Anniversary Bands

Anniversary bands the perfect gift to celebrate your milestone in anniversary and to make your love feel special.

The Right Choice of Anniversary Bands | Sachs Jewelers Blog

What is more intimate than celebrating a milestone anniversary with a perfect anniversary ring? Reaching a stable, long-standing position in a relationship is reason enough to feel glad. Such an occas

Save Big During Thanksgiving Weekend

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that means that our Thanksgiving Weekend Sale has officially arrived! Starting today, we are offering huge savings at deBebians on select jewelry. Our sale event starts to

Be the First to Know About deBebians Holiday Sales

The holiday season is quickly approaching–and that means it’s almost time for sales and great deals! If you love the fine jewelry from deBebians and a good deal, we highly recommend that you sign

Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Aquamarine engagement rings are a great alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring.  It’s not uncommon to see a woman rocking an engagement ring that instead of featuring a center diamo

Apply 4 rules while wearing Wedding Rings

Rings symbolize loyalty and commitment to your wedding. The round-shaped metal reveals that you are a married person. The bands also signify the wealth or power behind you. These are 4 implicit rules

Timeless Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings have been among the most popular engagement rings settings due to their timelessness and elegance. These engagement rings are understated and can pair with a dainty wedding

Last Chance to Save on Signet Rings

Tomorrow is the final day of our Signet Ring Sale. We are currently offering 15% off of any signet ring when you use coupon code SIGNET15 during checkout. Our signet rings can be manufactured in your

Finding the Best Certified Loose Diamond

Recently, I was helping a client select her center diamond. She had it set in her mind, that she really wanted a cushion cut diamond that was at least 2.50ct. Believe me, I can completely understand!

Claw Prong Engagement Rings

What is a claw prong?  A claw prong is a prong that holds the center stone in securely in an engagement ring that goes to a point. A lot of our clients are asking for claw prongs for their center …

Help! I Want a Custom Engagement Ring

Our customers know that deBebians is primarily an online retailer. We ship fine jewelry all across the world, including the USA, UK, and even Japan. We have a huge collection of engagement rings, mois

The Specialness of Diamond Pendants

The real magicians of diamond jewelry have always been diamond pendants. The perfect thing about these pieces of stars is that it can be worn with any attire: right from a professional business suit,

Unique Diamond Necklaces from deBebians

Every woman deserves a diamond necklace that can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. At deBebians, we design and manufacture a large variety of diamond necklaces, ranging from extravagant

Discover 3 latest designs on Anniversary rings

You can wear your favorite anniversary ring for the upcoming Valentine’s Day party. Else you can don one for a quiet evening dinner with your beloved soul-mate. The radiance of your inner personalit

Best Collection of Jewelry at Best Jewelry Store

When was the last time you walked into a jewelry store and bought something nice for yourself? It may have been to buy your special someone a gorgeous pendant or earrings for an upcoming anniversary o

Guidelines Or Tips For Buying Semi Mount Rings

The purpose of custom designing an engagement ring is beyond romantic. The semi mount rings let you design your own engagement ring. Along with discussing the possible customizations with the jeweler,

Celebrating 25 years of Milestones with Anniversary Rings

Your life-partner and you are going to be celebrating a huge milestone- 25 years of marriage. It is a big accomplishment, congratulations! What better way to celebrate a lifetime of happiness than wit

Special Three- Stone Diamond Ring She’ll Love to Flaunt

Try to be different, flaunt a special look on your better half’s ring finger by purchasing a sparkling diamond ring that will get her plenty of “oohs and aahs!” Yes, go a different way and look

Know Everything about a Diamond Bracelet

The name tennis bracelet got its name in the year 1987, during a tennis match. During a tennis match, Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet snaps off her wrist. A tennis bracelet has diamonds of the simila

The Symbol of Religious Rings: Understand what you’re wearing

Jewelry has been a symbolic accessory. Religious symbols people wear has been the most powerful amongst the symbol of human identity. Divine philosophy is how one could define religious jewelry. It ha

Lifetime of Memories with Charms and Dangles

Every parent knows that how quickly time flies once they have kids. Parents take several pictures of their kids growing up, preserving the precious memories for them, their kids and several more gener

2016 Engagement Ring Trends

There are many possibilities for most things in life, but generally only two types of mind sets you can go into looking at engagement rings with; both based on a singular experience. That experience?

Bridal Themes: A Vintage Wedding

Thinking of a themed wedding? We think that’s a fabulous idea. Themes can make events fun and fun to plan, and this year you’ll see a series of possible wedding themes go up here on Genesis Diamon

Exclusive Coverage of the Bridal Extravaganza Show 2016 – The Biggest in the US

It seems only natural that the biggest bridal show and expo in the United States would take place in the great big state of Texas. Having it in the city of Houston, the fourth largest in the U.S. is a

How Much Is Too Much, Or Too Little, To Spend on A Wedding Gift

There should never be a time when attending a wedding of a friend or loved one turns into less of a time for fun celebration, and more into a social and financial obligation. But those times exist. It

Fun and Current Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

Seasonal décor; it can go so wrong or so right. And with all of the advice, trends, and tips available in the bridal blog world and beyond, you might feel like you have too many available options to

The Best Winter Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are gifts and a way of saying thank you to each of your guests. They show the same love that is being shown to you by them, and should be picked with care.

Nuptial Donations and What They Say About Today's Young Couples

Nuptial donations are not limited to cash only registries, but registries to be found all over the web for honeymoon experiences and even home repair gift cards, according to a NY Times article by jou


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