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Microchip Technology PIC16(L)F18326/46 MCUs with XLP

Microchip Technology PIC16(L)F18326/46 microcontrollers feature analog and communication peripherals and Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs), combined with eXtreme Low Power (XLP), for a wide range o

Mouser Electronics Named 2018 Fastest Growing Distributor of the Year by Sunon

Mouser Electronics is proud to be named the 2018 Fastest Growing Distributor of the Year by Sunon, a global leader in precision motors, mini fans, and thermal modules. Learn more about Sunon's product

Amphenol RF 18GHz N-Type Connectors

Amphenol RF 18GHz N-type connectors, available from Mouser Electronics, offer low PIM performance and an extended frequency range in a rugged, reliable package.

Build Instructions: The Blinking Light Circuit

Do you want to build a circuit that blinks a light? This inverter-based circuit is simple, and it’s small enough to fit a breadboard. Apart from the inverter, it only uses standard basic electronic

How To Use A Breadboard [VIDEO]

A breadboard is a really simple way to put together a circuit. You don’t have to solder, just plug in the components. I love to use breadboards for testing out new circuits quickly. You can build r

Give the Mouser-Sponsored Formula E Team Extra Power in Berlin with FANBOOST

FANBOOST gives Formula E fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite driver and award them an extra boost of power during the race. Find out how you can support the Mouser-sponsored GEOX DRAGON te

Mouser Electronics Honored by Kingbright USA with Achievement Award 2018 for Sales and Leads

Mouser Electronics announces that it has received the 2018 Achievement Award for Sales and Leads from Kingbright USA. Learn more about the wide selection of Kingbright's minuscule LED lamps, displays,

Mouser and Molex-Sponsored Driver Bourdais Scores Second Consecutive Fast 9 Start at Legendary Indy 500

Mouser Electronics will be rooting for Sebastien Bourdais and the Dale Coyne Racing with Vasser-Sullivan team as they put their grit and bold strategy to the test at the 103rd running of the famed Ind

Bench Talk – Bluetooth Mesh & Home Automation

Bluetooth mesh networking promises to accelerate home automation design. In this post from Mouser's Bench Talk blog, Robert Huntley explores the basics of Bluetooth mesh and provides examples of devel

Mouser Electronics Sponsors ST Technology Tour 2019

Mouser Electronics is proud to announce that it is a Featured Sponsor of the ST Technology Tour 2019 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel on May 29. As a sponsor and authorized distributor, Mouser is

Mouser Receives Top Global Distributor, Growth Awards from HARTING

Mouser Electronics has been honored with the prestigious Global High Service Distributor of the Year award from HARTING, Inc. of North America. Mouser also received the 2019 New Product Introduction A

VLOG – Sewable circuits and kebabs in Berlin

I went to Berlin with Elias Bakken. It’s such a cool city. We met up with Helen Leigh and Drew Fustini to eat kebabs, see homemade instruments, play artsy video games and learn about sewable circui

Current doesn’t start at the beginning of the circuit

I just brewed myself a cup of coffee. It’s morning, and I’m ready to take on a significant confusion. One that many beginners in electronics have. Have a look at the following circuit: The first

How can I learn to repair electronics?

One of the things that I love about being able to build electronics is that I can also REPAIR electronics =) I often get the question: “How can I learn to repair electronics?” My response is: Lea

Notes on current flow for email lesson 4

Below you can see the circuit we’re currently talking about. The resistor and capacitor on the left of the inverter make up an RC delay element: But how does the current flow in this circuit? If yo

The RC Delay Element

The RC delay element is a way to create a time delay in your circuit by connecting a resistor and a capacitor. It’s super simple. And very useful. The ‘R’ is a resistor, and the ‘C’ is a ca

What project is “too hard” for you? [VIDEO]

Can I comfortably fit the components for this project on my protoboard? That was the question I asked myself in my early electronics-building days. If I couldn’t, I regarded the project as “too h

Weekend inspiration: Check out these 5 projects

It’s Friday. And it’s the start of the weekend. For many of us, that’s a chance to carve out a big chunk of time to work on a project. Today, I set aside some time to browse the web. Looking fo

Do you ask this question?

I like to tackle this one now and then. It’s a question that regularly pops up in my email. It usually goes something like this: “How do I choose components for my circuit?” Sometimes a bit mor


$10 FASTENER RECEPTACLE In Stock QTY: 148 Warehouse: San Jose, CA, USA Part#: 214-16 Manufacturer: CAMLOC FASTENER CORPORATION Pack Size: 25 – Box buy now!


$10 COMPARATOR PECL 3.3-5 16LFCSP ROHS In Stock QTY: 600 Warehouse: San Jose, CA, USA Part#: ADCMP573BCPZ-R2 Manufacturer: ANALOG DEVICES Pack Size: 1 – R Specsheet buy now!

XC61CC2902MR Torex Semiconductor Ltd

$0.2 SUPERVISOR 2.9V SOT23-3 In Stock QTY: 73731 Warehouse: San Jose, CA, USA Part#: XC61CC2902MR Manufacturer: Torex Semiconductor Ltd Pack Size: 1 – R Specsheet The XC61C series are highly pr


$17.1 FERRITE PQ CORE In Stock QTY: 233 Warehouse: San Jose, CA, USA Part#: PQ32/20 Manufacturer: TOKIN Pack Size: 64 – TR buy now!


$60 CMOS 484GA In Stock QTY: 58 Warehouse: San Jose, CA, USA Part#: AGL600V5-FGG484 Manufacturer: ACTEL Pack Size: 58 – TR CMOS 484GA buy now!


$50 FPGA 40MX Fa mily 6k Gates 547 Cells 83mhZ/139MHz 0.45um In Stock QTY: 64 Warehouse: San Jose, CA, USA Part#: A40MX04-PQ100I Manufacturer: ACTEL Pack Size: 30 – TR buy now!


$1000 FPGA SX-A Family 72K Gates 4024 Cells 217MHz 0.25um/0.22um (CMOS) Technology 2.5V 208-Pin PQFP In Stock QTY: 158 Warehouse: San Jose, CA, USA Part#: A54SX72A-PQG208M Manufacturer: ACTEL Pack


$2.75 Pulse Transformer 16P-DIP In Stock QTY: 0 Warehouse: San Jose, CA, USA Part#: TLA100-3E Manufacturer: TDK Pack Size: 22 – TUBES Specsheet PULSE DIP 16 POSITIONS TRANSFORMERS ORIGINAL PART

NMC27C64Q-150 NSC

$4 EPROM, 28P-CER DIP, 64K Memory 150ns UV Eraseable In Stock QTY: 0 Warehouse: San Jose, CA, USA Part#: NMC27C64Q-150 Manufacturer: NSC Pack Size: 15 – T For available date codes, please Call


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