7 Essential Tips Of Going To Festivals Alone

Sometimes your best friend will not attend a festival with you, and sometimes it is better to go alone than in bad company, so you should consider going alone. Fortunately, many people have done it and there is a lot of advice on what to do.

New Music Friday: Fresh New Beats by INZO, Malaa, Dillon Francis, Jessica Audiffred, & more!

It’s that time of the week again, where work hard turns into play hard and the weekend comes out to play. Whether you’re going out, staying in and relaxing, or even have some work to do, we’ve g

‘Never’ by Subdocta – The Subtle Art of Burning Bridges

SubDocta is a popular modern DJ from Reno, NV who is often credited as the creator of the “West Coast Wobble” genre of dubstep. This genre places emphasis on thick, chunky bass, unique samples, an

Alleycvt Debuts on Deadbeats with ‘Glitch’

“Pull me out the simulation. You could be my glitch in the matrix.”  Northern Virginia native Alleycvt’s career has EXPLODED post-pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down. Now based in Los A

NHL Expansion Teams: A History of the League’s New Teams

The NHL is thriving and better than ever. With 32 teams vying for the Stanley Cup each season, fans from all over North America get a chance to see their team make a playoff run. But hockey hasn’t

Hardstyle Royalty Takes Center Stage: Lil Texas Ignites Sunbar on Planet Texcore Tour

The hardstyle maestro himself is set to destroy Sunbar on March 1st as part of his Planet Texcore Tour. Lil Texas, reigning supreme in the hardstyle scene, is proving to be an unstoppable force. Never

NHL Original 6: A History of the League’s First Teams

The National Hockey League is one of the four major sports leagues in North America and currently has 32 teams battling for the Stanley Cup each season. But it hasn’t always been that way. Part of

Apashe’s Antagonist: An Auditory Adventure Beyond Boundaries

Apashe is rapidly becoming a household name, and for good reason. Approaching electronic music with a significant emphasis on live instruments, Apashe consistently produces tracks that shatter genre b

NHL All-Star Weekend: What You Need to Know for 2024

The NHL® announced that the 2024 Honda NHL® All-Star Weekend will be hosted in Toronto, Canada at Scotiabank Arena, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs®. The two-night event will feature an All-Star S

Your Weekly Vibe Check: Weekend Plans, Secured

Featuring headliners like OMNOM, Deathpact, G Jones, and Nitepunk, alongside talents such as Kompany, Spag Heddy, Flosstradamus, and Mat Zo… this week’s vibe? Immaculate. From the deep grooves of

Mind-Bending Beats: Exploring the Pinnacle of Electronic Sound

What I love about electronic music is the limitless potential for artists to craft unique sounds. Unlike classical musicians confined to their instruments, electronic artists have an infinite array of

City of Chicago :: Chicago House Music Festival and Conference

Chicago House Music Festival and Conference will present DJs and panel discussions, highlighting key industry topics and the various sounds and styles of House Music, the genre born in Chicago that ha

Tips & Advice: The 7 Essentials of Going To Festivals Alone

Get some precious and time-proven tips for staying safe, comfortable, and totally on top of the rave wave when going to music festivals alone!

A State of Trance 2024: Full Lineup

A State of Trance has officially announced its full 2024 lineup, which includes a massive total of 57 artists that fall under a wide range of genres. The two-day event is set to take place February 23

Color Bass Chronicles: Unveiling the Vibrant Soundscape with 5 Must-Hear Tracks!

Color bass is one of my favorite genres in electronic music. As a subgenre of bass music, color bass places a greater emphasis on major chords and bright sounds. The distinction between color bass/dub

Emorfik Releases Insane Debut Album, ‘The End’

Emorfik marked a significant milestone in his musical journey with the release of The End, his first full-length album. Since his initial entry into the music world in 2019, Emorfik has carved out a u

Best No-Ship Holiday Gifts

Every year, it seems there’s always a last-minute rush to find the perfect gift for someone on your list. As the clock ticks ever closer to Christmas Eve, shipping gets tricky for everyone but Sant

7 Broadway Shows to See This Holiday Season in NYC

There’s truly nothing quite like the holiday season in New York City. As the weather gets colder, the city somehow manages to get cozier and brighter, filled with lights, music and plenty of holida

Best Gifts For Music and Sports Fans

Holiday gift giving can always be a challenge after a year that already had everything. Whether it was spent at one of the globe-spanning tours by Coldplay or Beyoncé, first-time residencies by Adel

NFL Black Friday Game: History, Info on the New Tradition

For the first time ever, an NFL game will take place on Black Friday, adding another matchup to catch during the league’s traditionally packed Thanksgiving weekend in 2023. The Miami Dolphins and N

Why the Cowboys and Lions Play on Thanksgiving

Ever wonder why the two teams always play on Thanksgiving? We've got the answers. The post Why the Cowboys and Lions Play on Thanksgiving appeared first on Ticketmaster Blog.

The I-10 Rivalry: Rockets vs. Spurs History & Game Info

The San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets are rivals. The “I-10” rivalry, named for the highway that separates the Spurs and Rockets, has been a rivalry out of respect and Texan NBA bragging righ

2023 MLB FAQs: Everything You Need to Know for the MLB Season

Buying Tickets | Important Dates From the anticipation when the bases are loaded at the bottom of the ninth to the walk-off home runs, game-ending strikeouts and career-defining moment for your favor

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