The Trusted Pest Control Company for El Paso

At El Paso Pest Defense Solutions we understand how important your business is to you. We provide a 3-step process to ensure your commercial property is free from unwanted pest and termites. Best of all, all of our products are eco friendly and envirionmentally safe.

Commercial Pest Control – Pest Defense Solutions El Paso, TX

Pest Defense Solutions understands how much you value your business. And regardless of the business you’re in, we are here to protect it from invaders who would damage it. Let us defend your facilit

Mosquito Control | US EPA

Mosquito Control Resource Directory for Consumers, Public Health Agencies and Mosquito Control Agencies

Ants vs. Axolotl

Have you ever seen an axolotl? What happens when ants and an axolotl mix? Do you even know how to pronounce 'axolotl'? Join us for another episode of discovery as we learn about the peculiar, endeari

Night of the Dracula Ants - an Ant Halloween Musical

This Halloween, one of our ant colonies in the "Antiverse", i.e. the Ant Room, will be in for an interesting treat! In an attempt to increase their chances of survival, our Dracula ant colo

Rodent Awareness Week

As our communities adapts to the seasonal changes, so do the pests. Cooler temperatures make sleeping outside less appealing than the warmth that your home gives off as fall breezes settl

Allowing Ants to Free-Roam and Live in my Room

Fire ants, Crazy Ants, Asian Bullet Ants, even Dracula and Trap-Jaw ants, all mixed in a single Ant Room, we call the "Antiverse". But this week, for the very first time on this channel, a

Wet Summer, Extra-Pesty Fall.

It is looking like fall is here to stay. Dare I say, finally. Here in the Midwest, we know that the seasons change from day to day. Changes in weather lend a hand in knowing what pests to

Massive Scarab Beetles For Feeding to Ants

Scarab beetles are my favourite beetles of all time! Many species are huge, possessing unique spines and horns of various sizes and shapes. For Canadian Thanksgiving, I managed to get my hands on a b

How My Ants Remarkably Survived a Famine

My pet trap-jaw ants (Odontomachus sp.) called the Jawbreakers, have managed to survive three months in their specially designed terrarium, called the Plateaus of Gaia, with seemingly no food. The sp

Books for Buckets Kicks-Off!

Rose Pest Solutions excitedly teams up with Northwestern Athletics and Bernie's Book Bank to create Books for Buckets, a book donation program through local community sports. To date, Ro

Keep Pests Out, This Fall

The air is shifting and us Midwesterners know that seasons are changing bringing new temperatures and pests to complain about. Much like us, spiders, mice, ants, and cockroaches have als

How to Travel Without Getting Bed Bugs

Whether you're spending your summer traveling by plane out of the country or just uber-ing around the city, Rose Pest Solutions has put together some helpful tips to help you enjoy the re

Carpet Beetles Can Tear Up a Home

Carpet Beetles Love to Eat Carpet and Other Things Carpet beetles are a common pest that infest upholstery, carpet, pillows, and clothing to feed on animal-based items like pet hair and carpet fibers.

Carpenter Bees Tend To Live In Wood

Carpenter Bees Typically Don’t Sting Carpenter bees are large bees that are up to 25 mm long, depending on the species. In the U.S., there are two genera of carpenter bees: small carpenter bees (Cer

Carpenter Ants Can Destroy Wood In Your Home

Carpenter Ants Pest Control, Can Destroy Wood Carpenter ants are among the largest ants in the United States and they are found throughout the country. Carpenter ants are a major pest problem because

Brown Recluse Spider Found In Many Parts of Texas

Brown Recluse Spiders Have Painful Bites The brown recluse or fiddle-back spider is a species of Loxosceles. There are 11 species of Loxosceles native to the U.S., and four can be harmful to people. B

Brown Dog Tick Carrier of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Brown Dog Tick Pest Control The brown dog tick is found throughout the world. This species gets its name for the brown color and the fact that it is usually found on pet dogs. While brown dog ticks do


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