the Gym and Strengthen Your Whole Body

Chances are good that you can relate to how Jillian Michaels started 2019 after a roller coaster year of ups and downs. She found herself hoping for better times after the destruction of her house in

Solved: This Is The Right Way To Water Your Plants (And Bring Them Back To Life If They're Dead)

Did you know that the type of pot you have affects how much you should water?

Thirsty and Tired? You May Need More Than Water.

{pixabay|100|campaign} Dehydration can be a prime culprit making you feel tired and sluggish. If we admit that we aren’t drinking enough water, it’s not surprising we all feel the need for a nap.

What Are The Healthiest Non-Dairy Milks To Drink?

The other day I was ordering an organic smoothie at a local shop and as I watched her put the kale into the blender and grab a carton of almond milk, I stopped her just in time… Right before she po

YOU only YOU are in charge of your health

{pixabay|100|campaign} USA Today ran an interesting series of articles on our ridiculous health care system or should I say our “disease care” system. While more and more Americans concerned with

What Can You Buy With 5.7 Billion Dollars? (Trump's Wall Cost)

What else could you buy with the budget of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall during this government shutdown?Listen to our podcast: http://sidenotepodcast.comAsk us your burning questions in the

Can Plastic Be Composted?

Thanks to the demands of eco-conscious consumers, biodegradable and compostable plastics are cropping up everywhere. Are these green plastics the solution to our throwaway lifestyle? Well -- it’s c

How to make a change in the New Year that lasts

Last week I shared the right (and wrong) way to do Keto in our latest investigation on the blog. The timing was appropriate, too… Right about now you’re probably *overwhelmed* with new diets, fit

What If You Stopped Brushing Your Teeth Forever?

What if you never brushed your teeth? Or even stopped for a year? Here's what would happen!Listen to our podcast: http://sidenotepodcast.comAsk us your burning questions in the comments!Created by: M

Is The Keto Diet Healthy?

When I was in my 20’s overweight, upset and ready to change my life – I went on a diet. Little did I realize at the time, that diets do not produce long lasting results – for my body, for my he

How Does Low-Dose Aspirin Work?

You ever see those commercials suggesting people take a tiny dose of aspirin every day? It’s an amount so small it doesn’t really work for pain relief, yet taking low-dose aspirin is fairly commo

How to Survive the Snow and Ice

From artificial snow to how to deal with a car stuck in slush, here’s our chilly compilation of snow and ice chemistry!Subscribe!!

This Is Why The Holidays Can Suck!

Trying to be cheery might make you dreary!Breathin - Ariana Grande SCIENCE Acapella: Shopping w/ a Science Nerd: to our podcas

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites {Dairy-Free & Grain-Free}

I call these Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites “unbelievable” because once you take a bite, it’s hard to believe these decadent treats are made with no white sugar, no grains, and no dairy – just 100%

What Makes Kimchi So Delicious?

It’s the fermented food most requested by you, the viewers! What makes kimchi sour and spicy, yet also surprisingly rich and buttery? This week on Reactions, it’s the chemistry of kimchi.Subscrib

Breathin - Ariana Grande SCIENCE Acapella

Get the song: RULES: video: by: Mi

Healthy Holiday Sweet Potato Casserole

There’s just nothing like a homemade sweet potato casserole during the holidays… it’s almost like dessert (but healthy!) I always use fresh sweet potatoes or yams to make this casserole, and NE

Christmas Shopping w/ a Science Nerd

'Tis the season of climate change and wasteFollow me: @whalewatchmeplz Follow Mitch: @mitchellmoffitListen to our new podcast: by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregor

Should Santa Wear a Flame Retardant Suit?

Flame-retardant chemicals can slow the spread of fire in homes and garments. But are these compounds naughty or nice? This week on Reactions, we ask whether old Saint Nick might want a flame-retardan

Take a healthy snack wherever you go… (Protein Powder Travel Packs!)

What’s the hardest time to stick to your healthy habits? For me, it’s when I’m either pressed for time, on the go, or in a place with no healthy food options. Especially this time of year, when

What If You Are Stressed Everyday?

Can everyday stress literally kill you? Find out!Listen to Sidenote for our episode on stress: by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory BrownWritten by: Jodr

Take A Peek Inside My New Book Feeding You Lies (plus a special announcement)

The book jacket for the hardcover version of Feeding You Lies was just finalized and I am so happy about getting this book out into the world. And I want you to be the first to see it! Here’s wha

Why Don’t Antarctic Fish Freeze to Death?

Fish living in the oceans around Antarctica seem like they should freeze to death. But notothenioids have it all figured out, thanks to the antifreeze proteins in their blood!Subscribe!

How The Food Industry Tries to Silence Us (My Appearance on CNN…)

I got a request to be on CNN last Sunday night asking me to discuss the romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak. But here’s the crazy thing… My appearance on national TV really pissed off some people. A

What If You Only Ate Chips?

What if you only consumed potatoes forever?Listen to our podcast: by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory BrownWritten by: Matthew CarterIllustrated by: Max SimmonsE

Stoned Girl Tries To Explain the Digestive System | STONED SCIENCE

The digestive system, but explained by a stoned comedian.Subscribe for more science! by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory BrownIllustrated and Animated by: Max Simmons and Sel

How To Travel With A Baby & Still Eat Organic Food

One of the biggest joys in my life is traveling. Now that I’m a mom, that hasn’t changed – and even more so, as I want to show my daughter the world. I have taken a lot of trips since she has b

Why Does Humidity Feel Gross?

Relative humidity, dew point, heat index... trying to figure out what to wear from all these buzzy weather words is enough to make you sweat! But fear not, today we're giving you a break down on how

Smoking vs Juuling

Juuling and smoking both contain nicotine, but is one healthier?We talk Juuling on our Podcast! by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory BrownWritten by: Greg BrownIllustra

The Crazy Thing We Are Doing At Truvani This Week

I just unloaded a few huge boxes of decorations from my garage, and yes, I know it’s a couple days before Thanksgiving, but the holidays are almost here, and I want to get ready! But first… I wan

Thanksgiving Turkey Compilation

Enjoy this compilation of Thanksgiving turkey chemical deliciousness! We’re celebrating the holiday with our favorite food science bits and pieces.More PBS Digital Studios Goodness here!https://www

How is Leather Made?

How does animal hide become leather? We still don’t fully understand the chemistry of tanning, but the basic steps are thousands of years old. In this week’s episode of Reactions, learn how leath


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