RED Hydrogen One, Low Light and Editing Mistakes

News on the VR front, some low light tips for video, common rookie editing mistakes and an end to end run through of Resolve 14 workflow.

[FS: OPTICS] Zeiss 100mm CP.2 Canon EF mount T2.1

Asking $3,000 or best offer. In perfect like new condition.

[FS: RED Gear] RED ONE MX - RED 18-50 Zoom - RED 300mm Prime - Accessories

Selling this as a package $6000 OBO Many well known personalities at have shot with this camera and I can send you industry...


Have one for sale. Selling as I do not have room for the slots. Its new.. still sealed. ASUS GTX TITAN Z: Built to Take Gaming to a New Level ...


I've read lots of conflicting info on Record START/STOP triggers. So, for DSMC2 with a I/O V-Lock Expander, what options are there? Seems that some...

[FS: RED Gear] FS: Red Epic Dragon-X For Sale

Hey guys, I'm selling a Red Dragon Epic X Dragon body, #723. You can buy it as a package but I figure just the body for upgrade makes the most sense....

[(RED) WTB] Looking to buy second hand 240gb 1.8" Redmag for DSMC1

Any one have a 240gb 1.8" Redmag they want to sell?

[FS: GEAR] ASSORTED GEAR: RucPac, 4.7" sunshade, V-Mount Ronin Bracket, etc

A few odds and ends that are basically unused and need a good home. All items via PayPal + postage. Prefer sales in ConUS. Ships from the Pacific NW....

[(RED) WTB] Scarlet DRAGON

Looking for a Scarlet Dragon with PL or Canon mount and 1.8" SSD. LA Area preferred. Can make a quick sale if the price is right! Please PM...



Friday Roundup - Hydrogen One, Low Light and Rookie Mistakes

This week interesting news on the VR front, some low light tips for video, common rookie editing mistakes and an end to end run through of Resolve 14 workflow.

[(RED) WTB] Scarlet-X Dragon

looking to buy a scarlet Dragon, open to offers, basic shooting kit is preferred.

A Tragic Loss At Filmmaker IQ

I say goodbye to the founder and my biggest fan and advocate: Dennis Hartwig.

Katy Perry: The Fine Print in a Music Video

SPOILERS? For More Clues & Hints --- Click on Setting in the video player, then Subtitles, choose "English (United States).All background music courtesy of

How Picasso Can Take Your Film to the Next Level

What can we learn from Pablo Picasso's style and philosophy and apply to filmmaking and editing? - Background music courtesy of PremiumBeat.comWatch me edit a scene - Pi

Watch Me Teach at a Los Angeles Film School

My first live stream. Ask me about today's topic "How do you get started with your edit? How do you avoid editor's block?---------------My Editing Setup: favorite

The History of Movie Title Sequences

Check out the full course along with bonus content and a list of sauce at: only do Title Sequences tell you the name of the fil

How To Start A New Edit & Not Get Stuck

There are a million ways to get stuck editing a film. Here are 3 methods to keep you from battling the dreaded editor's block.Check out the RECORDING of the LIVE WEB STREAM:

The Science and Circuitry of DIY LEDs

Check out the full course along with bonus material, sauce, and links to LED supplies: ‎It's the latest tech in efficient lighting - but

The Film Dissolve: The Hardest Cut

In filmmaking, a dissolve edit is a gradual transition from one image to another allowing the audience to feel the lasting connection between shots. HELP ME MAKE MORE VIDEOS:

The History of The Hollywood Musical

Check out the full course with bonus material and sauce: Hollywood Musical began right when films learned to talk. Explore the

3 Mistakes All Beginner Editors Make

In this video, I'll talk about three mistakes almost all beginner editors make and what you can do to fix them.---------------Watch me recut a scene from Neil Breen's iconic Fateful Findings: https:/

The Science of Deep Focus and the Hyperfocal Distance

Check out our complete lab course with bonus material and sauce: Welles is known for deeply choreographing the staging in

My Favorite Film Editing Techniques (Compilation Video)

This compilation video covers the best film editing techniques from the past episodes. Each tip has been re-edited to waste less time and focus in on a specific technique.Lesson Plan:0:16 - How the a

Do Pets Watch TV the Same Way Humans Do?

Take the full course with more resources and informational videos at FilmmakerIQ.com you snuggle with Fido to some Netflix does he underst

3 Hitchcock Techniques to Make Your Film Not Suck

Alfred Hitchcock is not only the Master of Suspense, but pure cinema. Here are 3 of his filmmaking tips that you can apply to any film genre. HELP ME MAKE MORE VIDEOS:

Who's Who in the Movie Credits

Take the full Filmmaker IQ course on Who's Who on a Movie Set with sauce and bonus material at: you ever sat through the end credits waiting for the

How to Make Air-Powered Blood Squibs

Take the full Filmmaker IQ course on the Air-Powered Blood Squibs with sauce and bonus material at: a brief tour of the history of B

What We Can Learn From "BAD" MOVIES

Could we actually learn more about filmmaking from The Room, Fateful Findings and Birdemic -vs- The Shining, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Fight Club?Here are 5 filmmaking techniques to consider:1:19 - Edi

Neil Breen - And the Other Way is Wrong

Neil Breen's directorial craft should be framed as bold, unconventional, and thought-provoking. Few people working today can match his style, and it might just be because of what he doesn't do. I tru

The History of the Mockbuster

Where there are Blockbusters, there will be imitations trying to cash in on an a popular cultural trend. Explore the history of the mockbuster film, from the roots in studio B-pictures, to sound alik

The Fundamental Elements of Film Music

Take the full Filmmaker IQ course on the Fundamental Elemetns of Music with sauce and bonus material: the role of music in film from


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