Green Tea in Singapore

Green tea is traditionally steamed to get its soothing earthy flavor. It also has less caffeine compared to a regular cup of coffee or a mug of black tea, so it best fits those who want to lessen their caffeine intake. If you want to improve your immune system, include it in your morning routine.

Green Tea | NCCIH

Information about green tea, studied for mental alertness, cancer, diabetes, heart disease. From the U.S. government’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Beneficial effects of green tea: A literature review

The health benefits of green tea for a wide variety of ailments, including different types of cancer, heart disease, and liver disease, were reported. Many of these beneficial effects of green tea are

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Tea for Your Needs | Tealy

  We all drink tea for different reasons. Some just to keep warm on a cold night, some to ward off illnesses, and some to shed weight. And each of...

Sep 19, Green Tea Benefits - 18 Things That Make Miracles Possible

When you drink tea, you are inviting positive changes into your life. Why green tea benefits manifest as the Miracles In The Cup.

Sep 19, Green Tea Protect Against Memory Loss and Junk Food

A 2017 study conducted by College of Food Science and Engineering, Northwest A&F University, in Yangling, China, found that green tea antioxidant epigallocatechin

At the Tea Table with Milana & Alex from A Couple Reads

My ideal weekend consists of countless cups of tea and pages of great books to read. I like to…

Sep 18, Issue #92: Wuyi Oolong Tea - An Introduction

If you are a tea lover, it is difficult not to get excited about it. Here are some amazing facts about the mountain and tea: The Mountain is regarded as the richest depository of tea varieties in the

Free Tea Tasting with Hello Tea Club

I appreciate a great tea subscription box every now and then. In fact, you can find some of my…

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me (Outside of Tea)

A while back I did a post on the 10 things you might not know about my tea lifestyle.…

Sep 9, Wuyi Oolong Tea - Unraveling the Authentic Source

What gets me excited about Wuyi Mountain and its tea. How to buy the highest grade?

This Month in Tea // August Blog Round Up

In just a few hours the clock will hit midnight and I’ll be flipping the page on my tea…

How To Make Sure You’re Buying High Quality Matcha Online

Matcha is growing in popularity and so are the amount of companies that are making this powdered green tea…

Jul 22, Green Tea versus Black Tea

A customer asked me which is healthier - green tea or black tea? According to scientific research, green tea is healthier as it contains a lot more antioxidants.. This is covered in my article below,

Jun 26, Free Shipping Begins Today!

Yes, grab a 2017 harvest and enjoy free shipping to anywhere in the world!

Jun 4, Green Tea Diet and Exercise - Six Proven Benefits

What are the six proven benefits of combining green tea diet and exercise?

Jun 4, Issue #90: More Spring Arrivals and Update

It has been a fantastic start to the 2017 tea season and I can't wait to share the latest news with you. This is my 11th year tea season with this newsletter and I just can't stopped being amazed by

Possible Effects of Switching From Coffee to Tea

Coffee is known for causing teeth stains and caffeine-related palpitations. These are also the reason why many people choose to switch to tea as it could make their smile brighter....

What are the Risks and Side Effects of Rooibos Tea

  Rooibos tea or red tea is made from Aspalathus Linearis leaves. The leaves are a plant that grows in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa. During fermentation and oxidation...

Green Tea Can Do More Than Just Cleaning You Body

Water is an ideal beverage of choice of a lot of people. However, a high-quality green or genmaicha tea can also be a valuable and healthy addition. It is an...

Rooibos vs Green Tea: Which tea is better for you

  Have you heard of the newest super-tea in town? Its called rooibos tea. This beverage is made from African bush, and fast becoming popular in different parts of the...

Not Just for Drinking: More Ways to Enjoy Your Green Tea

    Matcha or green tea flavored foods are everywhere, from your favorite cold drinks at the local café to the desserts served at the popular restaurants. This tea has...

Top Fruit Teas That Will Get Rid of Afternoon Slump

    Have you experienced that drop in your energy level in the afternoon? As if you just want to relax and do nothing for hours? Whether you are a...

Why Experts Recommend Drinking Tea Every Day

    It’s not a secret that tea can do wonders for your health. But we’d like to point out more reasons why experts recommend you to drink it every...

Amazing Benefits Of Black Tea For Your Overall Health

Black tea has stronger flavor as compared to other tea options. But what it’s lacking on the flavor make up for the health benefits one can get after drinking it....

Unique Uses of Tea: The Best Home Remedies Using Tea

  You’ve probably heard how tea can help you lose weight or boost your mood. While these benefits are great, there are more ways you can use tea at home....

Find Out How Your Dog Can Benefit from Drinking Rooibos Tea

A lot of people are familiar with how rooibos is a great tea option with tons of benefits. But only a few knows that it can also be enjoyed by...

Brewing Parameters: A Guide To Finding The Right Balance

Next to water quality, brewing parameters are the most important aspect to obtaining a nice cup of tea. While it may seem like only time and experience will give you the ability to find a tea’s

Yutaka Midori Madoka Review

As we gear up for the 2016 shincha harvest, I find myself nearing the end of my tea stash. One curiosity I’ve been holding onto for a moment like this is Yutaka Midori “Madoka” from

Okumidori: A Chiki Tea Review

Ah the lazy days of summer. Sitting out on the patio, going to the beach, viewing the stars at night — all wonderful summer experiences. Over the past few weeks, I’ve done all these things

Asatsuyu: A Deep Steamed Kabusecha from Chiki Tea

My fellow Japanese tea aficionados, The Art of Japanese Green Tea has officially hit the big times. Why? Because recently I was in contact with Chiki Tea, and arranged to do a review on

Oku Midori: A Deep Steamed Sencha Review

After several weeks of rain, I am finally getting my first taste of summer weather. With (hopefully) endless hot and sunny days on the horizon, I can’t help but daydream about heading to th

Sifting Matcha: The Lazy Brewer’s Method

Time and time again I have stressed the importance of sifting matcha. It’s just something that any good bowl of matcha requires. But believe it or not, many people still skip this important

Kaoru Supreme: An Organic Matcha Review

It’s spring. Hopefully. I mean it is, isn’t it? With the temperature still hovering around the freezing mark and snow still being a possibility, I have my fingers crossed. But ei

Musashi: A Karigane Sencha Review

Musashi is a long time fave of mine. I must have ordered it at least once every harvest over the past 6-7 years. I even reviewed it along with Matt in this video. Let’s dive right into it.&

Kamairicha: A Pan Fried Green Tea Guide

This post is overdue. I mean long overdue. I intended to write about Kamairicha when I tried it for the first time last summer. I snapped photos and took notes, but one thing lead to another and

Asamushi Watsuka: A Premium Sencha Review

There is something special about Watsuka. To call it elite would be an understatement. With a price tag approaching a dollar a gram, this should be expected. However, it is an indulgence I think


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