Learjet Inspection Colorado

If you invest in a private luxury aircraft, maintenance and regular Learjet inspection Colorado is critical.

Wichita firm’s Air Force contract means safer air travel for troops

In a couple of weeks Candace and Woody Cottner’s company will begin making a fleet of Air Force jets safer for troops traveling on them. And work on the $32.2 …

EgyptAir looks to buy up to 24 Bombardier C Series jets

Less than a month after Airbus agreed to rescue Bombardier’s struggling C Series jet program, Bombardier has announced a second order for the narrowbody passenger plane. At the Dubai Airshow …

Personal Injury Lawyer Lincoln Nebraska - YouTube

When you have been in an accident, the last thing you want to think about is calling a lawyer. It’s a traumatizing experience, especially if you are injured....

Expect tighter screening at the airport this Thanksgiving

Tighter screening regulations at the airport could cause you unexpected delays if you’re not ready for them, officials said Tuesday. There are no changes to what travelers are allowed to …

Emirates Dreamliner jet order could be boost for Spirit Aero

Spirit AeroSystems’ backlog of work could see a healthy boost should a Middle Eastern airline follow through on an order for as many as 40 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. At Sunday’s …

What is it like to fly on a Blackhawk helicopter?

The Kansas Army National Guard took several people on Blackhawk helicopter rides around Arkansas City on Wednesday to raise awareness about the benefits a person can enjoy, such as college tuition ass

Wichita aircraft shipments fall in third quarter

Wichita’s aircraft manufacturers delivered fewer airplanes during the third quarter of 2017, despite an increase in overall general aviation aircraft shipments. The General Aviation Manufacturer’s

Parked in the Pyrenees, A380 awaits new owner – or scrapyard

The first Airbus SE superjumbo to exit service will be stored minus its engines at a French airfield next week as its owner seeks a new operator for a plane …

Learjet 35 | NASA Airborne Science Program

The NASA Airborne Science Program aircraft list provides unique NASA aircraft and commercial aircraft that benefit the earth science community. These manned and unmanned aircraft carry the sensors tha

Park City aircraft supplier acquired by private equity group

FMI, a 25-year-old aircraft supplier in Park City, has been acquired by a Florida-based private equity group. Financial terms of the deal with AE Industrial Partners, which closed Oct. 31, …

New Airbus Americas CEO has ties to Wichita aviation

The leadership of European planemaker Airbus’ U.S. operations will be changing early next year, the company said Tuesday. C. Jeffrey Knittel will assume the chairman and chief executive posts at …

Man crawls through baggage carousel at MIA

In a video provided to the Miami Herald by a source who wishes to remain anonymous, a man makes it past Miami International Airport security Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017, jumps onto a luggage carousel, and

Lincoln NE Personal Lawyer Near Me

Everyone knows that when the unexpected happens, finding the top Lincoln NE Personal Injury Lawyer near me is imperative. They have the expertise necessary to manage your claim and get you the optima

The Best Nebraska Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

The Best Nebraska Personal Injury Lawyer Near MeThere comes a time when an innocent person is forced to go online and search for the best Nebraska personal injury lawyer near me. It's the moment we a

Personal Injury Lawyer Lincoln Nebraska

When you have been in an accident, the last thing you want to think about is calling a lawyer. It’s a traumatizing experience, especially if you are injured. If you end up in the hospital, you aren

Auto Accident Lawyer Lincoln NE

As you travel from your home to work or anywhere your life takes you, the chances of being in a car accident are about 1 in 16. In other words, out of every 16 people on the road, 1 will be in an acc

Accident Attorney Lincoln NE

Most people get into their car each day to commute to work, head down the freeway surrounded by other drivers frantically trying to get to their jobs on time, and arrive at work safely. The whole pro

Lincoln NE Medical Malpractice Attorney

Law firms deal with all kinds of circumstances, and even though each case is unique, there are similarities to managing personal injury claims. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a hea

Car Accident Attorney in Nebraska

Disaster can happen in a split second when you are on the road. Most people are attentive, watching out for the other guy. But there are some drivers who are careless, whether it is because they are

Personal Injury Lawyer Lincoln NE

When you are in an automobile accident, the last thing you want to worry about is hiring a personal injury lawyer Lincoln NE. Your biggest concern is your health and how long it will take to recover

Accident Lawyer Lincoln NE

During the summer months, there are many travelers on the roads heading for vacation. The same goes for every holiday weekend throughout the year. Along with these people and the regular commuters, i

Lincoln NE Personal Injury Lawyer

Considering the number of accidents that happen every day in the Mid-West states, hiring a Lincoln NE personal injury lawyer has become a necessary part of protecting your rights. During the chaos wh


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