How to pick prescription snorkel masks?

Do you like scuba diving or snorkeling and wear glasses? You probably would consider buying a prescription mask. What are the pros and cons of owning prescription snorkel masks, and which one should you choose?

Overcoming Fear of Water

Swimming is a lovely exercise and a fun recreational activity. It is a great stress buster and also a fun way of losing weight, keeping fit and building muscle strength. The clear water of the blue po

Backstroke Swimming Technique

One of the biggest advantages of swimming as a physical activity is that it has many different styles. So even if one style does not suit an individual, they can always go for the next one. Backstroke

10 Benefits of Swimming

Exercising at least 20 – 30 minutes a day has huge benefits in the long run. There are many different forms of exercises that one can do but the ones that promote cardiovascular activity are amo

Diving Mask full face snorkeling mask Anti Fog For Gopro Camera to buy from AMAZON.

Swimming Pool Rules

Being a good swimmer is not just about the technique and mastering different styles of swimming. It has also got a lot to do with how an individual behaves in a swimming pool and how many rules is he

Splash Into Summer At The 2017 Scuba Show

As spring turns to summer and southern Californians flock to the beaches, the 2017 Scuba Show invites all adventurous spirits to discover a world beneath the aquatic surface at the Long Beach Conventi

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Technology: Diving: Scuba Diving

The self-contained underwater breathing apparatus or scuba diving system, as we know it today, is the result of technological developments and innovations that began almost 300 years ago. Scuba div

We’re Featured in Costco Magazine!

We’re really excited to announce that one of our masks has been featured in the latest issue of Costco connection magazine cover. This is great news for all of us at Prescription Dive

Flutter Kicks

There are many different styles in swimming and based on the level of expertise one can choose the swimming style that they like. Flutter kicking is one such style of swimming that requires some speci

Freestyle Stroke in Swimming

The term freestyle swimming is a little confusing, to begin with. Technically speaking, it used to refer to a free motion of arms and legs as per the choice of the swimmer. In swimming events, freesty

Full Face Snorkeling Mask ARIA by OCEAN REEF new 2017 product line

presentation of the 2017 product line - 3 sizes, 6 colors, accessories - it's the broadest full face snorkeling mask line out there!website: diving.oceanreefgroup.comlike us on Facebook - OCEAN REEF

Welcome to Prescription Dive Masks!

For almost 30 years, we have been helping people see under the water as well as they see above it. We can do any prescription in any dive mask. Every job we do is done by hand to ensure the highe

Swimming Techniques – Learn How to Swim

Basic swimming techniques are those techniques which one should learn soon after getting in the water. These techniques as a beginner will remove your fear of water and will help you stay afloat in th

Breaststroke Swimming

This style is largely used for recreational activities as the head is above the water and the swimmer can breathe easily. In this style the torso does not rotate and the swimmer is on his or her chest

How To Place An Order With Prescription Dive Masks

Do you need help on making your purchase? Let us guide you through the process, step by step! Getting your prescription dive mask is easy, and will guarantee you many years of underwater fun. Che

Best swim Fins Reviews

Swimming fins are another important form of swimming accessory that is very useful in improving the performance of a swimmer. Even though these are mostly used by professional swimmers, they are becom

A Pleasant Encounter

Found this nice lady on our dive boat in little Cayman. She was wearing our executive readers.

Butterfly Stroke

There are many different styles of swimming that are used by both the professional and amateur swimmers across the globe. Almost all of them require a lot of practice to master but one of the most dif

Ocean Reef Dive Mask GoPro 2017

In the pool testing the Ocean Reef Neptune full face scuba dive mask. Camera: GoPro Hero 3 and Sealife DC1400Music by: INSIGHTFUL Moth Mother

Full Face Mask Diving and Underwater Communications

Ocean Reef full face mask gives amazing clarity and vision underwater, allows you to chat to your buddy and lets you breath through your nose.Courses available through

Diving mask clearing (How to put on a diving mask underwater)

Being able to put on a diving mask under water is a skill everyone who is scuba diving or free diving should master. My scuba diving mask:

Snorkeling With Big Fish at Palancar Reef In Cozumel

On a snorkeling trip in Cozumel I made the mistake of feeding the fish... which attracted a lot of fairly large fish. They started nipping my hands and pockets for food! I was so distracted by the

