Sugar, Diet, Diabetes and Pesticides

Information on complex relationships between sugar consumption, diet, pesticides and diabetes.

Accelerating the discovery of new materials for 3D printing

A new data-driven system accelerates the process of discovering 3D printing materials that have multiple mechanical properties. | Science, health and medical journals, full text articles and books.

ScienceDirect is the world's leading source for scientific, technical, and medical research. Explore journals, books and articles.

Plankton head polewards

Ocean warming caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions will prompt many species of marine plankton to seek out new habitats, in some cases as a matter of survival. Researchers expect many orga

Death and Decomposition

Are humans destroying the circle of life? #decomposition #death #burial #ecosystem Check out episode 1 of Vitals! might also like:The Top 5 Strangest Poisons That Can

Behavior resembling human ADHD seen in dogs

A study involving some 11,000 dogs demonstrated that the gender, age and breed of the dog, as well as any behavioral problems and certain environmental factors, are connected to hyperactive and impuls

Plant-eating lizards on the cusp of tooth evolution

Researchers found that complex teeth, a hallmark of mammals, also evolved several times in reptiles, prompting the evolutionary success of plant-eating lizards. However, contrary to mammals their toot

Beauty: No Matter Your Age

In the last few years, the beauty industry has broken down barriers around race, body types, and more. Of course, we still have a long way to go, but we can’t overlook the improvements made to shade

Nutrition Research - Journal - Elsevier

Nutrition Research publishes original research articles, communications, and reviews on basic and applied nutrition…

Scientists find evidence the early solar system harbored a gap between its inner and outer regions

In the early solar system, a 'protoplanetary disk' of dust and gas rotated around the sun and eventually coalesced into the planets we know today. A new study suggests that a mysterious gap existed wi

Flu and heart disease: The surprising connection that should convince you to schedule your shot

Patients who have cardiovascular disease are at increased risk of serious complications from the flu, according to a new study. The study found that not only are traditional flu-related outcomes worse

Ultrafast magnetism: heating magnets, freezing time

Magnetic solids can be demagnetized quickly with a short laser pulse, and there are already so-called HAMR (Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording) memories on the market that function according to this pri

How bacteria create a piggy bank for the lean times: Basic science discovery could lead to improved biomaterial production

Bacteria can store extra resources for the lean times. It's a bit like keeping a piggy bank or carrying a backup battery pack. One important reserve is known as cyanophycin granules, which were first

A map of mouse brain metabolism in aging

Researchers have created an atlas of metabolites in the mouse brain. The dataset includes 1,547 different molecules across 10 brain regions in male and female laboratory mice from adolescence through

Why do we remember stressful experiences better?

When the brain stores memories of objects, it creates a characteristic pattern of activity for each of them. Stress changes such memory traces.

Weird Things You Never Knew Caused Wrinkles

We are always so focused on skincare essentials. We know all the steps we should be taking and the routine we should be following to get the best skin possible, but what about all the things we should

How Does Coffee Affect Your Skin?

Coffee is an essential part of the morning for many people. It may even be a critical part of their entire day. But, much like everything we indulge in, there are pros and cons. Coffee may help get yo

Subtle Makeup Tricks to Look Amazing

If you are a makeup wearer, you probably have your go-to look down to a T. You may have been doing that same look for years now. Perhaps you use the same products too. As great as it is to have your c

Doctors alerted to dangerous dry scooping workout trend

Pre-workout powders should be diluted in water, but some gym-goers are eating it neat. Doctors alerted to dangerous dry scooping workout trend The post Doctors alerted to dangerous dry scooping worko

The History of Makeup

Whether you apply makeup daily, for special occasions, or never, it plays a role in your life. With magazine ads, television commercials, and just a pass-through of your local pharmacy, cosmetics have

Frontline Workers to Wear Panic Buttons Amidst Spike in Assaults Against Employees | New Law Makes It a Class D Misdemeanor

Between 300 to 400 frontline workers are set to wear panic buttons amidst the increase of assaults made against employees. Learn more. Frontline Workers to Wear Panic Buttons Amidst Spike in Assaults

Are LED Light Masks a Scam?

