hese delicious no-bake chocolate bites taste like a brownie treat but are packed with satisfying protein to fuel energy and endurance. They’re vegan, easy to prep, and full of organic superfoods that boost your spirit and stamina. Make them for recovery from workouts or enjoy as a healthy dessert everyone can savor.

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Vendor Spotlight: KB Fitness Studio

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

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Double Chocolate Hazelnut Treat

Having a treat doesn’t have to mean it’s bad for you. Our mouthwatering double chocolate hazelnut dessert is filled with satisfying protein, Rain Form and healthy fats. This vegan treat tastes r

Peaches & Cream Protein Pops

Fresh, sweet peaches are a summertime treat but you can find them frozen year-round to make this creamy, peachy delight. Each non-dairy superfood popsicle is full of goodness and packs 6g of satisfyin

No Bake Chocolate Protein Bites

These delicious no-bake chocolate bites taste like a brownie treat but are packed with satisfying protein to fuel energy and endurance. They’re vegan, easy to prep, and full of organic superfoods th

Commit to Get Fit This May

30 Days for $35   KB is offering an amazing special this May.We want you to commit to get fit with us!!Receive 30 days for $35 of unlimited Group X Classes + One Free KB Fitness Energy Force Drink +


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