Cinematic Videos, Preview Quality and Lighting Tip

Information on video compression and preview quality, lighting tips and how to get good video on a phone.

Pro Underwater Camera Rig for less than $300!!!

More info: Underwater Housing for Sony a6000/a6300/a6500 $256.99$256.99Anti Fog Inserts $5.50

Cinematic Videos, Preview Quality and Lighting Tips

This week we have some information on video compression and preview quality, lots of lighting tips both basic and advanced and how to get good video on a phone.

How to Find Your Purpose ft. Mastin Kipp

HOW TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE // Mastin Kipp shares how to find your purpose and claim your power. Mastin Kipp joins The Sunny Show to break down 3 strategies and tips to finding your purpose today! Want

The new customizable Music Maker

The new version of Music Maker is now completely and entirely customizable! We'll show you how it works here!

"American Made" Cinematography Breakdown

Today's episode of Filmmaking Times we breakdown the Cinematography of the film American Made starring Tom Cruise.My favorite camera gear! out Amazon for latest cameras htt

How to Live Stream on Facebook from your Desktop with OBS (Open Broadcast Software)

HOW TO LIVE STREAM ON FACEBOOK FROM YOUR DESKTOP with OBS // Step by step instructions on how to live stream on Facebook from your desktop using OBS. In this easy to follow tutorial, you will learn e

We present to you the winner of the SOUNDS OF SUMMER CONTEST!

The jury has decided: Here are the three winners of the Music Maker competition from MAGIX, Blue and iZotope!

7 Hacks for Cinematic Videos

In today’s video, I show seven simple techniques used by cinematographers to create beautiful images.More info on my website: favorite camera gear!

Cinematography Basics Contest - Win Feiyutech Gimbal!

Today's episode is all about cinematography 101. We go back to the basics and forget all about the gear so we can concentrate on filmmaking techniques that truly matter!My favorite camera gear! https

Camera Hacks & Cinematography Tips

Best camera hacks and tips for getting a cinematic look!My favorite camera gear! out Amazon for latest cameras tutorials: https://tomantosfi

DIY Custom Camera Rig for $200

I built a custom camera rig for my DSLM using various parts on Amazon for just $200.More info: favorite camera gear! out Amazon for

Movie Edit Pro: New features for ambitious video productions

At a glance: What's new in Movie Edit Pro!

What gimbals & stabilizers are the best?

Today let's talk about the best solutions to stabilizing your video footage.More info: favorite camera gear!

Fosicam makes exciting entry in the 3-axis camera gimbal world

Today I have another camera gimbal review, but I’m happy to say it’s not just another gimbal. A company called Fosicam, a newcomer in the market, has created a pistol-grip gimbal that improves, I

Use Windows programs on your Mac

We'll introduce you to three programs which enables you to also use your Windows software on your Mac.

Automatically create videos with Fastcut – now available for free!

Perfect for those who want to edit videos and share them with the world - fast! Fastcut edits videos automatically to the beat of music and offers a huge range of music templates.

10 tips on how to create a successful video blog

This is how you can make it work for your own video blog. 10 helpful tips to keep in mind for your vlog.

Computer Requirements for 4K Video Editing

To submit your video to Filmmaking Times Live, please go here videos featured in today's show:"FREMANTLE" by Alexander Andrew Mhaw

Battle of Telephoto Zooms: 70-200mm f/2.8

The last two weeks, I’ve been testing what are probably the most popular long zoom lenses, the f/2.8 70-200mm zooms from Canon, Tamron and Sigma.These are fast, image stabilized and well-built lens

The man behind the multicam: Eckhard Stoll

Multicam editing is a feature that lets you edit footage from up to 4 cameras simultaneously. We talked to Eckhard Soll, the intiator of the multicam editing feature.

MIDI range – Part 2: MIDI connections, settings and recordings

In this installment of our series, we're covering the MIDI connections and settings you need.

How to Increase Engagement on Social Media

Stuck in a social media rut? Feel like no one is seeing your content? I’m sharing my best tips to increase your engagement on social media! Download my Boss YouTube Channel Checklist HERE: http://s

The new SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12

An overview of all the new features and optimizations!

Promote a website

Just created a new website? MAGIX shows you how to boost your Internet presence and make your website more visible.

How to Build Confidence | 5 Tips to Boost Confidence

Are you looking to be the boss of your own life? There’s one thing we are all looking for to get us there - and that’s confidence! Confidence to take control of your business, life, family, you n

How to Get Press for your Business

EXTRA! EXTRA! Learn all about it! In this week’s video, I’ve called in an expert, @Christina Nicholson (, to teach you how to get more press for your b

Tony Robbins is coming to Vancouver!!

Get your tickets:

My Letter to You.

Today is a BIG day. I wrote you a letter to tell you that you’re capable of anything you want in the world. Thank-you all for standing by me and being part of this amazing tribe. Here's to all 100,

How to Get More Followers on Instagram FAST! ft. @mindythelion @sunnylenarduzzi

How to get more followers on Instagram FAST! You follow @SunnyLenarduzzi on Instagram here: can follow @mindythelion on Instagram here: https://www.insta

How to generate leads (using video)!

Do you want to know how to turn viewers into customer and generate leads using video? If you’re making videos for your business and not seeing any results, I’ll show you my top 3 tactics in toda

How to Find a Mentor in Business

Are you looking for a mentor? Finding a mentor that’s right for you can be difficult, but it can also be a game changer for business and life. Having the right mentor can really fast track your suc


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