Some Exciting Tips To Set Up Backyard Barbecue

To ensure your backyard barbecue is all about the food, consider setting the sit-down dining table in the center of your outdoor space. The essential food staple to a backyard barbecue is meat. The eating done at backyard barbecue is healthy because the food is less greasy and tastier than other cooking options.

Barbecue Basics: Tips to Prevent Foodborne Illness

Barbecuing with friends and family is a warm-weather treat. Help keep bacteria at bay with these food safety tips.

Some Exciting Tips to Set Up Backyard Barbecue In San Diego

To ensure your backyard barbecue is all about the food, consider setting the sit-down dining table in the center of your outdoor space. The essential food

Getting the Most Out Of Your BBQ Rubs

Here is a quick (and easy) trick to get the most out of your BBQ rubs! It might seem too simple, but trust us when we say it will make a noticeable difference every time… Watch the video below

How to BBQ Chicken to Perfection

A BBQ Chicken In San Diego! BBQ Chicken is sweet and tangy and the chipotle adds such a flavorful kick! Another secret to making delicious bbq chicken is marinating your chicken in a little soda water

How To Smoke Fresh Ham On The BBQ (Honey Mustard Glaze!)

It’s a holiday favorite but don’t let that discourage you from cooking it any time of the year because obviously they all love fresh ham on the BBQ… Ingredients: Fresh ham (cured) 1

Can Stainless Steel Refrigerator Add Style To Your Outdoor Kitchen?

A Stainless Steel Refrigerator In San Diego! An authentic stainless steel refrigerator is a popular choice for millions of homeowners. Stainless Steel Refrigerator is spacious, stylish and is seriousl

Offset Smoker Heat Management (How To)

Controlling the fire in your smoker might be tricky. So here’s an Offset Smoker heat management guide, full of tips for all levels of pitmasters… Offset Smoker Heat Management (How To) Us

Brown Sugar Bacon Burger (Arby’s Copycat)

If you’ve tired the Brown Sugar Bacon burger at Arby’s, you know it tastes like BLT Heaven, so why not enjoy cooking it at home? You will need:  6 slices Pork Bacon Green Leaf Lettuce

Bamboo Fence Panels For a Truly Unique Look

A Bamboo Fence Can Add Some Charm To Your Home In San Diego! Bamboo fence is one of the most up and coming, durable, and green fencing materials available to homeowners today. A bamboo fence is the mo

Garlic Butter Plank Grilled Prawns Recipe

A delicious appetizer/side dish that only takes 20 minutes from start to finish, this grilled prawns recipe fits the bill… You will need: Prawns ½ Cup molten Salted Butter ½ Cup m

Enjoy the Tiki Bar Theme in Your Own Backyard

A Tiki Bar In San Diego! An indoor or outdoor tiki bar can be the perfect accompaniment to a themed party. Whether for commercial or for private use, building and owning a tiki bar can be a fun and re

Tips For Grilling With Kids

Grilling With Kids In San Diego! Tips for grilling with kids safety first. Make sure you teach kids to be safe and not to play around fires. Fire is serious business and it’s definitely somethin

Smoked Herb Rubbed Chicken Recipe

Strong in aroma and rich in flavor, this herb rubbed chicken is a great excuse to fire up your smoker and do this cook for your entire family… You will need (for 1 chicken): 2 cloves Garlic Kos

How To Increase The Aesthetic Beauty Of A Fire Pit

Beautiful Ideas For Fire Pit Areas In San Diego! A fire pit is an efficient, simple fire design that produces little to no smoke. A fire pit is surrounded by comfortable cozy seating and a unique priv

How To Smoke a Brisket Hot and Fast (Washington Style)

Most Pitmasters will swear by it, but cooking a 20 hour brisket is not always an option… Here’s how to cook a brisket hot and fast, along with recipes to Reb BBQ’s “Washington

How to Smoke Garlic at Home

Let’s go over how to smoke garlic at home: Hot or cold smoked, this golden brown miracle will take your marinades, salad dressings and compound butter to a new level… How to Smoke Garlic

A Fire Glass the New Trend to Replace Wood!

