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swimming is vital to going on a boat best advice is learn to swim early

Temperature Sender: What Is It and Why Should Your Boat Have One?

If you have a boat, then you know how important it is to keep an eye on the temperature. After all, you don't want your engine to overheat, do you? But what do you need to keep track of that? Well, o

Faria Gauges vs. VDO Gauges: Which is Better?

In choosing new gauges for your boat, brand is one of the top factors to consider. Two of the most popular brands for boat gauges are Faria and VDO. So, how do you know which one is right for you? He

US Open Starts Tonight

By Reach for the Wall Staff A busy weekend of swimming for PVS swimmers kicks off tonight in Greensboro, NC

Led Flood Lights For Boats: A Beginner’s Guide

Boating at night is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the water, but you have to ensure you're safe and visible. LED flood lights for boats are a great way to light up your vessel and make sure oth

Boat Speedometer: The Essentials

Boat speedometers are an essential piece of equipment for any vessel. They help boaters keep track of their speed and stay within the legal limit. There are a few different types of speedos for boats

Water Pressure Gauge: An Introduction

If you love being out on the water, then you know how important it is to have a boat engine that is in good working condition. One of the most important parts of your boat is the water pressure gauge

How to Choose the Correct Boat Rudder Angle Indicator?

When sailing, you need to be able to change the angle of your boat quickly. With a rudder, you can do that by tilting it at a specific angle. If your rudders are not working properly, or if you want

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Your home for results, rankings, data and all things swimming.

Durban Beaches | eThekwini Mayor Declines Da Challenge to Swim | eNCA

The eThekwini municipality has been under pressure to complete repairs to damaged infrastructure, after the April floods. Sewage spills ending up in the ocean forced the closure of beaches, with high

Challenging Stereotypes by Teaching Black People to Swim | Yahoo Life

Swim instructor Paulana Lamonier believes harmful stereotypes distract from tackling the real causes of the lack of diversity in the pool: there has never been space for the Black community to learn h

NUsport Performance Hub | Elite Swimming Hub in Newcastle Australia | Newcastle University Athletes

Elite swimmers in the Newcastle region and beyond can now access a high-performance program while living regionally, with the University of Newcastle officially opening its new NUsport Performance Hub

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Can You Take a Pontoon Boat in the Ocean?

If you love the feel of the ocean breeze, the sound of the waves, and the thrill of an adventure, then you may be wondering if it's possible to take a pontoon boat out in the open ocean. You might be

Child Dies After Initially Being Rescued From Pool in Miramar | WPLG Local 10

Authorities in Broward County are investigating the death of a 3-year-old girl.

‘Butterfly Bot’ Is Fastest Swimming Soft Robot Yet | North Carolina State University

Inspired by the biomechanics of the manta ray, researchers at North Carolina State University have developed an energy-efficient soft robot that can swim more than four times faster than previous swim

How to Swim Freestyle | Expert Tips From Olympic Champion Stephanie Rice

It’s been so heart-warming to see how many of you loved the technique videos I posted a few years ago, so I wanted to create some more for you in a lot more detail to really help you with your swimm

Marine VHF Frequencies: The Basics

If you’re new to the world of marine radio, the VHF frequencies can seem like a confusing jumble of numbers. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks.  Marine VHF frequencies are

Digital Boat Gauges: How They Work And Why You Should Get One

There's a lot to know about everything in your marine environment. Keeping tabs on the correct pressure, temperature and flow are essential to keeping your boat running as efficiently as possible. Di

Why Build a Diving Board Twice the Olympic Height? | Tom Scott

The Montreal Olympic Sports Centre has a 20m (65ft) diving board. That’s twice the Olympic height. Why would anyone need that? ◾ The Centre: https://parcolympique.qc.ca/centresportif/en/

4 Non-Physical Reasons to Enjoy Year-Round Swimming

Swimming lessons for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults have one very important feature in common: They offer loads of benefits for whoever participates. Swimmers learn to stay safe in the w

Stone Ridge and Gonzaga Prevail in Season Opener

By Reach for the Wall Staff; Photos by Marcus Chen Bethesda MD- Tuesday November 15 marked the opening night for

FINA World Cup Day 3 in Photos

Photos by Marcus Chen Thank you to Marcus Chen for capturing all the action on deck in Indianapolis. We look

Ledecky Breaks World Record at World Cup!

By Reach for the Wall staff; Photos by Marcus Chen Indianapolis- On the final day of Leg 3 of the

FINA World Cup Day 2 Photos

Photos courtesy of Marcus Chen Prelims: Finals: Women’s 400 IM Men’s 1500 Freestyle Men’s 50 Backstroke Women’s 200 Freestyle Men’s

FINA World Cup Day 1 Finals

By Reach for the Wall Staff; Photos courtesy of Marcus Chen The first night of finals at the World Cup

FINA World Cup Day 1 Prelim Photos

Photos by Marcus Chen The morning swims were exciting, with many of the top swimmers in the US setting up

FINA World Cup Leg 3: Indianapolis

By Reach for the Wall StaffLead photo courtesy USA Swimming Reach for the Wall is traveling to Indianapolis! Marcus Chen,

USA Swimming Club Excellence: 4 PVS Clubs Make the List

By Reach for the Wall Staff USA Swimming, the National Governing Body for the sport of swimming, announced 200 clubs

6 New Water Adventures to Try This Fall

Learning to swim is crucial for foundational skill-building and feeling comfortable in the water. But, it also leads to other opportunities to be in the water after learning to keep yourself

2021-2022 PVS Scholar Athlete Award: DEADLINE is October 31

By Reach for the Wall Staff The 2022-2023 Short course season has officially begun with a slate of meets competed


Everyone should learn how to swim. That goes for children AND adults that may require specialized or adapted swim instruction. Swimming doesn’t come easily for everyone even if you’ve t

Dock Lines for Boats (All You Need to Know)

"Dock lines for boats? Do I need to know about that?" you might be thinking. Well, if you're a boat owner, the answer is a resounding yes! You need the right dock lines to keep your boat safe and sec

What Your Toddler Will Learn at Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a fun family event whether you’re swimming indoors or outdoors, in the ocean or in fresh water. Don’t forget that water safety starts with everyone knowing how to swim. That

The Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons offer an individualized approach to learning how to swim. They allow you or your child to work one-on-one with instructors to develop swimming and safety skills rath


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