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Big Stadium and Small Court

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Talk:Johto Route 32

‎Finding Pokemon at different levels with the Old Rod


‎Generation VII

Paralyze Heal

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Johto Route 32

Two Qwilfish in a row now caught with an Old Rod during a Swarm in Silver that are level 5. If it is 10 in past tests, then it might be a change done to the VC version

Big Stadium and Small Court

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Undo revision 2693529 by Gabo 2oo (talk) It has happened in other SM episodes.

Effect of belief in "psychic healing" on self-reported pain in chronic pain sufferers. - PubMed - NCBI

J Psychosom Res. 2006 Jan;60(1):59-61. Randomized Controlled Trial

Join Avenue

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But it isn't listed as an error, this is just the trivia section... Considering this doesn't happen in other SM episodes, I think it's notable enough to go here (much like that time it happened in DP)


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