Best Smart Light Swtiches

Looking to find the best smart light switches for your house? Check out these reviews.

Leviton Smart Wi-Fi 15A Smart Light Switch Review

If you’ve been back and forth about improving your home, an easy and excellent way of doing that is by equipping it with high-quality smart switches. Still, distinct from regular switches, not all s

Is LogMeIn leaking email addresses?

Like all security minded people, I use a unique email address for every service I sign up to. This week, I noticed I had started receiving spam to an email address associated with my account.

Perhaps the meat lobby has a point...?

I've been a vegetarian for half my life and I have been blogging about crappy vegetarian labelling for a decade. Usually it's a rant about how a seemingly innocuous dish has hidden bone jelly in it -

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch Review

As we rely on technology more than ever, the automation of our homes has become imminent. Choosing a smart lighting solution, such as the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi light switch is associated with many benef

The 2019 Smart Light Switch Guide

If you’re shopping for a smart light switch, there are some things you should know. Read our guide to find out everything you need to know!

Sending 1.2 Million Tweets

Back in 2014, I set up a rather silly Twitter account - @OxfordSolarLive. The premise was simple. A camera took a photo of the sky above my house. It took a reading from my solar panels to see how muc

Get Ready for Wirecutter Deal Day!

What is Wirecutter Deal Day? Our second-ever Wirecutter Deal Day is coming on this year on August 20—on that day, we’ll take a break from sifting through deals across the Internet to find

The Best Dog DNA Test

If your pup’s parentage is perplexing, a dog DNA test could reveal its ancestry. We dug into 17 products, consulted five genetics experts, and collected slobber from five dogs to find that

Fitbit Blaze vs Fitbit Surge: Top Smartwatch Battle!

When you talk about fitness trackers and smartwatches, Fitbit has you covered.  Of course, the company is already a household name in the fitness tracker and smartwatch space.  But what if you are

Book Review - Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula

After a mysterious schooner runs aground in an English harbor with no human passengers -- only the dead captain, drained of blood -- a series of bizarre nocturnal crimes takes place in London. It can

Samsung Gear Sport vs. Fitbit Ionic: Which Will You Love?

Android users who are looking for the best smartwatch to support their fitness goals and complement their lifestyle don’t have it easy.  That’s because there are so many choices out there and co

Citi Simplicity Review: Offers a Lot of Time for Paying Down Balance Transfers

The Citi Simplicity is one of our top balance-transfer picks thanks to its generous 21-month intro 0% APR offer (and in spite of its 5% balance-transfer fee).   Although a lot of people can

Book Review: Deep Medicine - Eric Topol

One of America's top doctors reveals how AI will empower physicians and revolutionize patient care. Medicine has become inhuman, to disastrous effect. The doctor-patient relationship - the heart of me

Brinks Home Security vs. SimpliSafe: Which One Is Better?

The explosion of homeowners who are looking for a do-it-yourself home security system has bring about a lot of competition in the industry.  There are now a lot of companies who are offering the ser


If you’re looking for an LCD TV that finds the sweet spot between price and performance, we recommend the Vizio P-Series F1, which is available in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch screen sizes. It pro

Simplisafe vs LiveWatch? Do-It-Yourself Home Security

One of the biggest drawbacks to owning a professionally monitored home security system is the multi-year contract you have to sign. These typically range from 2-5 years, which is especially daunting

The Best VPN Service

We spent more than 65 hours researching 53 VPN services, testing five, interviewing the leadership of three, and consulting information security experts. VPNs aren’t necessary for everyone,

Roomba i7 vs. Roomba s9: A Battle of iRobot’s Best

When it comes to robot vacuums, iRobot is considered one of the best manufacturers. One will probably argue that iRobot’s line of Roombas might be the top robot vacuums you can find right now. Ther

Fitbit Ionic vs. Apple Watch: Which Will You Love?

It’s more and more common to find people nowadays wearing a smart wearable of one type or another. Some people use them to track their exercise, some like having them for convenience, and some enjo

Insteon Switch Review

Shopping for light switches is pretty mundane – who are we kidding? At least that’s how it would be before the invention of smart light switches that bring home automation to a whole new level. Sm

Frontpoint Security vs Vivint Smart Home: Which One Should You Trust?

