Anniversary Bands

Anniversary bands the perfect gift to celebrate your milestone in anniversary and to make your love feel special.

The Right Choice of Anniversary BandsBest Jewelry Blog to read | Best Jewelry Blog to read

What is more intimate than celebrating a milestone anniversary with a perfect anniversary ring? Reaching a stable, long-standing position in a relationship is

Display of Heart-Warming Diamond Solitaire Pendants

You can celebrate the love of life by choosing attractive varieties on diamond solitaire pendants. A beautifully hand-crafted pendant reveals your rich outlook in life. You can wear the pendant attach

Stylish Varieties on Diamond Solitaire Earrings

Diamond Solitaire Earrings look really great on you. This is an eternal piece of jewelry that can bring happy accolades among work-colleagues, college buddies, neighborhood friends and school mates. T

3 Enticing Ways on How you Create Your Own Custom Design Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, you want to create your own unique or stylish appeal. This happens when you take the time and efforts to re-create your own pieces on jewelry. With custom design jewelry opti

Five Trendy Varieties of Charms you need to have

Charms are intricately designed pendants to lend a personalized touch to wearing jewelry in style. You can add funky looking objects like say a dolphin or a turtle. Else you can opt for more feminine

Stellar designs on some of the Diamond Matching Bands

Sachs jewelers have come up with latest designs on diamond matching bands. You have the central portion of the ring exquisitely designed with diamond stones. You have these posh stones covering the ba

Exclusive Designs on Diamond Pendants for Mother’s Day

When you want to gift something exclusive to a loved one, your mom’s face comes to your mind. She is the most wonderful incarnation for you, on the planet. She has given you oodles of love, care and

Exclusive varieties of jewelry to celebrate mother’s day in style

Mom was the one who carried you in her womb. She continues to carry you in her heart forever. She looks after you, nurtures your interests, cooks yummy food for you and the list is endless. God cannot

Discover remarkable pieces of Custom Design Jewelry

When it comes to custom design jewelry, you have options of getting the design, setting and gem stone arrangement remodeled, the way you had always wanted to. If you own an heirloom diamond stone that

Discover Assorted Picks on Engagement cum Wedding rings

As you all must be aware of, diamond engagement rings and authentic varieties of wedding bands form an integral part of bridal jewelry. Taking you through some of the most astounding styles on Engagem

Why do you sell jewelry for cash?

Recycled gold is becoming the biggest upheaval in creating trendier designs on jewelry. Quite a lot of jewelry stores operating as a brick and mortar and online chain do accept gold or trinkets in as-

2016 Engagement Ring Trends

There are many possibilities for most things in life, but generally only two types of mind sets you can go into looking at engagement rings with; both based on a singular experience. That experience?

Bridal Themes: A Vintage Wedding

Thinking of a themed wedding? We think that’s a fabulous idea. Themes can make events fun and fun to plan, and this year you’ll see a series of possible wedding themes go up here on Genesis Diamon

Exclusive Coverage of the Bridal Extravaganza Show 2016 – The Biggest in the US

It seems only natural that the biggest bridal show and expo in the United States would take place in the great big state of Texas. Having it in the city of Houston, the fourth largest in the U.S. is a

How Much Is Too Much, Or Too Little, To Spend on A Wedding Gift

There should never be a time when attending a wedding of a friend or loved one turns into less of a time for fun celebration, and more into a social and financial obligation. But those times exist. It

Fun and Current Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

Seasonal décor; it can go so wrong or so right. And with all of the advice, trends, and tips available in the bridal blog world and beyond, you might feel like you have too many available options to

The Best Winter Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are gifts and a way of saying thank you to each of your guests. They show the same love that is being shown to you by them, and should be picked with care.


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