Women’s Health- It’s All Connected

Hormonal health is as important as diet and exercise when it comes to overall health. Dr. Brown specializes in hormone balancing to treat a variety of complaints. Optimizing hormones is not only for menopausal women but also menstruating women and women seeking to get pregnant. >

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Women’s Health- It’s All Connected Hormonal health is as important as diet and exercise when it comes to overall health. Dr. Brown specializes in hormone balancing to treat a variety of complaints

When Soccer Imitates Life: Diving in Soccer through a Nuanced Lens of Neuroscience

In the midst of World Cup fandom, a number of interesting human behaviours come to light—both amidst players and fans. In watching how it all plays out, I have come to notice and try to explain some

The Power of the Mind-Body Connection

  By Kevin Kunkel, MA, CMT, CYT, LMFT According to Harvard medical professor and researcher Dr Herbert Benson, “Mind body science has now reached a stage where it should be accepted as the third m

Are You Sabotaging Your Vaginal Microbiome?

  By Bren Boston, MD Ladies, did you know that there are good bacteria that live in your vagina and help to keep it healthy? Talking about bacteria living in your vagina might make you wary, but you

NSAID Overuse

The things you didn’t know about your pain medication that could hurt you. After winning a 24-hour track run in record time, Stephanie Ehret should have been celebrating. Instead she was in the hosp

The Ultimate Orgasm: A Guide to Inhabiting the Flow State

We have about 28, 000 days in our lives, on average…give or take. We have 60,000 thoughts a day. “No wonder we feel like we’re going nuts!” Many of us may go through phases of feeling stuck in

Low Key Addictions

Cigarettes. Alcohol. Gambling. Heroin. When most people think of addiction, these are the things that come to mind. While you may not be enabling a pack-a-day habit, you may have addictive tendencies

Masculinity: Developing Warrior-like Emotional Intelligence

  By Kevin Kunkel, MA, CMT, CYT, LMFT A part of me can cringe at the phrase “get in touch with your feelings.”   The words can be associated with an image of someone who is too soft, docile, or

June is Men’s Health Month: Spotlight on Heart Disease

  By Bren Boston, MD Per the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in the US, causing 1 in every 4 male deaths. The American Heart Association states that 1 in 9 men, compared to

Men: Are You Controlling Your Stress, or Is It Controlling You?

  By Edison de Mello, M.D., Ph.D. Co-authored by David Laramie, Ph.D. You know that stress is supposed to be bad, but do you know what to do about it? To make this even more complicated, did you know


  By Edison de Mello, MD, PhD, DAD (3) As we evolve past the stereotype of the traditional meaning of fatherhood – breadwinner, strong, hard working, man-of-the-house – we have come to underst

Social Media? Who Are You Following?

Gone are the days when being followed was a creepy event. With the advent of social media, being “followed” is now a desirable feat. While most people agree that the growth of social media isn’t

Aching. Stiff. Sore Joints. Osteoarthritis and YOUR choices.

What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, affecting millions of North Americans. It generally affects those over 40 years of age and is often one sided, preferring k

Physical Fitness = Goals

  By Bren Boston, MD May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Our bodies can be molded to a certain degree by the foods we choose to put into our bodies combined with the targeted exercise

Genetic Testing To Optimize Fitness

  Jean-Marc Sobczyk, MD, ND THE BASICS WHAT ARE GENES? Our genes are in our chromosomes. They contain instructions on how to build every cell in our body. There are thousands of proteins coded by the

Healthy Pregnancy

  By Maggie Ney, ND Pregnancy is a magical time when women get to experience their day-to-day life while amazing changes are constantly happening within their body. I have three beautiful and healthy

The Most Important Vitamin in Pregnancy? Vitamin D?

Could this be the Most Important Vitamin in Pregnancy? Trying to conceive or are currently pregnant? It’s important to get your Vitamin D levels tested. What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D in it’s active

Are Stress and Depression Stealing the Best Years of Your Life? The Answer May Lie in your Gut

  By Edison de Mello, MD, PhD  May 08, 2017 “UVA REVERSES DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS IN MICE USING PROBIOTICS,” screamed the headlines on March 7, 2017. It seems that everywhere we look for answers as

Natural Treatment of PCOS

PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is the most common hormone imbalance impacting women and teenage girls. Polycystic ovarian syndrome, meaning “multiple ovarian cysts” can start during puberty

The Fix: Own Your Brain

The Danger of Assuming Potential Experience The fundamental issue we are all facing is the assumption we make about our potential. We think we have this massive amount of potential and, whether that i

Fertility Frustrations: Endometriosis

Endometriosis impacts around 1 in 10 women of menstruating age and one-third to one-half of those women will struggle with infertility – about twice the rate of infertility of the general population

Poor Memory Curcumin Might Help

Memory complaints can sometimes begin as early as the 20s but for most, not until after age 60. Postpartum women and women going through menopause can also sometimes begin to experience memory problem

Natural Flu Prevention

You probably know someone who has had the flu this season. It’s been a very early flu season and a more severe one than we normally experience. With estimates of the vaccine only being 10 to 30% eff

Progesterone: The Forgotten Hormone

Estrogen’s forgotten sister, progesterone, is often overlooked. For example, a woman who has a full hysterectomy (causing a surgical menopause) may be given solely estrogen and no progesterone. This

Compounded Bio-identical Hormones

Recently, I saw a woman at my office who’d been prescribed a brand name Bio-identical estradiol gel. She didn’t come to see me for hormone therapy but she mentioned that the gel wasn’t improving

Things are heating up and it’s not just the weather!

HOT FLASHES: WHY DO THEY HAPPEN? WHAT ROLE DOES STRESS PLAY?   Hot flashes occur due to a narrowing of the core body temperature range due to something called norepinephrine. But hang on, aren’t ho

How does poor sleep affect our ability to learn? Study investigates

Most of us know that a good night’s sleep is key for happiness and productivity, and that conversely, a night of poor sleep can have negative effects on our performance during the day. But a new stu


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