Indoor Lighting, Street Photography and Tripod Tip

Shooting tips for lowlight indoor settings as well as bright sunlight outdoor settings, tips for shooting candid on the street and more!

Tips from Renowned Cinematographers for Your Next Film

Interested in becoming a noteworthy director of photography? The best place to begin is by studying the great cinematography masters.

YouTube Official Blog

Explore the latest company news, creator and artist profiles, culture and trends analyses, and behind-the-scenes insights on the YouTube Official Blog.

Using XML Files to Move Your Timeline to a Different NLE

If you need to transfer your timeline between two different pieces of video editing software, using XML files could be the solution for you.

The Wiggle Expression: Creating Movement in After Effects

In After Effects, use the wiggle expression to create random movement by modifying numbers, not keyframes.

The Friday Roundup - Indoor Lighting, Street Photography and Tripods

This week we have shooting tips for lowlight indoor settings as well as bright sunlight outdoor settings, tips for shooting candid "on the street" and more!

How to Create Matte Text Animations in After Effects

Check out all of the possibilities for creating text animations using mattes in After Effects. Tutorial includes free project file!

The Friday Roundup – Rookie Mistakes, Lenses and YouTube Tips

6 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make Although aimed at budding filmmakers this one has some (slightly) more advanced tips most of us can take advantage of. They open up with a discussion on frame rate

Dolby Cinema for Filmmakers and Audiences

Let's explore the Dolby Cinema experience and see what makes it so unique for filmmakers and audiences alike.

To Split-Screens and Beyond: The Art of Creating Doubles

Movies have adapted over time to the need to have two characters from the same person in one movie. Body doubles are often used, and a lot of times, camera techniques have been used. There have been

How to Create a Low-Budget Crash Zoom from Two Shots

The crash (or snap) zoom is a cinematography technique you’ll see in big-budget films. Here's how to create it at home.

We Made our FIRST 3D ANIMATION! - Yannick and Lorenzo try to recreate a complex 3D animation in Cinema4D. Follow their creative process and how they make use of various tools.More Copy Cat Friday►

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Interview: Casey Neistat on the Future of Creative Video Content

Let's have a peek into the famous YouTuber’s camera bag and a look at how creative digital video is changing.

5 Small, Budget-Friendly Lights for Any Camera Setup

Proper lighting can vastly improve the quality of your video. Upgrade your kit with these affordable diffused LED lights.

Filmmaking 101: Shooting a Video from Start to Finish

Filmmaking may seem like a beast. However, you can learn every aspect of this storytelling medium. Let's start by picking up a camera.

352 Free Letterbox Templates for Video Editing (8K, 4K, HD & More)

Easily give your videos the cinematic cropping they deserve with these free high-res letterbox templates for video editing.

How to Upload Your Videos to Instagram from PC and Mobile

It’s no big secret that Instagram has grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years. Thousands of people who are interested in creating and sharing content are using Instagram for just

Fast & Easy AFTER EFFECTS Tutorial: ALIEN TRACTOR BEAM - Learn how you can recreate an Alien Abduction Tractor Beam in Adobe After Effects. Use different light effects together with the Rotobrush tool to achieve a profe

The Fundamentals of Film Lighting

Although it is just one ingredient of a film, film-makers know that light can make your film look professional, or if not applied correctly, amateurish. Control of lights is an important step in crea

The Friday Roundup – Keyframing, Pre-production and Montages

How To Keyframe Video Exposure in Filmora X As I have mentioned quite few times over the past few months, the ability to use keyframes in most video editors at the consumer level has become pretty st

The Curves Tool: An Introduction to Color Correction Curves

For video and photo editors, using the color correction tools is an everyday occurrence. The tool that manipulates curves is essential in their work. Regardless of which software package you use, the

A Movie Synopsis: What it Is and How to Write One

It’s a great movie and you want to share it with the world, that is not the best example of what is called a movie synopsis. A real synopsis is a brief description or summary of what a potential au

Creating an AMONG US Character Animation (After Effects Tutorial)

The first 1000 to use the link get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: - Learn how to animate your own character or crew member from the game 'Among Us' in

ROTATION REVEAL in AFTER EFFECTS (Ariana Grande - Positions) - Recreate Ariana Grande's music video 'Positions' in Adobe After Effects. Learn how to create a seamless transitions with the Rotobrush and rotation tool.Bounce Ex

