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Thrombosis: The Hidden Risks and What Cancer Caregivers Need to Know

Thrombosis — the formation of blood clots in a vein or artery — can affect anyone. But cancer patients are at higher risk of thrombosis than the general population, so caregivers should be particu

How In-Home Care Can Provide Relief During Cancer Care or Depression

Dealing with cancer can be tough on the body and mind. It can be a struggle for seniors to continue functioning as independently as they once had, and in turn, this can contribute to depression. Partn

How to Protect Your Parents From Alzheimer’s Cure Scams

Alzheimer’s disease is the health condition that many fear the most. For some older adults, the fear of the disease leads to wasting money on Alzheimer’s cure scams that at best do nothing and at

Keep Your Machete Sharp

Gramp was an extraordinarily brave and hard-working man.  In 1925, he jumped ship in Baltimore Harbor off a Russian freighter to which he was consigned at the age of 17.

Study Highlights Need for Healthcare Providers to Engage Alzheimer’s Caregivers

A new study spotlights the often-overlooked need for family caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease to be more engaged by physicians during medical appointments with their loved ones.

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Disaster Preparedness: A Complete Guide for Seniors

Disaster Preparedness: A Complete Guide for Seniors

Glendale Assisted Living Facilities | Broadview Residential Care Center

Broadview Residential Care Center For The Elderly is a senior living facility in Glendale, California. Visit today and experience the highest quality care!

Howling with Care

As CEO of Caring for Your Loved Ones, Inc, Fearless Caregivers need to have a wide array of tools and techniques at your disposal.  You may be surprised to know what I believe to be the most importan

Carenote from Chris

I been taking care of my mother now for the past 3 years I think I have her dementia under control. I live with her 24 hours a day.

Carenote from Cheryl

Is it ok to restrict my father from excessive Tobacco use ?  He wants to smoke and won’t hear any reason and keeps smoking more and more.

Objective Love

I received a call from a dear friend of mine, who recently retired from the health care industry.  You could say he was one of my first mentors, when starting out on my journey of caregiver support 2

Would You Recognize Signs of Depression in Older Adults? How You Can Help

Many people assume that depression is an unshakable feeling of sadness. While this can be true to an extent for some people, in others, depression doesn’t have to necessarily include feeling sad. It

Carenote from Donna

My husband has Parkinson’s Dementia, broke both hips last winter, had 2 retinal strokes, can’t see. One eardrum. Hernia in stomach, Sun Downing Syndrome...

Medicare Open Enrollment: What Baby Boomers Need to Know

Medicare Open Enrollment, the period when you can sign up, renew or change your Medicare coverage is October 15 to December 7, 2019.

What should seniors do as Dorian threatens Florida

BY HOWARD COHEN After 14 elderly residents died in a sweltering post-Irma rehabilitation center in Hollywood in September 2017, which led to the arrest of four former staffers on manslaughter charges,

Identifying Risk Factors that Increase Fall Risk in Seniors

A major health and safety concern that comes with aging is fall risk. Seniors tend to be more likely to fall which can lead to fractures, sprains, or contusions that can be difficult to bounce back fr

Chronic Care Solutions: Improving Patient Outcomes

One of the challenges that many seniors face with aging is dealing with chronic health conditions. Whether they struggle with arthritis, dementia, diabetes, COPD, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s

Fun Summer Activities to Do with Seniors

That chill in the air is officially gone, and warm weather is here to stay! Summer is a great opportunity for seniors to get out and about and enjoy some fresh air. Plus, the kids are out of school, s

Navigating Senior Care Options: What’s Right for Your Loved One?

Caring for an aging parent can be exhausting and time consuming depending on the level of support they need. You’re trying to balance your own life and family’s needs along with those of an aging

Building Connections to Overcome Aging

Over the past few years, the world has changed a lot, especially when it comes to the major surge in technology. Generations of the past weren’t on social media or the Internet, and they didn’t pl

Living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Breathing is an essential part of life. When it becomes difficult or you are short of breath, it can make daily activities more challenging and impact your quality of life. Individuals living with chr

Pass It Down: Preserving Family History and Traditions

Family history is a precious gift. If stories, traditions, and information are not passed down from one generation to the next, eventually they will be lost and forgotten. It can be fun for families t

How to Handle Siblings Who Don’t Help With Aging Parents

Caring for aging parents can be challenging for adult children. Constant attention is required for your parents to receive the best care. The task itself can be too much for one person to take on, es

How Seniors Can Improve Heart-Health

Aging adults often think as they grow older, they’re destined to have heart disease. This is not the case for many seniors. There are preventive measures that help maintain a healthy heart. Heart d

Why Genealogy is Significant for Seniors

The internet is changing how people connect. Retirees are using their time at home or at their residential center to connect with people around the world via the world wide web and social media platf

How to Help Aging Parents Declutter

Decluttering can be one of the largest tasks to accomplish before moving into a residential care center. The idea of sorting through your aging parents’ things can be as overwhelming as the task it

Finding Love in Assisted Living

Life and romance seem to go hand in hand until you reach a certain age. Circumstances and life events have a way of forcing many aging adults to enjoy their latter years without a significant other o

A Guide to Breast Cancer in Older Adults

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer found in elderly women. A woman has a one-in-e

Overcoming Age Discrimination in the Hiring Process

The unemployment rate in the U.S. dropped to 3.9 percent in July 2018, according to the Bureau

Myths You’ve Probably Heard about Assisted Living

There are several myths about assisted living. Many people think you end up just sitting around all day with nothing to do. Others feel assisted living may destroy their independence. Especially afte

Chair Exercises for Seniors in Residential Care

It’s expected for the muscles and bones in our bodies to weaken with age. Seniors may have trouble balancing or suffer from mobility issues, while other aging adults might be dealing with chronic i

4 Ways to Sharpen the Memory in Residential Care

Did you know there are several fun and innovative ways to sharpen your memory? As we grow older, it becomes more common to forget the simple things. It’s just a normal part of aging. Perhaps you ma

Signs It May Be Time for Assisted Living

Adult children are often faced with difficult decisions. Among those decisions is one that greatly impacts the livelihood and happiness of their parents. At some point, aging adults may need to be pl

Government Benefits Seniors May Be Missing Out On

Almost every adult in the world spends hours each day looking for ways to maximize their dollars. Without a doubt, nothing destroys a budget like unforeseen health issues. Especially if the illness p

Guide to Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms, Stages and Treatment

This guide explains the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, along with the five stages and treatment options.

Prostate Cancer: A Guide for Aging Men

Prostate cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers in the world, despite it only being diagnosed in males.

A Guide to the Seasonal Flu for Seniors

The flu can be deadly for seniors, but luckily its easily preventable if you ensure you're following a few guidelines.

Reverse Mortgages Explained: A Senior Citizen’s Guide


Alcohol Abuse Amongst The Elderly: A Complete Guide

Alcohol abuse among seniors in the United States may be a bigger problem than you think. Educate yourself and find out how it can be treated.

Ultimate Guide to Caregiving for Alzheimer’s Patients

Caring for an Alzheimer's patient can be challenging, but knowing how to approach their needs makes life easier for both the patient and caregiver.

The Ultimate Guide to Aging Comfortably on a Financial Budget

Implement these tips to make sure your retirement nest egg lasts as long as you need it to.


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