McKinney Estate Sale Companies

When considering McKinney, TX Estate Sale companies, we are the premiere Estate Sales Companies serving the McKinney area. Our services include estate liquidations, downsizing and moving sales.

Frequently Asked Questions on Estate Taxes | Internal Revenue Service

Here you will find some of the more common questions dealing with basic Estate Tax issues.

Premiere Estates Auction | Estate Sales | When Pigs Fly

Providing premier McKinney estate liquidating services in all DFW Metroplex we aid those who are in need of our services like downsizing and moving sales.

Allen Estate Sale Dec 1-2 by When Pigs Fly

Fabulous Full House! Fred Red Harris Original Western Paintings, Hooker Bedroom Suite, Bass Boat (may be sold before the sale), Jewelry, Mary Kay and tons more. There are still tons of photos and the

Support Group 101

Finding the Group to Fit Your Needs. It doesn’t matter our age, or our stage, in life. There may be times when a support group can prove to be a valuable asset. Life-altering issues such as illness,

How Could a Tax Change Affect You? This Is What the Senate and House Propose

Here’s a guide to the issues that consumers are likely to face, from tax brackets and alimony to electric cars and moving expenses.

Robson Ranch / Denton Estate Sale Nov 24-25

  Enjoy Photos on This Link  When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions Nov 24-25 Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00pm Robson Ranch/Denton, TX Another lovely home in Robson Ranch Co

Rethinking What You’re Drinking

Is Bottled or Tap Better? When it comes to our health, we are willing to eat better and exercise, and try any new recommendation from our doctors. Along with diet and exercise, many people have made t

Plastic Surgery – A Nip Here, a Tuck There

Cosmetic Surgery After 60. Andy Rooney once said that it’s “…paradoxical that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, but the idea of getting old doesn’t appeal to anyone.” No ma

Trophy Club Estate Sale Nov 3-4

   When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions Nov 3-4 Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00pm CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS 2 Avenue Twenty, Trophy Club TX Stunning neighborhood off of Trophy

Denton Estate Sale Nov 10-11

     When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions Nov 10-11 Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00pm Denton, TX John Harrington Estate (Southmont) Please click here for photos! Another l

Bridging the Gap Between Millennials and Boomers

Top Communication Tips for the Generations. The idiom “it’s like Greek to me” is commonly used to express when someone is having difficulty understanding someone or something. The ability to hav

Death and the After Life

Burial Rites for all Cultures and Religions. In a letter dated from 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote that “Our new constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but i

How to Plan for the Unforeseen

The financial effects of unexpected events like death or illness can be blunted or controlled with some preparation, advisers say.

Marketable Skills After Retirement

Top Tips for Re-entering the Workforce. Dreaming about the day retirement arrives is something that every worker – regardless of whether it’s their first day on the job or their 7,300th day. So, w

The Tiny House Trend

Is it Ideal for Seniors? Over the last seven years, we have shared our expertise on the downsizing process with boomers and seniors through conferences, blogs and other online resources. We have offer

Loved One Being Manipulated by Senior Scammers?

Know the Warning Signs and Solutions. These days, it seems like there is a new scam hitting the streets almost daily. Many of us probably have gotten the purported calls from the “IRS,” claiming w

Flower Mound Oct 19-21

 When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions October 19-21 Thursday – Saturday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Fantastic Estate Packed With Multiple Collections. 2015 BMW X5, 1973 Z28 Camaro, SOLD-2001 Ford F250

Worrisome Signs from Aging Parents?

Tips for Providing Effective Care from a Distance. Seniors and boomers face many challenges as they near retirement, chief among them is the ability to secure enough savings to help offset social secu

A Mobility-Friendly Home Offers Independence and Freedom

5 Benefits of Downsizing To A Mobility-Friendly Home. All of us are at risk of disability at some point in our lifetime, especially once we reach our golden years. According to the Centers for Disease

Helping Women Over 50 Face Their Financial Fears

After hearing too many stories of women who had ignored their finances until they became widows, a publicist and an insurance executive decided to get them talking about it.

How the Wealthy Talk to Their Children About Money

Some children don’t want to hear about it, and others want to know more than their parents would like to divulge.

Wills Can Avert Family Warfare, but Have Their Own Hidden Traps

Without a clear, updated estate plan, there can be chaos after an accident or a death. Here’s how to avoid common problems.

Why You Should Get Around to Drawing Up a Will

Many Americans don’t have wills, but should. You can do it yourself online, but consulting a lawyer is often a safer bet.

Death Is Inevitable. Financial Turmoil Afterward Isn’t.

Preparing for the death of a spouse or partner and its ramifications may be an unhappy task, but doing so can ease some avoidable financial sorrows.

Plans for Uncertain Times

An introduction to the industrial certainty complex, a reminder to stay the course on investments and thoughts on retirement savings.

It Pays to Be Wary When Hiring an Estate Sales Agent

After their mother’s death, two siblings found that an agent they hired to conduct a sale of belongings did not keep up her end of the bargain.

How a Will Treating Children Differently Can Still Be Fair

Dividing an estate unevenly is likely to result in hurt feelings at the least. But honest discussions ahead of time can solve many problems.

The Curse of the Brown Furniture

Some furniture just isn’t selling well right now, especially what is being called “brown furniture”, such as mahogany china hutches, oak dressers, maple coffee tables and the like (read this art

Choosing an Estate Sale Company You Can Trust

Most estate sale companies, just like most people, are reputable and honest.  A few are not.  Sometimes we need a little help in decided which is which. Someone recently bemoaned the dishonesty foun

The End of the Line

I see the end stories to the lives of way too many people. The following poem really struck a nerve for me.  If it doesn’t for you, then maybe you are doing things the right way. The Journey One da

Vindication At Last!

I’ve been called a fool more than once.  I’m okay with that for the most part.  My beliefs have often been called naive and unsophisticated (yes, I DO believe in ghosts, so deal with it).  At l

What I Hate About Running Estate Sales

The last few entries were a bit schmaltzy and people are starting to complain (Okay, nobody complained; it was just my opinion.  Either nobody else thought so, or nobody else reads my blog.).  With

What We Carry With Us

This is just for those who run sales or are interested in running them. Or just for the curious. Here is a list of the stuff I often take with me to an estate sale: Tape: cellophane, blue painter’s,

18 Tips on Shopping at Estate Sales

This is a companion piece to my earlier entry about how NOT to shop at estate sales.  If you haven’t read it, you can find it here.  Shopping at estates sales is not only economically sensible, bu

How to Shop at Estate Sales (if you are shopping for trouble)

Have you ever shopped at an estate sale?  Well, here is some advice to help you get the most out of the experience.  Granted, it might also get you banned for life or arrested or beaten by your fell

Why Do Hoarders Hoard?

The term “hoarder” is one you hear a lot these days. At one time the term was used to refer only to those with a profound and psychological inability to limit their attainment of possessions and/o

How to Handle Difficult Estate Sale Clients

You know the kind of client I mean:  they hound you, bully you, accuse you of cheating them or of not knowing your business.  They claim you made promises that you never did, never would.  They bit


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