Fire Glass In San Diego Fire Glass is tempered glass that is used in fireplaces and fire pits to increase vibrancy, reflection, and color. The fire glass is made from the highest quality of glass. Fir

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Grilled Sweet Potatoes In San Diego! Grilled sweet potatoes is a good accompaniment to any meal. A grilled sweet potatoes are so good you’ll want to cook them all year round. Grilled Sweet Potat

Original Texas Style BBQ Beef Ribs

Texas Style BBQ means simple rub, low & slow smoke, and of course beef all day. This is an original Texas style BBQ beef ribs recipe from a real Texan pitmaster… Original Texas Style BBQ Be

Squeeze Inn’s Squeeze Burger Recipe

Are you looking to up your burger game? This Squeeze Burger recipe, with its unique “cheese skirt” is definitely worth your time…. Ingredients: 80/20 ground beef (⅓ oz per pat

Tips Every New Griller Should Learn

A New Griller In San Diego! Every part of the grilling process is important, a new griller must choose the right tools to use to serve your grilled dishes.Through right time and practice, grilling can

Grilling on a Budget: Effective Ways to Save Money While Grilling

Save Money While Grilling In San Diego! Grilling is a form of cooking that involves dry heat applied to the surface of the food, commonly from above or below. Direct heat grilling is the most basic an

Some Exciting Tips To Set Up Backyard Barbecue

A Backyard Barbecue In San Diego! To ensure your backyard barbecue is all about the food, consider setting the sit-down dining table in the center of your outdoor space. The essential food staple to a

2016 Pork Barrel BBQ Christmas Gift Guide – Great Gift Ideas for the BBQer in your Life

The holiday season is just around the corner and that means you don’t have much time to get your Christmas shopping done. If you have a BBQ lover in your life we are here to help you find the pe

Pork Barrel BBQ’s Heath Hall to Teach Hill Center Class on Tailgating on September 10, 2016

  We are excited to announce that Pork Barrel BBQ co-founder and pitmaster Heath Hall will be teaching a BBQ Boot Camp class at the Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital in Washington, DC on Satu

Pork Barrel BBQ Bacon Jerky On QVC

On June 20, Pork Barrel BBQ made its debut on QVC. During the show we sold a 4-pack of our hot new product, Pork Barrel BBQ Bacon Jerky. The 4-pack consisted of a bag of our Honey Pepper, Old Fashione

Pork Barrel BBQ To Sale Bacon Jerky On QVC – Monday, June 20 at 6:30pm EST/5:30pm CST

We are very excited to announce that Pork Barrel BBQ will be returning making our debut on QVC next week, on June 20 at 6:30pm EST/5:30pm CST. We will be offering a 4-pack of our hot new line of Pork

Pork Barrel BBQ to Appear on ABC’s Beyond The Tank Tonight!!

  We will be on ABC’s hit show Beyond the Tank tonight at 8:00pm EST/7:00pm CST. Tune in to find out what we’ve been up to since our last appearance on Shark Tank! We’ve got a b

Fox & Friends – National BBQ Month Show

We had a great time in New York City yesterday with our good friends at Fox & Friends. Along with other BBQ Pitmasters from all over the country we helped Fox News celebrate National BBQ Month.&nb

Igloo Cooler’s New Trailmate Cooler

Pork Barrel BBQ President, Heath Hall, had the opportunity to spend the day with Mark Parrish, President & CEO, of Igloo Coolers recently. During their visit Heath learned about Igloo’s tran

Pork Barrel BBQ to Celebrate National BBQ Month on Fox & Friends on Saturday, May 14

May is National BBQ Month and we’ll be celebrating with a dozen BBQ Pitmasters from around the country this Saturday, May 14, on Fox News with our good friends at Fox & Friends between 6:00a

Pork Barrel BBQ Bacon Jerky Now In Select Target Stores

We are very excited to announce that select Target stores around the country are now carrying our line of Pork Barrel BBQ Bacon Jerky. If you happen to see the jerky in your local Target we hope you&r

Pork Barrel BBQ To Be ON ABC’s Beyond The Tank – Friday, May 20 at 8:00pm EST/7:00pm CST

We are very excited to announce that Pork Barrel BBQ will be returning to ABC’s prime time lineup on Friday, May 20, at 8:00pm EST/7:00pm CST when we appear on the Shark Tank follow up show Beyo


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