Home security is at the top of every homeowner’s list of priorities. It goes hand in hand with the ultimate goal of keeping our families and loved ones safe and sound. And the good thing is that th

How I got my username on (nearly) every site

I go by "edent" on most websites. It's short, relates to my real name, and is usually unique. I quite often sign up to things just to snag the name. But there have been a couple of sites where someone

Garmin Vivosmart vs. Fitbit Charge: Which One Is Better?

Two of the most credible names in the fitness tracker market are Garmin and Fitbit.  However, while Fitbit, Inc., is a consumer electronics company known for its activity trackers and smartwatches,

Quirks and Limitations of Emoji Flags

This blog post contains emoji which your system may not be able to display. You may see broken text, weird symbols, or other buggy rendering. The Transgender Flag is a draft candidate for Emoji 13.0 u

Fitbit Ionic vs Garmin Vivoactive 3: Which One Will You Like More?

As wearables become more and more popular, manufacturers continue to offer improvements to the technology you wear on your wrist. Two of these smartwatch producers, Garmin and Fitbit, have released t

Picking The Best Smart Light Switch For Your Home

Choose amongst the Best Smart Light Switches for YOUR home including Google or Alexa. LOWEST prices and FREE SHIPPING. Product Name Our Rating Best Smart Light Switch With Alexa Connectivity Winner: T

Wemo Wi-Fi Enabled Light Switch Review

Even though in the past, home automation appeared to be a thing of the far-off future, technological advancements have proved the opposite. That’s why, today, we can discuss about equipping your hom

Documentally and Backpack Studio

If two blokes meet up and don't record a podcast, did it even happen? Social Media Maven Documentally showed off his podcasting rig - an app called Backpack Studio. You can listen to the ramblechat we

Tell the audience what you want them to do

I do lots of public speaking as part of my job. I'd like to share one of my tips for giving engaging and impactful talks. Two caveats: This is a sort-of work post. In that, I'll be discussing somethin

Tutorial: 3-Way Switches and 4-Way Switches

How do I use 3-way switches and 4-way switches to control lights from two or more locations? A complete tutorial on controlling lights with multiple switches.

The Best USB Car Charger

For a few bucks, a good USB car charger can charge your phone and other devices faster than the port that came in your car. After testing more than 60 models, we think the best car charger is

Do Bug Zappers Work? Yeah—About As Well As Any Other Indiscriminate Wildlife Slaughter.

Bug zappers kill bugs by the thousands. But there’s a problem: They kill the wrong bugs. They are ineffective against mosquitoes and other biting flies, and their otherwise indiscriminate k

Roomba s9 vs Botvac D7: Which Should You Buy?

One of the most common complaints about robot vacuums is that they leave behind dirty floors. Not all of them can reach corners or other tight spots, and they certainly don’t all have the advanced

The Smart Light Switch Guide (2019)

The smart home market has been expanding for the past three years, and it keeps growing with every minute. As a result, the devices that were once considered unique or unusually cool are now seen as c

Joso Smart Light Switch Review

Lately, smart home lighting has been gaining popularity. This comes down to plenty of reasons; its ease of use, being able to turn on lights automatically when you arrive at home or turn them off whil

Koogeek Smart Light Switch Review

 Take a look at our Koogeek Smart Light Switch Review for YOUR home. Works with Apple HomeKit and FREE shipping. Look around and you’ll find almost every device or appliance has been “smartified

I feel hopeless, rejected, and a burden on society - one week of empathy training

I've spent a week cosplaying as a disabled user. And I hate it. A couple of months ago, I attended a private talk given by a disabled colleague of mine. "Everyone should believe disabled people's stor

Wide Awake at 3 a.m.? Don’t Just Look at Your Phone.

The only thing worse than feeling completely wired at 11 p.m. when you’re ready for sleep is being stark awake at 3 a.m. Blissfully passing out at an appropriate bedtime is cold comfort whe

The Best Smart Outdoor Lighting for Backyards, Pathways, and More

Outdoor lighting isn’t a splurge—it can save you from tripping on a dark pathway (again) or having to fumble for the right key. It enhances home security, and it can even light up a party

Why We Buy Workout Gear, Abandon It, and Keep Coming Back for More

My confession is a list: A Pilates table. Two gym memberships. An online diet program. A martial arts training regimen. And, of course, a treadmill. I paid good money for these things. I had


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