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Hormonal health is as important as diet and exercise when it comes to overall health. Dr. Brown specializes in hormone balancing to treat a variety of complaints. Optimizing hormones is not only for menopausal women but also menstruating women and women seeking to get pregnant. >

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Women’s Health- It’s All Connected Hormonal health is as important as diet and exercise when it comes to overall health. Dr. Brown specializes in hormone balancing to treat a variety of complaints

Flax Oil or Fish Oil: Which is Better for Treating Depression?

Fish oil is one of the most popular supplements around, as it has so many health benefits. Many studies show that when a person supplements their diet with Omega-3 fatty acids—particularly EPA and D

Prejuvenation – Keeping Skin Looking Young and Healthy

Prejuvenation – Keeping Skin Looking Young and Healthy Many of my patients come to see me looking to restore their skin to health and to treat specific concerns including acne, scars, wrinkles and d

What Does Advil Have to do With Infertility?

Trying to Conceive? Your Advil might be Ruining your Chances Ovulation is one of the most important events in conception. With many couples struggling to with infertility, eliminating all barriers to


  By Jean-Marc Sobczyk, MD, ND More than 80,000 chemicals are currently used in the United States. Surpringsingly, most of them have not been tested for their effects on human’s health. In a study

Fatigue? Hack your Brain, Harness your Energy

Fatigued? Hack your Brain, Harness your Energy It is fairly easy to measure the fatigue we feel from the level of a particular task—there are physiological, metabolic measurements that can show us.

The Magic of Boswellia, Chamomile and Blueberries for Muscular Skeletal Pain

a By Edison de Mello, MD, PhD Warm weather means more motion and a 50% higher risk of achy muscles and joints. Luckily, you can keep moving with ease, naturally. Boswellia Question:

Get on your Game Face to make Health Changes

  By David Laramie, PhD If you watched the recent Winter Olympics,  then perhaps you noticed the striking rituals of the world class athletes as they prepared to perform.  Whether they don headpho

Poor Memory Curcumin Might Help

Memory complaints can sometimes begin as early as the 20s but for most, not until after age 60. Postpartum women and women going through menopause can also sometimes begin to experience memory problem

Hormone Balance For Weight Loss

Hormone Balance for Weight Loss – The Tipping Point Are you eating right and working out but still can’t lose weight? It’s time to consider your hormones. I see this quite often in practice, pa

Green Tea Extract Proves Better Than Metformin for Metabolic Markers in Women

Green tea continues to prove itself as a healing powerhouse. A lot of women with PCOS take Metformin to manage their insulin resistance, but a simpler solution proves to be even better. In a recent s

The Natural Skin Solution: Hormonal Acne

If you suffer from hormonal acne, you are not alone. Up to 23% of adult women experience acne! Now there are many different factors that affect acne. Inflammation is very important. Gut health is

Injuries That Won’t Heal

Injuries that Won’t Heal – Where is your breaking point? I can speak all to clearly to this one.   There is a fine line between pushing the limits and taking yourself out of the game completely.

Magnesium and Zinc: Two Essential Minerals for PCOS

In PCOS, insulin resistance causes oxidative stress and inflammation to be carried in our blood. A recent study has shown that magnesium and zinc play an important role in antioxidant stress and infla

Artificial Sweeteners’ Effect on the Brain Reduces Impulse Control

A lot of people struggle to lose weight while dieting, and a new study may have determined why. The study was on artificial sweeteners and how they affect the brain, and the results were quite shockin

My Mom Died… Now What?

My Mom Died…Now What? I had mentally prepared for this, even rehearsed it, but that did not inoculate me from the pain and shock. I have experienced grief before, but I think grieving for my dad was

Love Your Gut

  By Bren Boston, MD The human body is a marvelous contraption, but it certainly is not a modern one.  It developed ages ago before there were twinkies and McDonalds.  The human gut is the passagew

Go with your Gut: Movements to Optimize Digestion

by Olivia Barry, PT, C-IAYT, E-RYT500 Ideally, in just eight hours following a meal, we absorb the good nutrients and get rid of the remaining waste matter through the colon. Often these processes ta

Painful Periods are Total BullS$%T

  Hopeless, bent over in pain with a heat pack across your stomach and wondering if you should give in and take an Advil, or worse questioning how many Advil are safe to take before you get a stomach

In Lean PCOS, Insulin Resistance is Often Missed, as Illustrated by This Study on the Microbiome

A new study just released on gut microbiome and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) showed some fascinating results: it showed that women with PCOS have fewer types of gut bacteria AND very different

Vitamin B12 For Athletes

Power Shots.  Deficiency in this Vitamin will affect your energy and performance. About 20 years ago I was shown a movie on the treatment of animals. I haven’t touched meat since. Plant based meals

How Walnuts affect Insulin Levels

In a recent study, 28 subjects with high body mass index (but without diabetes), were chosen to test the effect that walnuts have on the body. Specifically, the study focused on why these nuts in part

Natural Flu Prevention

You probably know someone who has had the flu this season. It’s been a very early flu season and a more severe one than we normally experience. With estimates of the vaccine only being 10 to 30% eff

The Buzz about Intermittent Fasting

  By Bren Boston, MD and Maggie Ney, ND The truth is you probably already do some intermittent fasting (IF) and don’t even know it.  If you don’t snack after an early dinner and eat a late break

Dairy Products, and Their Link to Insulin Resistance

When most people think about low-fat dairy products, they don’t immediately think of a correlation with insulin resistance. After all, fat-free yogurt and kefir are touted as ideal health foods, esp

DNA Analysis: A Great Tool to Optimize Your Health

  By Jean-Marc Sobczyk, MD, ND From DNA to Genetic Report  You inherit your DNA from your parents, your parents inherited their DNA from their parents, and so on. 99.5% of your DNA is identical to

This New Year, Allow Yourself to Be Human

  By Alicia Maher, MD On any given day, there are crowds of seemingly happy people making their way around the city. And yet so many in that crowd feel that their life doesn’t measure up to the oth

Progesterone: The Forgotten Hormone

Estrogen’s forgotten sister, progesterone, is often overlooked. For example, a woman who has a full hysterectomy (causing a surgical menopause) may be given solely estrogen and no progesterone. This

Compounded Bio-identical Hormones

Recently, I saw a woman at my office who’d been prescribed a brand name Bio-identical estradiol gel. She didn’t come to see me for hormone therapy but she mentioned that the gel wasn’t improving

Things are heating up and it’s not just the weather!

HOT FLASHES: WHY DO THEY HAPPEN? WHAT ROLE DOES STRESS PLAY?   Hot flashes occur due to a narrowing of the core body temperature range due to something called norepinephrine. But hang on, aren’t ho

How does poor sleep affect our ability to learn? Study investigates

Most of us know that a good night’s sleep is key for happiness and productivity, and that conversely, a night of poor sleep can have negative effects on our performance during the day. But a new stu


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