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Looking for a craft workshop in Frisco Tx? Check out Brookielynn's Bungalow

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curated workshop kits all the things to make all the things! Take your paint workshops to the next level with my all-in-one curated project kit. All you provide is the paint and the party! After teach

Sewing tutorial: Full bust adjustment for a sewing pattern

What do you do when a sewing pattern fits perfectly through the shoulders and arms, but too tight through the bust?  A full bust adjustment!  It’s a relatively simple adjustment to make.  Mayra

Knit a Trick or Treat Bag for a Doll

Halloween is just around the corner, and even dolls sometimes get dressed up for the spooky holiday. This simple Halloween treat bag for a doll (think 18-inch doll size) is super simple to knit up i

Stitch a Haunted House with this Free Pattern

Here’s a Halloween cross stitch pattern that’s a little spookier than some of the other projects I’ve been sharing lately. This free haunted house cross stitch pattern from Plaid and Bucilla i

Boho Feather Earring Tutorials

  This tutorial is for a pair of Feather Loop Earrings. This jewelry making tutorial is easy to follow, you can choose your own beads and feather colors to suit your Boho Style. List of Supplies: 1

DIY Packing Tape Halloween Ghosts

These Halloween DIY Projects show you how to make your own Halloween ghosts using packing tape or clear scotch tape. All of these Ghosts are fun to make and even spookier to decorate your Halloween

Decorative Fruit Cookie Tarts

  Decorative cookies have become one of the most popular new party foods for 2018. These decorated cookies go by many different names such as Cookie Tarts, Edible Cookie Cakes, Cream Cookies, Flowe

Letter Matching Apple Tree Activity for Kids

This time of year all activities seem to have a fall theme, with pumpkins and apples popping up all over worksheets and within activities to make them a little more fun. This printable apple tree le

Fun Knitting Ideas for Back to School

I know everyone has gone back to school by now, but if where you live is anything like where I live, it’s likely it won’t be sweater season for a little while yet. If that’s the case you still

Sewing tutorial: Fabric storage baskets

A fabric storage basket may not immediately come to mind as a great gift, but I don’t of anyone who can’t use a nice basket somewhere in their house.  And made from fabric, you can suit any sty

Paper Wallet Gift Card Holder

Turn a sheet pattern paper into a fun paper wallet that folds open to hold a gift card inside. Chris Sloger has two different versions to share. Find her step by step tutorial over on Splitcoast Sta

20 Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids made with a Hoodie

Do you know what your kids want to be for Halloween yet? If not, here are some great DIY costume ideas that all start with a simple hoodie! You’ll be Halloween ready in no time! 1. Flounder Hoodie

How to Make a Haunted Figurine for Halloween Decor – Thrift Store DIY

Create a Creepy and Spooky Haunted Figurine for Halloween Decor. Shop the Thrift Store for this fun DIY. Easy Craft Tutorial Idea. Are you a fan of the creepy and the weird? Usually, I am not. I hate

How to Make a Smaller Portion Best Homemade Ranch Recipe

Homemade ranch tastes better than store-bought, and this ranch recipe is delicious! A simple DIY recipe tutorial idea!  A top pinned post on Pinterest!   Over a year ago I shared The Best Homemade

20 Life Changing Gadgets for less than $20

Who knew those silly little gadgets could be so life-changing and this list is full of them! They seem silly at first but once you start using them you wonder how you lived without them! Oh, and thes

How to Make Hand-Painted Beveled Glasses

Learn how to create hand-painted beveled glasses with Americana Gloss Enamels Glass Paint. An easy DIY craft tutorial idea. Some of the supplies for this post have been provided by Deco Art. All opin

How to Make Vampire Pumpkins for Halloween

Follow this easy DIY craft tutorial idea and learn how to make your own vampire pumpkins. Fun Halloween craft to decorate for your Halloween Party. Are these vampire pumpkins cute or scary? These cut

20 Turkey Crafts

Fall is all about the yellow, orange, red and of course the turkey! Here are 20 Turkey Crafts great for all ages! Easy DIY craft tutorials from seasonal decor to paper crafts. You’ll be ready for F

How to Make a Bitmoji Decal for your Car with Cricut

Learn how to make Bitmoji Decal sticker for your car window using vinyl and a Cricut. An Easy DIY Craft Tutorial Idea. Personalize your car! Do you have a Bitmoji? Aren’t they so cute?! Recently, I

How to Make a Halloween Treat Candy Bar Cover

How to Make Halloween Treat Candy Bar Covers that are fun gifts to give at your Halloween Party or trick or treaters. An easy DIY craft tutorial idea. Halloween is just a couple of days away, but the

20 Bead Bugs You Can Make

Bugs are gross and I do not like them UNLESS they are gorgeous bead bugs and of course NOT REAL! These beaded bugs are amazing and some have great detail! There are bugs here for every level of beadi

A Fun Valentine’s Day Workshop Idea

A Fun Valentine’s Workshop Idea One hazard of my trade is that I’m constantly needing new ideas for new project kits for new workshops. If I don’t come up with new ideas, then not only do my pe

My Top 10 Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

My Top 10 Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs …that I learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.      Number one.  Never second-guess your idea. There are no bad ideas, just bad execution. Try, t

How to Win Followers on Instagram with the Power of 7 Strategy

Using social media to market my services is the lifeblood of my business.  Over the years, I have created a strategy that has proven itself worthy over and over again.  After explaining what it was

My 5 Favorite Coffee Bar Decorating Ideas

I’m so excited to share my 5 favorite coffee bar decorating ideas with you.  I feel like your coffee bar should be super happy because it’s the first thing you use each day, and probably one of

Be Proud of How Far You’ve Come

Be proud of how far you’ve come… You want to know what I’m really bad at? I’m horrible at dwelling on things I didn’t do and beating myself up over the things that could have been better. T

Christine McDermott, Driving Force & Visionary of Great Oak Circle

CHRISTINE MCDERMOTT, DRIVING FORCE & VISIONARY OF GREAT OAK CIRCLE I’m kicking off the month with a bang with the introduction of Christine McDermott on Friday, December 1st in a live, candid i

Anne-Marie Lindsey, Shopkeeper & Treasure Seeker at Lillian Welch

Anne-Marie Lindsey, shopkeeper, treasure seeker at Lillian Welch November signifies the dawn of Bungalow U™, an online community of trail-blazing entrepreneurs full of grace, grit and gumption

Little Boy Paint Parties | Summer Mini Camp for Little Boys Frisco Tx

Do you have a little boy with nothing fun to do this summer? Do you live in or around Frisco, Texas? Well, I can answer, “yes” to both of those questions, too, and I decided to do something about

Why I’m Attempting to Break a Guinness World Record Oct. 1

Why I’m Attempting to Break a Guinness World Record Oct. 1 By Brooklyn Calloway | 9.21.16 People ask how I came up with the idea of attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for the “largest


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