The Cuthbert House Inn - Bed & Breakfast Beaufort

The best Bed & Breakfast, BnB or Hotel in Beaufort, South Carolina. Our rooms are true to the historic elegance Beaufort, SC is known for. You will love your stay at the Cuthbert House Inn Bed & Breakfast in Beaufort, SC.

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Online Ridgeland ‘reporter’ takes on Florence the ‘wind heifer.’ The ‘wind heifer’ loses

Haley Langford created her own storm last week during Hurricane Florence’s threat to the South Carolina Lowcountry. She went viral on Facebook. Or, as viral as you can get while …

SC woman urged Lowcountry: “Get your windbreakers on now” as Hurricane Florence aimed for Carolinas

South Carolina resident Haley Langford recorded shtick 'weather report' videos and posted them to Facebook …

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‘The water is not finished’: Aerial tour shows SC flooding, hurricane’s impact

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster’s flight over soggy parts of the state Monday turned from an observation trip to a rescue mission when he spotted two people stranded atop a …

President Trump to visit Carolinas in hurricane’s aftermath

President Donald Trump will visit the storm-ravaged Carolinas on Wednesday. A White House spokesman confirmed Tuesday that Trump would travel to North Carolina, where he will be joined by U.S. …

Update: One hospitalized after crash near Hardeeville Walmart. Wreck was 3rd of morning

1 p.m. update: One person was transported to a local hospital with injuries after a traffic accident on U.S. 278 near Walmart in Hardeeville on Tuesday morning. Westbound lanes of …

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Wish you had more of a say in how Beaufort County creates public parks? Here’s how you can

If picnics and walking trails are your thing, a new Beaufort County parks plan may provide the space and place to do both. What’s more, the county wants to you …

Beaufort County residents grabbed thousands of sandbags ahead of Florence. Now what?

Beaufort County residents stocked up on thousands of sandbags last week ahead of expected flooding from Hurricane Florence that never came. The storm crept north and brushed the area with …

Hurricane Florence: How You Can Help (3 photos)

Residents of the Carolinas and Virginia are grappling with dangerous floodwaters and record-breaking rains from Hurricane Florence, which made landfall Sept. 17 and has been blamed for more than 30 de

Beaufort Co. teacher overhears student saying he will “shoot 62 people”, police say

A teacher at Islands Academy in Beaufort heard a student say he will “shoot 62 people”, a day after the school was put in lockdown when a written threat was …

Port Royal man threatens to kill Beaufort Co. sheriff, leaves 17 voicemails for captain, report says

A Port Royal man was arrested Thursday after threatening to kill Sheriff P.J. Tanner multiple times and leaving more than a dozen harassing voicemails over two days to a Beaufort …

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Ready for fall? These Lowcountry festivals will help you celebrate the season

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The Marines will soon close these waterways near Parris Island for live-fire training

Boaters in the Parris Island area might hear gunfire next week, and might find some of their typical waterways closed to traffic, according to a Marine Corps news release. Marine …

Tuesday roads update: 1,100 roads are still closed, including two interstates

If you’re thinking it’s time to return to the southeastern coast of North Carolina or perhaps drive down to check on your property there, state officials urge you to wait …

Want to help those hit hard by Hurricane Florence? Here’s how you can do it

Although Beaufort County was unscathed by Hurricane Florence, the storm affected thousands across North and South Carolina, leaving more than a dozen dead and bringing flooding and widespread power ou

Hurricane Florence brought a ban on burning across SC. Is it still on?

Beaufort County is no longer under a statewide burn ban, according to the South Carolina Forestry Commission. The ban was lifted Monday, Sept. 17 around 11:15 a.m., according to a …

This noisy bird keeps a vast harem of mates. And he’ll dive bomb you if you get too close

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Man charged with murder of 2-year-old boy killed by shots fired into Ridgeland home, police say

An 18-year-old man was charged in connection with the murder of a two-year-old boy after shots were fired into a residence last month in Ridgeland, according to Jasper County Sheriff …

Beaufort woman known as quiet leader who helped build Grayco Hardware dies

Joyce Gray, matriarch of one of Beaufort’s leading business and philanthropic families, died Saturday. Gray came to Beaufort as a young woman right out of the University of South Carolina …

Coast Guard to remove boat leaking fuel into May River. It was anchored to avoid Florence

The U.S. Coast Guard in Charleston is scheduled to take a shrimp boat out of the May River on Monday after it was docked there to avoid Hurricane Florence and …

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Update: Back up traffic on I-95 near SC- GA border as evacuees return to Beaufort County

This story has been updated to reflect information from Sunday evening. Traffic conditions for those heading back to Beaufort County after evacuating for Hurricane Florence were heavy on I-95 near …

Florence weakens to tropical depression. Here’s how Beaufort Co is looking this week

Tropical Storm Florence weakened to a tropical depression early Sunday morning as it continues to crawl through South Carolina, according to the National Hurricane Center. As of the 5 a.m. …

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Area Accommodations | Oberlin College and Conservatory

The Hotel at Oberlin is the newest building in downtown Oberlin. Situated at the intersection of Main and College Streets, it offers 70 guest rooms and suites, the 1833 restaurant, and a 6,500-squa




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