Manage Your Home Energy Consumption

Home energy consumption is a major contributor, as energy inefficient homes waste significant amounts of energy through poor insulation, energy inefficient appliances, drafts due to improper sealing, and excessive water use.

Manage Your Home Energy Consumption

Home energy consumption is a major contributor, as energy inefficient homes waste significant amounts of energy through poor insulation.

How We Use Energy, Home & Work — The National Academies

Want to understand the basics of America's current energy situation? The National Academies, advisers to the nation on science, engineering, and medicine, provides objective information about the Unit

How Can Electricians Improve Your Home?

The Best Electricians In Murrieta! The range of functions performed by electricians is many and varied. Electricians are trained to work safely and take many measures to minimize the danger of injury.

House Wiring Solutions To Help You Avoid Regular Problems

How to Make Sure That Your House Wiring Is Perfect? The key to safe basic house wiring is always keeping in mind that electricity packs a big, and deadly, punch. The electrical house wiring is a trick

Tips In Choosing Your Residential Or Commercial Electrician

A Commercial Electrician Can Provide Indoor & Outdoor Electrical Services In Murrieta! A skilled commercial electrician is a necessity for any business. A commercial electrician is more likely to

Electrical Maintenance Contracts – The Benefits for Property Maintenance

Is an Electrical Maintenance is useful in Murrieta? One of the major challenges to electrical maintenance is the nature of electrical wiring. Regular electrical maintenance is one of the ways in which

What Is Circuit Breaker Testing and Why Is It Important?

Circuit Breaker Testing In Murrieta! Circuit breaker testing is essential to ensure the safe and reliable performance of this key link in the power asset chain. Circuit breaker testing is used to test

A Ceiling Fan Installation – The Easy Way

A Ceiling Fan Installation In Murrieta! A ceiling fan installation is not as easy as fixing or replacing the copper wire inside the fuse or changing a bulb. Despite what many homeowners think, ceiling

How to Change a Light Switch at Home

A Light Switch In Murrieta! A light switch is a switch, most commonly used to operate electric lights, permanently connected equipment, or electrical outlets. Replacing or upgrading a light switch is

Hire A Professional Electrician for a Shock-Proof Home

Hiring A Professional Electrician Is Your Safest Option In Murrieta In fact, hiring a professional electrician is the most cost-effective decision you can make when you are installing anything electri

Guide To Choose the Right LED Light

LED Light Is Saving Money In Murrieta! LED light is able to use light and energy more efficiently in many applications. Providing energy and maintenance savings, LED lighting is a long-term investment

Signs of Home Electrical Problems

Do You Know What The Most Common Home Electrical Problems Are In Murrieta? Knowing the symptoms of home electrical problems is the first step in avoiding an electrical fire. Home electrical problems a

These 3 maps show the absurd growth potential of rooftop solar in America

Solar power in America is on a roll. Over the last decade, the cost of solar installations in the U.S. has fallen by more than 70 percent, and every year has had more solar installed than the last.Sin

A New Solar Option in Pennsylvania

Today we’re expanding our service and operations in the Keystone State. Importantly, we’re introducing a solar loan option in the state that we expect to make an investment in solar attrac

The Sunshine State

This morning we announced residential solar service in Florida, something we’ve wanted to announce for a long time. Though the “Sunshine State” doesn’t get quite as much sun as

Island in the Sun

There are challenges to living on a remote island – from food scarcity to destructive weather – and the lack of affordable, reliable power is among the greatest. The island of Ta’u i

Tesla and SolarCity Shareholders Approve Acquisition

Today, SolarCity and Tesla shareholders have voted to approve the combination of our companies, enabling the transaction to be completed in the coming days.We would like to thank our shareholders for

These are some of America’s cloudiest cities. And guess what: they’re producing tons of solar power.

In many of America’s cloudiest cities, one thing is clear: their residents are producing tons of solar power.Cloudiness and solar energy may seem incompatible, but the truth is that solar panels

One powerful thing that unites America’s reddest city and bluest city

With Election Day just around the corner, political divisiveness across the U.S. seems to be escalating by the minute. Recent opinion polls suggest that partisan discord in America is more intense tha

How will the U.S. achieve its climate change goals? Our customers’ solar rooftops are leading the way.

This week in New York, energy leaders and experts from around the world are gathering for Climate Week 2016 – an annual event highlighting how continued investment in clean energy innovation and

Shine on, Austin

SolarCity recently announced we’re expanding our service territory in Texas, bringing our clean, affordable solar energy to homeowners in Austin.Our newest solar city is already a shining star f

Should you buy or lease solar panels? The answer is yes.

More than a million American families and businesses have installed solar panels – and with each passing day, thousands more are joining them.People across the country are using solar power to s

Manage Your Home Energy Consumption

Reducing Home Energy Consumption in Murrieta Area Home energy consumption is a major contributor, as energy inefficient homes waste significant amounts of energy through poor insulation, energy ineffi


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