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Eric Fritzke - Commercial Real Estate North Denver - Principal and Team Leader with Trinity Team @Keller Williams Preferred Realty - Business Innovators Radio Network

I’m celebrating my 20th year in real estate and still enjoying what I do! My team and I have specialties in Residential and Commercial real estate and we have a Property Management division too. My

Commercial Real Estate | OCC

Commercial real estate loans include loans secured by liens on condominiums, leaseholds, cooperatives, forest tracts, land sales contracts, construction project loans, and in the states that consider

Eric Fritzke, Commercial Real Estate Agent and Team Leader with Trinity Team at Keller Williams Preferred Realty Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Show - Authority Press Wire

Eric Fritzke recently sat down for an enlightening interview about commercial and residential real estate and how he has made his mark in the real estate arena. Eric is the principal and team leader w

Realistic starting salary for an acquisitions position right out of undergrad?

What is a common salary/compensation structure for one right out of college looking to work in acquisitions? I understand it’s usually a base + bonus but if I’m wrong let me know. Studied financ

Timing on paying triple Net? Full year up front or monthly?

Is triple net normally paid monthly in installments with base rent or a full year up front? Or back loaded perhaps sliding into the following year after taxes, etc are actually paid? submitted b

'Contentious and adversarial': DIA report details failure of past renovation partnership

DIA this week shared "lessons learned" on its past renovation project failure.

American Airlines slashes November flights at Denver airport

The nation's largest airline significantly trimmed its flight schedule for November in the latest example of an airline adjusting to the industry's uneven recovery from Covid-19.

PNC pulls plug on more non-sufficient fund fees

The Pittsburgh-based bank with a Colorado presence takes another step in eliminating overdraft fees.

Denver FBI warns of 'escalating' cyberattacks against small businesses

"Here in Colorado, we've had a number of incidents, including some very high profile ones," the special agent in charge at the Denver field office said.

2 prominent Colorado real estate brokerages join forces

Combined, the two brokerages boast more than 100 years in business in the state and did $4 billion in sales last year.

Is my job offer decent? I have been offered a job with a salary of $80,000 in acquisitions. But not sure about profit share....

I have been offered a job with a salary of $80,000 in acquisitions. But not sure about profit share. However, it’s a Resi developer who buys asset in the region of c. $3mn. The proposed bonus stru

Anybody work at the Big Four Accounting firms in real estate advisory or valuation?

Currently work in IA at a bank, but want to get into real estate. Would anybody be willing to talk about their experience working in one of the real estate focused Big 4 departments? submitted b

7unit fully rented Strip mall due diligence best practices

When inspecting a strip mall during the DD phase here’s what I have on the checklist. Would love any feedback -doors -plate glass -lighting -electrical service -plumbing fixtures -parking lot -ro


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