Handling Criticism, Audio Ducking and Video Rotati

How to handle video project criticism, audio ducking tools, rotating images and videos and lens cleaning.

Staying Afloat And Pivoting In 2020

I’ve managed to stay afloat in 2020 by shooting and livestreaming a variety of new types of work that I’ve never produced. This is a still from a live stream for WE Spark, A Children’s Cancer C

How to Upload Your Videos to Instagram from PC and Mobile

It’s no big secret that Instagram has grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years. Thousands of people who are interested in creating and sharing content are using Instagram for just

Finishing Challenges, Part 3

In my last post, I talked about my process for exporting trimmed clips to send to color that’s handled elsewhere. I explained the need for trimmed files because of challenges with file sizes. Once

The Friday Roundup – Rookie Mistakes, Lenses and YouTube Tips

6 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make Although aimed at budding filmmakers this one has some (slightly) more advanced tips most of us can take advantage of. They open up with a discussion on frame rate

Pro Video Gear

2020 has been an unprecedented year for video professionals both in terms of the disruption to our industry and the technology available to us. The new production tools introduced this year have been

The Friday Roundup - Handling Criticism, Audio Ducking and Rotation

This week a little rant on how to handle criticism, an explanation of audio ducking tools, how to rotate images and videos in Pinnacle and lens cleaning.

The Fundamentals of Film Lighting

Although it is just one ingredient of a film, film-makers know that light can make your film look professional, or if not applied correctly, amateurish. Control of lights is an important step in crea

To Split-Screens and Beyond: The Art of Creating Doubles

Movies have adapted over time to the need to have two characters from the same person in one movie. Body doubles are often used, and a lot of times, camera techniques have been used. There have been

The Curves Tool: An Introduction to Color Correction Curves

For video and photo editors, using the color correction tools is an everyday occurrence. The tool that manipulates curves is essential in their work. Regardless of which software package you use, the

Using Texture In Your Backgrounds

Are you on the lookout for interesting texture to build into your backgrounds? For some of you, this will be old news. For others though, the thought of using texture in your backgrounds is a new one

A Movie Synopsis: What it Is and How to Write One

It’s a great movie and you want to share it with the world, that is not the best example of what is called a movie synopsis. A real synopsis is a brief description or summary of what a potential au

How to Make a Custom Video Mask | CyberLink PowerDirector 19

Our custom video mask tutorial shows you how to create a custom video mask using CyberLink PowerDirector 19 & PowerDirector 365. Learn how to create a custom video mask using the vertex point fea

Learn How to Edit Videos on Android & iPhone | New PowerDirector Channel

Subscribe to PDU Mobile ➜ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVjUF5YBRMjGt77DhnzW_MwLearn how to edit videos on Android and iPhone iOS devices with PDU Mobile, the new PowerDirector mobile tutorial c

The Friday Roundup – Keyframing, Pre-production and Montages

How To Keyframe Video Exposure in Filmora X As I have mentioned quite few times over the past few months, the ability to use keyframes in most video editors at the consumer level has become pretty st

Understanding The Four Levels Of Professional Livestreaming

I recently wrote a post on HDVideoPro’s blog in which I divided professional livestreaming into four tiers. For me, this exercise is an effective way to examine not only what livestreaming is but a

Finishing Challenges, Part 2

Last time I talked about today’s challenges when sending footage for grading. While drives can still be shipped, more and more projects require me to send files electronically. Because files are ge

How to Change Title Object Colors Quick & Easy | CyberLink PowerDirector 19

Our motion graphics title object color change video shows you how to change the color of objects in using CyberLink PowerDirector 19 & PowerDirector 365. Learn how to change title object colors q

Finishing Challenges, Part 1

These days, I’ve worked with remote colorists to get projects finished. For various reasons, the workflow has gotten a little more complicated. In the past, it was easy to send a drive with footage

The Friday Roundup – Getting Ideas, Tilt Shift Lenses and Action Cams

Finding the Idea – Making Videos When Your Brain is Potatoes. So right out of the gate here on this one let me set the scene. This video tutorial is probably better aimed at more advanced video mak

Web Calls

I recently wrote about using live streaming to edit remotely. I talked all about setting up the process, testing what worked and didn’t work. But there’s one thing that I didn’t mention, and th

How to Improve Your Video with Keyframe Anchor Points | CyberLink PowerDirector 19

Our keyframe anchor point video shows you how to improve your videos with keyframe anchor points using CyberLink PowerDirector 19 & PowerDirector 365. Learn how to make the camera stay put on a s