H2o ninja mask - Benefits

Major benefits of H2o ninja mask over conventional snorkeling masks


  The date for the Scuba Show Long Beach is around the corner and we are very excited to be a part of it one more time. It will take place on June 4th and 5th, 2016 at the Long Beach Convention C

Our World Underwater Show

This year’s scuba show was a blast! We could not be more pleased with our participation at Our World Underwater Show. It was great to see so many friends, and friends of the ocean so eager to le

Maui • SNORKELING with sea turtles

We went snorkeling and saw a lot of awesome fish whose names are hard to pronounce. We even spotted an endangered sea turtle, HOW COOL IS THAT? Then we had the best fish tacos on the island and Mai T

Snorkeling Bora Bora 2 (French Polynesia) 2

Snorkeling Bora Bora 2 (French Polynesia) 2

Prescription Dive Masks At Our World Underwater 2016!

  At Prescription Dive Masks, we couldn’t be more excited about our participation in this year’s event, and it goes without saying that we’re more than ready for the occasion. O

First time testing a new full-face easybreath snorkeling mask underwater winter time / review.

You can buy this mask here: full-face easybreath snorkeling mask was made by NEOpine -

Full Face Snorkeling mask - NEW - ARIA by OCEAN REEF

‪OCEAN REEF‬, leader in the market of ‪FullFaceMask‬ technology, with our own Integrated Diving Mask Systems ‪(IDM‬) , after developing the ‪‎FirstEver‬ full face snorkeling mask 2

Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Review

In a video shot exclusively for, Jeff Goodman reviews the Full Face Mask from Ocean Reef.

Octomask - GoPro Mask

Octomask Review - Freediving and Scuba versions.I review the Freediver and Frameless versions of the Octomask.Octomask diving mask with a GoPro mount attached.Freediver HD is an expensive channel to

Maschera snorkeling Easybreath Tribord | Decathlon Italia

Easybreath è l'unica maschera che ti consente di respirare in acqua come sulla terraferma. Scopri di più: Realizzata grazie ai consigli dei nostri clienti e al lavoro delle n

Full face dive mask - Air hose rip

Visit my blog for more infos on that scene: lot more videos and pictures are waiting for you there ;-)

Snorkeling in Hawaii - GoPro

Snorkeling along Captain Cook's, Kona, and Two Step. The Big Island, Hawaii. Shot 100% on HERO3+ Black EditionWe went snorkeling just off of Captain Cook's Bay in Hawaii. It was truly an unforgettabl

Snorkeling in Croatia with GoPro Hero 3+

Snorkeling in Croatia (Losinj ) with GoPro Hero 3+ Silver EditionMake: GoPro StudioFollow us on Instagram: -

GoPro HD: Snorkeling in Destin, FL (raw audio)

Filmed entirely on a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver editionWatch in HD for best audio and video playbackSnorkeling in Destin, FL on the east jetties.Watch the editing involved in this video here:https://www.yo

Selecting The Best Swim Fins

Selecting The Best Swim Fins In the world of sporting activities there are many different companies that make a wide[...]

Scuba BCD Buyers Guide – How to choose the right Scuba BCD

Scuba BCD Buyers Guide – How to choose the right Scuba BCD Scuba Buoyancy Compensator devices come in a variety[...]

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in Belize - 2014

Belize is considered to be some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world, so I was really excited to get to spend some time in the Caribbean there this past January. I brought along my GoPro an


Are you Really a Responsible, Eco Friendly Scuba Diver? Scuba Divers are the ambassadors to the underwater realm. We have[...]


Advanced Open Water Course Review Advanced Open Water Course advantages: The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course offers the opportunity[...]


Where would you have a chance to dive and swim with Manta Rays, Dolphins and Whale Shark, all in one day? I did, let me tell you my story


Choosing the right dive center can make a huge difference on your experience whether you plan on learning scuba diving[...]


Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. Beautiful sandy beaches slow and joyful Caribbean rhythm, turquoise water full of wildlife and a once in a life time chance to meet the worlds largest fish- the Whale Sha


FEEL WHAT ITS LIKE WHEN YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF AIR Air depletion ascent  skill objectives Where to practice Air depletion[...]


REGULATOR CLEARING TIPS AND TRICKS who is regulator clearing for? What is the regulator clearing goal ? why learning regulator[...]


Things to check before scuba diving Getting ready for the scuba diving begins way before we’re fully equipped and are[...]


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