Find A Quality GPS Cycle Computer For Your Bike

There are so many GPS computers on the market for your mountain bike, it's worth shopping around and reading reviews. Check out some the information we have on this page.

Van Rysel Hi-Viz Cycling Jacket

Well-executed gilet for not a lot of money 8/10

UK e-bike retailers hit by port delays and parts shortages

“The shipping time used to take about five weeks but it’s three months from the factory to our warehouse at the moment”

A Review Of The Polygon Siskiu T8 Mountain Bike

Buying a bike may be a complicated process, so you might want to know more about specific options and see if they fit your needs, budget, and riding goals. check out this Polygon Siskiu T8 review and

Win! Magicshine Monteer 8000S headlight with remote control worth £419.99

This super bright off-road light from Magicshine is so bright, you'll be tearing up the trails like it's daytime! There's also a remote control included to make changes on the fly

Cyclist in Alaska survives being charged and mauled by brown bear

Victim kicked out at animal during attack thought to have been sparked by bike’s motion

Near Miss of the Day 647: Driver squeezes cyclist into kerb

Our regular series featuring close passes from around the country - today it's Hertfordshire

What are your options when you can’t find the bike component you’re looking for?

Bike shops are running short of some parts and accessories; here's what you can do... - CPPSIS4005A - Collect basic GPS data is the national register for training in Australia

Scam alert! Shimano issues warning saying that '' is a fake site

SPD-SL and SPD pedals are being 'sold' at highly discounted rates on the website, with Shimano itself quickly warning potential buyers that the site isn't genuine

Singapore to ban cyclists from riding in groups longer than 5 bike lengths

New law follows report containing a number of recommendations designed “to enhance road safety”

Five cool things coming soon from Wilier, Camelbak, Topeak, Effetto and Pactimo

Here's a selection of some of the coolest stuff we're testing at the moment. Full reviews are on the way, but here are some previews for the time being...

GPS Cycle Computer Reviews - Find The Right One For You

A GPS cycling computer uses a satellite to monitor your location and precisely calculate speed, time, cadence, range, and distance. What is even better is that they do not use any magnets or wires

A Review Of The Marin Alpine Trail – Mountain Bike Range

While there are much fancier options out there, the Marin Alpine Trail is an entry-level bike. It’s a great bike for both beginner and advanced riders. That makes it perfect for someone who is just

The Differences Between A Hardtail & Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Mountain biking has become a popular sport in recent years, with many people choosing to test their limits on hardtail or full suspension bikes. If you are considering buying either of these bike typ

A Review & Comparison Of The Best MTB Goggles To Buy Online

Eye protection gear for mountain bike riding is essential if you want to avoid any problems in your biking sessions. As with helmets and gloves, having a pair of mountain bike goggles is a non-negoti

Changing Bike Pedals On A Mountain Bike Or Road Bike – How To Guide

Installing pedals on your bicycle can be a problem if you’ve never done it before. However, all cyclists must know how to do it, especially if they’re riding with clipless pedals or assembling a

Polygon Siskiu T7 Review. Is It Worth The Price?

2022 Polygon Siskiu T7 Review Summary (Quick Stats)If you don't have time to read the full article, here is our quick review.Polygon has come a long way in a few short years. They are now producing e

Removing A Bike Chain On A Mountain Or Road Bike

As a cyclist, knowing how to remove a bike chain is important for keeping your bicycle in tip-top shape. After all, the chain is an integral component to the function of your bike, and it will need

What Are the Best Kids Mountain Bikes? A Complete Guide

Are you planning to hit the trails with your kid? If your rider is a little too small for a full-sized mountain bike, you might be feeling stuck. This is especially the case if you find that their tr

Reviews Of The Best Dropper Posts For Mountain Bikes – Top Brands

Biking technology has evolved in ways we would have never imagined. Today, riding a mountain bike is much easier and safer than before, so if you’re looking to start riding bikes, today is a great

The Most Popular MTB Pedals – A Review Of The Australian Market

Bikers need top-quality pedals while they ride their bike. However, you might have a hard time finding top models. Read on, and examine a superb list with many options.Top Mountain Bike Pedals ListTa

Vtech KidiGear Walkie Talkie 2 Pack (Blue)

Vendor: VTECH Type: IN CAR Price: 49.95 Overview Add excitement to any adventure with the KidiGear™ Walkie Talkies b

Uniden UH615 1.5 Watt UHF Handheld Adventure 2-Way Radio (2 Pack)

Vendor: UNIDEN Type: IN CAR Price: 149.00 Overview Uniden’s new UH615-2 radio series are a must-have for users wanti

Navman MOVE130M 5" GPS Unit

Vendor: NAVMAN Type: IN CAR Price: 139.00 Overview When the risk of using your phone illegally is too great, why not h

Answer by ggrontis for Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

Several months ago I decided to use my iPhone 6 as my cycling computer. After a bit of research I opted for the Topeak weather resistant ride case. I got caught in my first rainfall last week. T

Answer by scoobydoo for Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

I use my Samsung S2 with an extended-life battery and the fantastic Finn mount. I use Strava and ViewRanger apps (usually both at the same time). The whole setup is very cheap and knocks spots off th

Answer by gaurwraith for Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

I like how segment competition makes me go for a ride and push harder than usual. For a casual rider it can make you improve, if you are not in clubs or racing. Simple logging went old faster without

Answer by Andy for Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

You can buy/get an old smartphone, after uninstalling unnecessary software (almost everything) install MMR/endomondo/strava app, insert expired sim card (still connecting to BTS stations - better trac

Answer by Ryan Gibbons for Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

I'm using currently using Quad Lock mount with an iPhone5. I'm having no issues with it and the GPS is very accurate. Battery life is still a concern, but turning off LTE, Bluetooth and Wireless, whi

Answer by Kiran for Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

Having used an iPhone app for over 3 months now, I can definitely say that it has been very helpful. Just make sure the phone is fully charged before the ride so that there's enough charge left, in c

Answer by Narcís Calvet for Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

Besides what has been said in other answers, one of the main reasons I'm using a dedicated cycling computer is that I can load in tracks and follow them while riding. Being able to download MTB GPS tr

Answer by GvS for Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

My simple bike computer (heartrate, wireless speed), is almost as expensive as my smartphone (android, with GPS). A dedicated GPS unit is much more expensive. But the bike computer has a good mount,

Answer by jilles de wit for Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

I would probably choose a "best of both worlds" option: Get a simple bike computer to monitor speed/distance/time while riding and have a smartphone with some app running in a waterproof pocket on me

Answer by NickG for Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

I too contemplated using a smartphone as a bike computer and eventually bought a Garmin Edge 800, which I've been very happy with. Here are the advantages it has: GPS is better. Compare these two


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