Cinematic Videos, Preview Quality and Lighting Tip

Information on video compression and preview quality, lighting tips and how to get good video on a phone.

Cyril Picard: Simple. Minimalist. No frills.

A short interview with the French techno producer Cyril Picard about his musical roots and producing using Music Maker.

Filmmaker’s Letter To Santa

More info: Santa, I’ve been a good boy this year and I would really only like a few small things to add to my filmmaking kit. Let’s start with a camera and then som

From Music Maker to Samplitude Music Studio

Use your previous Music Maker knowledge to better manage Samplitude Music Studio. Learn more about an upgrade in this article!

How To Create a Facebook Messenger Bot (MANYCHAT Tutorial) 2017

HOW TO CREATE A FACEBOOK MESSENGER BOT (MANYCHAT TUTORIAL) 2017 // HOW TO CREATE A FREE FACEBOOK BOT IN 2017 USING MANYCHAT // In this video I’ll teach you how to create your own free Facebook mess


HOW TO ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS // HOW TO GET MORE YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS IN 2017/ In this YouTube Live I’m talking about attracting your ideal YouTube subscribers. If you really want to

The difficulty of choosing a camera

About to buy a new video camera? Find out what you should consider when buying one!

5 Must-Have Filmmaking Gadgets I Use Everyday

Today I wanted to show you 5 filmmaking gadgets I use all the time in my work. More info Surface Pro 4B&H

Artist Interview: Andreas Kaufmann

Audio engineer and speaker restorer Andreas Kaufmann looks back at his work and evaluates developments in digitization during his career.


THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF SOCIAL MEDIA 2017 // SEVEN DEADLY SOCIAL MEDIA MISTAKES TO AVOID IN 2017// There are certain things about social media that kill me. Watch this video to learn about seven com

The color effect

How color psychology influences user interactions with websites, logos and advertising — a straightforward explanation of the theory of color

Cinematic Videos, Preview Quality and Lighting Tips

This week we have some information on video compression and preview quality, lots of lighting tips both basic and advanced and how to get good video on a phone.

Shadowing DP On Film Set

More info: My filmmaking gear kit on In-depth info on the gear I recommend: My camera gear picks on B&H:

MAGIX acquires global distribution for Xara desktop programs

What does this mean for Xara users and the future development of the software? Learn more below.

Audio Optimization & Design for Extreme Sports Videos

Learn about the techniques and tools available to you in Fastcut and Movie Edit Pro for optimizing the audio in your action cam videos.

URSA Mini Rig & Anamorphic Tests

Today I'm showing how and why I test new camera gear before a project.Here is the gear I showed in today's video:SmallRig side top and bottom plates Monitor Mount http:

Essential Smartphone Photography Tips

Are you a budding smartphone photographer? Then read on as we divulge the essential photography tips needed to achieve perfect shots!

How to Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers FAST 2017

HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST 1000 YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS 2017 // How to get your first 1000 YouTube subscribers fast in 2017. In this video I'm going to teach you how to get your first 1000 YouTube subscribers

How to Create YouTube Branding Watermark for Your Channel

HOW TO CREATE YOUTUBE BRANDING WATERMARK 2017 // HOW TO CREATE YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON FOR YOUR CHANNEL. In this video I'm going to teach you really quickly how to create YouTube branding watermark

Tom Antos - Director | Cinematographer

Contact me at filmmaking gear kit on info on the gear I recommend: camera gear picks on B&H: https://

Stereo & mono microphone with killer features for videography

Although similar in many ways to the most popular on-camera microphones (ex. the Rode VideoMic Pro), the Azden SMX-30 has one killer feature that I wish every microphone would copy.More info: https:/

On-camera mic that doubles as boom mic: Azden SGM 250CX

If you are looking for a good on-camera microphone, Azden has a new option, the SGM-250CX Professional Compact Cine Mic. What sets this mic apart are some pro features, like a full-size XLR plug and

How to Handle Criticism

HOW TO HANDLE CRITICISM// DEALING WITH CRITICISM IN WORK AND LIFE. In this video I'm going to teach you how to handle criticism like a Boss! Criticism comes with the territory of any job, but as an e

How to succeed & fail in Hollywood | The Harvey Weinstein Story

Harvey Weinstein has, without a doubt, been very successful in the film industry. How did he get to that position? Could it be that the same traits that made him so successful also caused his downfal

Create your own website using these tips and tricks

Create your own website and optimize it to your own needs. We give you useful tips & tools to give your website that brand new spark.

VIDEO SEO - How to Rank #1 in YouTube 2017

A complete VIDEO SEO guide on HOW TO RANK #1 IN YOUTUBE IN 2017 // How to Rank YouTube videos using YouTube SEO, Video SEO, and YouTube marketing. If you want to know how to rank YouTube videos, this

SOUND FORGE Artist Feature: Live Sets Chicago

Live Sets Chicago documents DJ sets of acts like Mark Farina, Sander Kleinenberg, John Acquaviva & Carl Cox with the help of SOUND FORGE Pro Mac software.

Gimbals, gimbals & more gimbals!

Today I will talk about all the latest camera gimbals I have been testing and what I think of them.My filmmaking gear kit on info on the gear I recommend: https://goo

How to Become an Expert

HOW TO BECOME AN EXPERT // You have expertise and you know you’re an expert in your industry. But, how do you become an expert online? As an entrepreneur, it’s important to be positioned as the e

Award winning WEDDING FILMS! Career advice & filmmaking techniques

In this episode of Filmmaking Times we talk to Henry Martens about his amazing work producing wedding films. Henry shares detailed tips on filmmaking techniques, as well as business advice.More info

How To Plan Your Day

How to Plan Your Day // How to Plan Your Day for max productivity. Planning your day is one of the most important parts of creating a successful business! In this video I'll teach you how to plan you

How to Live Stream on Facebook from your Desktop with OBS (Open Broadcast Software)

HOW TO LIVE STREAM ON FACEBOOK FROM YOUR DESKTOP with OBS // Step by step instructions on how to live stream on Facebook from your desktop using OBS. In this easy to follow tutorial, you will learn e


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