If you’ve been around the block recently or on the internet at all, you have probably seen some LED light therapy masks promoted. These are the masks you wear that make you look like a stormtrooper

These 6 CBD Oils Say They Can Keep Joint Pain Away

What makes CBD one of the hot new kids on the #wellness block? Research suggests that it can ease anxiety, kick inflammation to the curb, and even relieve pain. Convenience is also a factor for this

Should You Invest in DNA Skincare?

What is DNA skincare? Well, it is a way to make skincare even more personalized. Instead of taking a 5-minute quiz online to see what ingredients are best for your skin, your DNA gets tested. Testing

Better Pizza Through Chemistry

This week we show you how two simple changes can turn cardboard-y pizza into award winning pie (okay, award-winning might be a slight exaggeration, but we awarded ourselves a win, so deal with it). H

Genetic Acne: Do you Have It? How to Fight It

Acne is incredibly common. There is no arguing that fact. But, does it run in families? If so, how is genetic acne measured, discovered, or treated? You can fight acne caused by bacteria or hormones w

Rescue Your Scalp With Briogeo’s Scalp Revival Line

Briogeo is a leading clean hair care brand that caters to every hair type and concern. They also coined the term “Skinification of the Hair.” The scalp is the extension of the skin, and it should

The Reverse Cat Eye: TikTok’s Newest Makeup Trend and How to Achieve It

Cat eyes or winged liner is the most iconic, timeless, and challenging look to create. While it seems simple and seductive, it takes effort, precision, and patience to execute a crisp, black flick. No

Science of Concrete & the Surfside Condo Collapse

Even earthquakes aren’t supposed to bring down concrete buildings. So how did the Surfside Condominium—a modern building built in 1981—fail?You might also like:How Can Fertilizer Explode?https:

Vegan Oyster Mushroom Caesar Salad

The star of this Vegan Caesar Salad is the oyster mushrooms that we sear using a special pressing method that makes it umami-rich and crunchy on the outside while juicy and flavor-packed inside. Vega

Roasted Tomato Salsa

The deep, caramelized flavors of roasted tomatoes and onions alongside the smokiness of the chipotles equals an incredibly good salsa. Continue reading Roasted Tomato Salsa on 101 Cookbooks Roasted T

Are We Standing on a Quadrillion Tons of Diamonds?

There might be a quadrillion tons of diamonds 100 miles below Earth’s surface. But the furthest we’ve traveled is 7 miles down, so how could we know that? #diamonds #seismicwaves #earthYou might

Plastic Rain

Every year more than 1,000 tons of plastic rains down onto national parks and wilderness in the western U.S. Where does that plastic come from? And is it also in rain that falls on Washington, DC?#mi

We Tried to Preserve a Strawberry Forever. Things Got…Ugly

To learn more about preservatives, check out George’s book’ve heard of the epoxy hot dog, but how about the epoxy strawberry? On this week’s episode we’re

How Does Sunscreen Work? Can it Really Prevent Wrinkles and Cancer?

To learn more about sunscreen, check out Ingredients at Does slathering on sunscreen do anything beyond preventing a sunburn? Can it actually stop us from getting

How Carbon Capture Works

Elon Musk is shelling out a hundred millions dollars to anyone who can come up with a way of removing CO2 from our atmosphere. Time to win that sweet, sweet carbon capture money.Here’s that very co

How Lead (Maybe?) Caused the Downfall of the Roman Empire

Ancient Rome’s emperors did some pretty bizarre stuff—bursting into uncontrollable fits of laughter, appointing a horse as a priest, dressing in animal skins and attacking people… the list goes

Pub Chemistry Trivia to Help You Interact With Humans

Excited to get back out in the world but worried you’ve forgotten how to talk to other humans? We have some chemistry trivia to help ease you back in.#trivia #chemistry++ Note: A viewer pointed out


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