Amazon's New Services & Acquisitions

Amazon, the online giant, has been busy lately and they appear to be somewhat unstoppable. Read more to learn about Amazon's new services & acquisitions.

Retail Management - University of Phoenix

Criminal justice administration courses on criminology, foundations of the criminal justice system, juvenile justice procedures and the fundamentals of policing

12 stats that prove why personalisation is so important

Personalisation has been a top priority for marketers for some time, but despite this fact, a large percentage seem to be struggling to implement the strategy in an intelligent and scalable way. 

Amazon stumbled on Prime Day, but its competitors failed to pounce

On Monday, Amazon held its fourth annual Prime Day, its summer answer to the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays held every November.

Was the World Cup a scoreless draw for Nike, Adidas & Puma?

As any fan of soccer – or communications – will attest to, the World Cup traditionally delivers memorable campaigns.

5 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software Picks for 2018

Free appointment scheduling software lets service businesses schedule and track appointments, accept online bookings from clients, send appointment reminders, block off internal meeting times, and acc

Brand campaigns in airports: Four creative examples

Over 200,000 passengers pass through Heathrow Airport on any given day.

Join our free webinar on GDPR for American marketers

The GDPR is here, and for many American marketers and legal professionals, it can seem like a revolution in data-handling rules. However, savvy Brits and Europeans may experience it as a mere extensio

Top 25 Money Mistakes That Cost Business Owners

Entrepreneurs should stay on top of their business’ finances; however, managing money while growing the business can be a tough job. Mismanaging your finances can cost your business big time. To kee

PeopleQlik User Reviews and Pricing

PeopleQlik is a cloud-based HR management software. Its features include employee profile administration, payroll w/ statutory compliance, & more.

How local languages should influence your search & advertising strategies

A simple online search and a quick scroll of Wikipedia can give anyone a good idea of what the core language(s) of any markets are. 

How to Manage Accounts Payable

Accounts payable (A/P) is the money you owe vendors who have provided you with goods and/or services on credit. It’s important to stay on top of your bills because, if you don’t, it could lead to

Amazon's New Services & Acquisitions

Amazon, the online giant, has been busy lately and they appear to be somewhat unstoppable. Read more to learn about Amazon's new services & acquisitions.

Retail Salespersons


CozyCal User Reviews & Pricing

CozyCal enables users to customize a booking page, manage calendars, send automatic reminders, and more. Prices range from $0-$60+/month.

The state of smart speaker voice search in 2018

Welcome to the second part of our state of voice search in 2018 series.

Business Interruption Insurance: Cost, Coverage & Providers

Business interruption insurance, aka business income insurance, covers the lost income of a business that has to cease operations due to damage from a covered event under a property insurance policy,

6 Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways for 2018

 WooCommerce payment gateways connect a WooCommerce online store to a payment processing service so shoppers can securely pay for their orders. The best WooCommerce payment gateway for your business

25 Best Employee Incentive Programs from the Pros

Employee incentive programs are a way of compensating and motivating employee performance with pay and benefits. Most research proves that it’s not money alone that inspires employees to do their be

A day in the life of... UK & Ireland MD at WeWork

WeWork is the network of office spaces that look more like the plush surroundings of a heavily funded Silicon Valley tech startup than the rather drab spaces many of us have experienced at a hired mee

Booxi User Reviews & Pricing

Booxi offers unlimited online bookings with automated reminders and multiple staff calendar views. Prices range from $20-$80+/month.

Importance of a Website and Your Company – 3 Pro Arguments

Website Development’s Role In Business Having a website or a web page is one of the most important aspects today for any company, business, product or personal brand. 80% of people seek information

Write Listing Descriptions That Sell

This article was originally published on Market Leader’s blog. Market Leader owns “” where potential sellers check to see how much their house is worth. Leads from this site are

How travel industry trends are fragmenting the customer journey

The travel sector has seen dramatic changes to the customer journey in recent years.

Six ways CROs botch their statistics

Conversion rate optimizers (CROs) are part design professional, part marketing strategist, and part scientist. To be successful, they need to be highly proficient across several disciplines.

6 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Order Fulfillment

Part of running a business is learning how to delegate. Because let’s be honest: We can’t do it all — even if we try.

Shopify and Nest Offer Retailers Better Security and Connectivity With New Hardware

Finding the right tools to power your store can be an intimidating prospect.

How This Designer Found Success Reimagining the Journal for Modern Men

While the stigmas around mental health are finally being dismantled, the tools required to maintain a healthy mind are far less utilized than tools to stay physically fit — like a personal trainer o

Local SEO: 4 Elements to Take into Consideration

Managing SEO for a Local Business  Local SEO is the positioning of a website on search engines for a specific area.  Unlike traditional SEO, whose intent is to position a site at a national or inter

How to Outsource Your Order Fulfillment

Starting a small, product-based business involves a lot of heavy lifting (literally) — and in the beginning, you might be doing it all yourself.

From Side Hustle to Social Enterprise: How One Designer Found a Fan in Sophie Trudeau

There’s something to be said for people destined to do good in the world based on their life experiences and mission.

Is Video Marketing Effective?

Video Marketing – Timely, Efficient and Targeted Online users are consuming video at an ever-increasing rate, with the average person watching an hour and a half of video daily. More than 3 billion

Slow Shopping: Why Retailers Should Focus on Discoverability In-Store

Over the last decade, much of the technology and innovation happening in the retail space centered on speeding up the retail shopping process.

How Selling Cookies Online Was a Recipe For Success For This Healthy Baker

Stephen Lincoln believes that everyone deserves a cookie, albeit one that is a little healthier than the beloved chocolate chip version devoured in mom’s kitchen.

What Makes A Great Article Title?

Writing a Catchy Title Tag As more than two million blog articles are published daily, it is increasingly difficult to direct the attention of internet users to specific content. Good blog posts fade

How to Find Good Keywords

Tips for Keyword Research & Usage Is it more important to write for users or for Google? Many webmasters do not understand why, despite the high-quality content, they are unable to increase visits

Using Influencer Marketing vs Celebrity Marketing

High Engagement Influencers We’ve all seen the testimonials from celebrities on how much they love a specific product and use it in their daily routine, which generally helps to boost brand recall.

GDPR and Metadata – What’s the Big Deal?

Metadata Is Critical For GDPR Compliance I’ve received so many emails, updates, and confirmations about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which I knew was a big deal, but also somewhat

What Are Alt Tags And How To Use Them Properly

What is an Alt Attribute? An alt tag is an HTML code that is used to describe images that appear on web pages for search engine purposes. Also known as alt description or alt attribute, alt tags help

How Can My Company Utilize Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing Solutions For Maximum Customer Reach Because of the tough competition in today’s business world, fresh-faced entrepreneurs and long-standing businesses alike never stop looking for

Schema Markup – Does my website need it?

What is Structured Data? If you work in the realm of website development, you have probably heard of the terms structured data, rich snippets, and schema markup. However, if you are a local business o


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