The Friday Roundup – Getting Ideas, Tilt Shift Lenses and Action Cams

Finding the Idea – Making Videos When Your Brain is Potatoes. So right out of the gate here on this one let me set the scene. This video tutorial is probably better aimed at more advanced video mak

3 Incredible COLOR GRADING Hacks! (Premiere Pro Tutorial) - Color Grading hacks that changed how I correct my videos. Learn how to grade a perfect teal & orange, clarity and HDR Look with Premiere Pro Lumetri.The Kickstarter h

The Friday Roundup – Color Matching and Keyframing in Filmora X

Color Matching, Keyframing and Audio Ducking in Filmora X Last week the big announcement from Wondershare was the release of Filmora X and within that release three great new features. I mentioned th

'GAME OVER' | VFX Breakdown + Q&A 🔴 LIVE Session

Jordy will explain how he and his Cinecom team made 'GAME OVER', an animated short. We'll be working in Adobe After Effects and answer any questions from the audience.Watch 'GAME OVER' ► https://ww

3 VIRAL Instagram Effects in After Effects (INSTA360 ONE X2) - Recreate 3 viral Instagram effects using a 360 camera like the new Insta360 One X2 in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.Get the INSTA360 ONE X2► https://cinecom.i

10 CAMERA MOVEMENTS on a BUDGET (camera hacks) - 10 camera hacks to achieve cinematic movement using handheld tricks or household tools. Learn how to move your camera in this tutorial video.Get your Film Bachelor's de

Wondershare Filmora X Review

First up, Why Filmora X? Before I get into the whole WonderShare Filmora X review it is important to address why Filmora X has a place in the world. Since the introduction of consumer level video edi

Recreate a FAKE Lightsaber like THE HACKSMITH (After Effects Tutorial) - Cut through metal like a real Jedi in After Effects. In this tutorial you'll learn how to use the Particle System to create a molten metal effect.GAME OVER | Anim

GAME OVER | Animated Short Film

Jordy gets sucked into a Gameboy and needs to fight his way out of the game. An animated short film in collaboration with Adobe.How we made 'GAME OVER'►

Making Premium Sci-Fi TV on a Shoestring Budget: Showrunner Jerry Rodriguez-Burckle Talks Dani Who? and Challenges in the Growing Mexican Market

Science-fiction thriller Dani Who? is a far cry from traditional Mexican television fare. Produced by Headroom, a boutique production unit inside Mexico City’s Argos Comunicación, the 10-episode

Promo: McMillions

Remember McDonald’s Monopoly? The promotional giveaway game where tiny Monopoly-themed tickets, some of them worth thousands of dollars or more, were given out with your burger, fries and/or soda p

Sony’s Vlogger-Friendly Camera Grip Has Bluetooth Control Built In

Sony announced a new grip designed for a range of its Alpha cameras. The GP-VPT2BT Shooting Grip with Wireless Remote Commander is expected to ship later this month in North America at a list price o

Quantum Expands NVMe Offerings with Less-Expensive ‘F Series’ Appliance

Quantum is looking to increase adoption of high-performance NVMe storage with the announcement of a new entry-level version of its F-Series appliances, the F1000. Coming out on the heels of the F2000

Behind the Soundtrack: Uncut Gems with Daniel Lopatin

In this short film made by the folks behind the Moog One synthesizer, composer Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) and co-director Josh Safdie talk at length about the Giorgio Moroder-inspired

Academy Awards: Joker Leads the Pack as Oscar Season Begins in Earnest

Joker leaped to the front of the Oscar race this morning, receiving 11 Academy Award nominations, including best picture, best director and, for Joaquin Phoenix, best actor. Lapping at Joker‘s hee

Promo: Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector

2C Creative dug into Lincoln Rhyme detective story The Bone Collector to develop a first-person voice promoting the new NBC serial killer drama Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector.  In the s

Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, AMC, Gives The Irishman His All

For its critical success, awards buzz, and technical breakthroughs revolving around the unique use of brand-new digital de-aging techniques on lead actors for extended sequences, it might be easy to

8K TVs Sparkle at CES, But What Will You Watch on Them?

If price points are anything to go by, 2020 may be the year 8K finally happens. Right now, will sell you a 55-inch 8K Samsung QLED TV for $2,197. That’s still a lot of money, yes, but on


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