Commercial Pest Control Experts in Albuquerque NM

Pest Defense Solutions provides full service for all your commercial needs including hotels, restaurants, warehouses, apartments, as well as residential service. If you have a problem with unwanted pests, rodents or birds, we can and will help you resolve your pest control problems - guaranteed

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Controlling rodents in commercial buildings, restaurants, elder homes, retirement villages and others can be a challange. For one you are talking very large area’s to try and control the rodent prob

House Mouse Prevention and Control

The house mouse (Mus musculus) is considered one of the most troublesome and economically important pests in the United States. House mice live and thrive under a variety of conditions in and around h

Saving Conifer Strongholds in the Northwoods

Facing a warming climate, conservationists issue a call to action to save northern conifers.

In Pictures: Saving Papua New Guinea’s Sea Cucumbers

View photographs from our reporter’s journey to Manus, where local communities are taking sustainable sea cucumber management into their own hands.

Monarchs Are Disappearing in the Western US. What’s Happening?

Migrating western butterflies declined 85 percent between 2017 and 2018. What’s going on?

The Howling: Why You’re Hearing Coyotes This Month

Step outside tonight and you may hear a lot of howling. Here’s why.

Sustainable Sea Cucumbers: Saving the “Gold Bars” of the Ocean

In Papua New Guinea, a tribal network is taking sustainable management of sea cucumber fisheries into their own hands.

PestNetOnline: Pest control for the future

Rentokil Steritech's PestConnect Rodent Monitoring System is an innovative, wireless, electronic monitoring system designed to enhance your interior rodent prevention program.Designed to provide you

6 Ways to Mosquito Proof Your Yard

Dr. Nancy Troyano, our Director of Technical Education and Training, shares 6 things you can do to keep mosquitoes out of your yard.

Mosquito Prevention Tips from Ehrlich Pest Control

Our Director of Technical Education and Training, Dr. Nancy Troyano, shares the most effective ways to prevent mosquitoes.

Black Widow Spiders on the Move in El Paso Texas

Call Pest Defense Solutions in El Paso Texas today if you are having spider problems. The Black Widow and others are on the move in El Paso, so protect yourself and your family. Make sure you are safe

Commercial Exterminators to Help With Rodent Control

There are Reasons to Be Concerned about Rodent Control Controlling rodents in commercial buildings, restaurants, elder homes, retirement villages and others can be a challange. For one you are talking

Spider Control – Spider Pest Control Service Best in the Business

Spiders on the Increase This Year – Need for More Spider Control The spider population this year is booming in all parts of the country. Most pest control companies say it is because of the extreme

Bed Bug Extermination – Not as Easy to Kill as Other Insects

Things You Need To Know About Bed Bug Bed Bugs have been on the rise lately and we are starting to lose the fight against them. Knowing how to kill Bed Bugs is one thing that the average home owner is

Pest Control Service Companies Seeing Increase of Calls to Residential Homes

With the increased rain during the summer months, most parts of the country see an increase in insects invading their residential homes and that is no different this year. Albuquerque is seeing this i


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