The Friday Roundup – Color Matching and Keyframing in Filmora X

Color Matching, Keyframing and Audio Ducking in Filmora X Last week the big announcement from Wondershare was the release of Filmora X and within that release three great new features. I mentioned th

Wondershare Filmora X Review

First up, Why Filmora X? Before I get into the whole WonderShare Filmora X review it is important to address why Filmora X has a place in the world. Since the introduction of consumer level video edi

How to Make a Stunning Glitch Effect Video | CyberLink PowerDirector 19

Our PowerDirector glitch effect video shows you how to make a stunning glitch effect with CyberLink PowerDirector 19 & PowerDirector 365. Learn how to make a subject or object in your video glitc

Changes, Part 5

While wrapping up my posts on editing in the current environment, I wanted to talk about what the experience has been on the client-side. I previously mentioned that I stream the output from my suite

Changes, Part 4

These days, in-person supervised edit sessions are few and far between. While I do a fair amount of edit and post, edit and post, there are times when clients need to interact live during the edit pr

How To Make A Super Bass Pump Effect Video | CyberLink PowerDirector 18

Our Bass Pump video show you how to make a super bass pump effect video with CyberLink PowerDirector 18 PowerDirector 19 & PowerDirector 365. Learn how to make your video pump and jump to the bea

How To Make A Shocking Shake Effect Video | CyberLink PowerDirector 18

Our shake effect video tutorial shows you how to make a shocking shake effect video with CyberLink PowerDirector 18 PowerDirector 19 & PowerDirector 365. Learn how to create a shaky scene in any

How To Make The Indiana Jones Map Animation | CyberLink PowerDirector 18

Our Indiana Jones Map Animation video tutorial will show you how to make a cool map animation with CyberLink PowerDirector 18 PowerDirector 19 & PowerDirector 365. Learn how to create a travel pa

CyberLink PowerDirector 19 / 365 | How To Edit Videos

Our CyberLink PowerDirector 19 how to edit videos tutorial tells you all about the basic features in this video editing program to get you up and running. This PowerDirector 19 / 365 getting started

7 Amazing New Video Features - PowerDirector 19 Review

Learn about the 7 amazing new video features in PowerDirector 19. This PowerDirector 19 / 365 review tells you all about the new features in this video editing program. New features include a new int

Using the redesigned Title Editor in Pinnacle Studio 24

Add custom titles to your video with the redesigned Title Editor to command control over your productions—right down to the letter. Manipulate individual attributes and parameters of any title with

Dynamic Video Masking in Pinnacle Studio 24

Dive into the revolutionary power of video masking with Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate. Explore limitless new possibilities for video layering, enhancements, and special effects with custom video masks.

What's New in Pinnacle Studio 24?

Explore advanced video editing software that brings you the power, precision, and control you crave. This advanced video editing suite is loaded with pro-caliber tools and powerful keyframe controls

Pinnacle Studio 24 (Español)

Edite como un profesional con la eficacia, precisión y control de Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate. Esta solución avanzada de edición de vídeo viene repleta de herramientas de nivel profesional y c

Pinnacle Studio 24 (Nederlands)

Bewerk als een echte pro met de kracht, precisie en controle van Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate. Deze geavanceerde videobewerkingssuite zit boordevol tools in professionele kwaliteit en een krachtige

Pinnacle Studio 24 (Italiano)

Modifica come un professionista con la potenza, la precisione e il controllo di Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate. Questa avanzata suite di editing video è ricca di strumenti di livello professionale e

Pinnacle Studio 24 (Français)

Réalisez vos montages comme un professionnel en tirant parti de la puissance, de la précision et du contrôle de Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate. Cette suite avancée de montage vidéo regorge d’o

Pinnacle Studio 24 (Deutsch)

Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate bietet die erforderliche Leistungsstärke, Präzision und Kontrolle, um Videos wie ein Profi zu bearbeiten. Diese leistungsstarke Videoschnittlösung ermöglicht mit ei

Introducing Pinnacle Studio 24

Edit like a pro with the power, precision, and control of Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate. This advanced video editing suite is loaded with pro-caliber tools and powerful keyframe controls to help you

Pinnacle Studio Color Grading with Selective Vectorscope

Take advantage of new Selective Vectorscope to correct color shifts between clips, correct skin tones and matching colors. Directly view and manipulate the color profile of your footage to keep skin


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