J-cuts, L-cuts, Tripods and Non-Linear Editing

J-cuts, L-cuts and how to use them, tripod tips and clarification on nonlinear editing.

Friday Roundup - J-cuts, L-cuts, Tripods and Non-Linear Editing

This week J-cuts, L-cuts and how to use them, tripod tips to add stability to your life (OK to your videos!) and some clarification on nonlinear editing.

How To Create A Product Demo Video Strategy That Drives Results

Compelling product demo videos are powerful sales tools. They’re informative, educational, and memorable. But most of all, they help you make sales and close deals. A great demo video shares

The Friday Roundup – Zoom Transitions, B-roll and Motion Blur

10 Things To Do When You Get A New Camera In my house I am considered to be a bit weird by my wife and son. Whenever we purchase some new device, appliance or piece of technology the very first thing

How to Create Alternative Text for Images for Accessibility and SEO

If you create or publish digital content of any kind, it’s likely by now you’ve at least heard something about the importance of creating content that’s accessible for people with

The Friday Roundup – Dreamy Looks, Color Grading and a Freebie!

How to Create a DREAMY LOOK in Video There may be times when you want to add a sort of dreamlike or surreal look to your projects or part of them. There are a number of ways to achieve this type of ef

REVIEW: APUTURE LS 1/2w Light Storm LED Panel (The Tank) 💡

Definitely like this light, and I think if you're in the market for a very powerful, very well-built LED light panel that will last you for a very long time, take a look at the Aputure Light Storm 1/

How to Nurture Leads with Video Marketing

For most marketers, the concept of nurturing leads through their digital marketing funnel is not foreign. And in terms of video marketing, the concept that they should be using more

How To Use Visual Communication and Why It Matters

Reclaim Your Day: Saving Time with Visual Communication According to the Rolling Stones, time is on my side. Well, as much as I love the Stones, I can say without

Why Your Tech Support Team Should be Using Screen Capture

Nobody contacts tech support when things are going well. If everything works perfectly and there are no problems, there’s no need for assistance. In many cases, the standard response to

TechSmith Academy- Helping You Learn About Visual Communication and Video Creation

We Heard A Common Theme… Over the last several years, I have had the privilege to speak to thousands of people about video creation. I have met people with a

$300 AMAZON GIVEAWAY - Gift Card Winners Announced! 💰

AND THE WINNERS ARE... Although I am giving away my own money, this was really fun, and I am really happy for the 7 lucky winners from around the world. Thanks for participating, and thanks to everyo

Screencasts for knowledge sharing

Throughout my 20 years in IT, I learned a lot by following a daily routine. Between all my jobs over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge (some good,

How to Get Helpful Video Feedback

A video, like any form of content, typically requires peer review and stakeholder approval before it’s ready for distribution. Whether it’s for use on your website, in an email campaign,

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Video Recording

Your mobile device is capable of so many things, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the features that mobile apps offer. You can surf the web, check your bank

Sony RX100 VI Hands-on

I test out Sony's latest superzoom compact camera in Venice! Sony RX100 VI: https://www.adorama.com/isorx100m6.html?kbid=913736Birocratic - Don't Leave http://soundcloud.com/birocraticJoakim Karud -

REVIEW: ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 Phone Stabilizer for Filmmakers

The new Zhiyun Smooth 4 is loaded with features most others are certainly going to copy. You can set any number of tracking control points and get automated focus and zoom, which is fantastic! Other

The Friday Roundup- Foley, LUTs, Audio and Lighting Tips

Foley: How Hollywood Sounds Effects are Made When you look at the differences between an amateur video and a professionally produced one you would get the idea that those differences are because of bi

Avoid These Common Video Editing Mistakes

So you’re just sitting down to edit your first video production? Hopefully you had the chance to read over our video creation basics before jumping into your edit. Often times

6 VIDEO EDITING TOOLS You Should Know By Heart! ❤

If you’re willing to practice and know these editing tools, you’ll easily cut the time it takes to edit your videos in half, if not more! Check out the SLICE, SLIP, SLIDE, RIPPLE, ROLL, and STRET

The Friday Roundup – Basic Editing Cuts, Frame Rates and Time Lapse

9 Cuts Every Video Editor Should Know Whilst it is true that the available palette for cutting any video together is almost limitless it is also true that you need to nail down the basics before you g

What's In My Camera Bag?!

This is what I, Kai, carry in my video/photo camera bag!Thanks to the sponsor of this video - Adorama: https://www.adorama.com/?kbid=913736Items Shown in Video:Tiffin Variable ND Filter: https://www.

MAGIX Video Pro X Review

Magix Video Pro X is the top of the line video editing software from the European based Magix company and in posting a review of the program it is important to understand where it sits in the overall

REVIEW - SARAMONIC XLR Wireless Mic Adapter Plus Recorder Tips!

This is the part two video, where I look at the Saramonic UwMic9 XLR Plug-on transmitter and receiver, and also cover how to daisy chain the SR-VRM1 audio recorder into the mix. This gives video cre

[CLOSED] $300 GIVEAWAY in Amazon Gift Cards - Ends June 15!

I thought it would be fun to give away some Amazon Gift Cards! Winners chosen Jun 15! Enter #bfmamazongiveaway here: http://bit.ly/bfmamazongiveaway UPDATE: LOL! The Math is $300. Thanks Norbert! Ti

The Friday Roundup – Super Hero Tricks, Some Video FX and Aspect Ratios

How To Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Links It is probably safe to say that the world of YouTube for anyone that was previously making living over there from producing and uploading videos has d

INSTANT COLOR MATCHING with Face Detection - Premiere Pro CC 12.1.1

I found my new favorite thing in the latest version of Premiere Pro (12.1.1). I have very limited time available to make these videos, so when I do something stupid (shown in video - like NOT setup c

VIDEO HACKS for Entrepreneurs Course and FREE STUFF!

Absolutely WHAM BAM EXCITED to have Kevin Anson host his $299 Video Hacks for Entrepreneurs course on Basic Filmmaker University for $59. WHAT?!? Read the video description for full details and how

5 Best Nikon Lenses for Full Frame

These are the 5 lenses that I think are worth investing in for Nikon FX DSLR shooters! Thanks to SquareSpace for sponsoring this channel!If you'd like to start up your own website or online shop, vis

The Friday Roundup – Hyperlapse, Color Grades and ND Filters

How to be Less Awkward Filming Yourself Whenever I come across videos like this I always include them in the Friday Roundup. For most people the idea of being in front of the camera sets off alarm bel

REVIEW - SARAMONIC SR VRM1 XLR Audio Recorder - Lose Those Cables!

This is the part one video, where I look at the Saramonic SR VRM1 XLR on mic audio recorder. I saw this unit when I was interviewing Jade from Saramonic at NAB. With this unit, and the other one ment

The Friday Roundup – Microphone Basics, Camera Effects and Stabilization

The Basics of Microphones Let me introduce the video below with an old saying that probably will hold true for as long as there is video. The most important part of video is… audio. For most people

10 Tips to Up Your Street Photography Game

Helping guide on how you can improve your street photography featuring photographers Joshua K Jackson and Craig Whitehead (a.k.a. SixStreetUnder)Filmed With:Canon C300 II: https://www.adorama.com/cac

BASICS OF MICROPHONES 🎤 How to Compare Which Mic to Buy

You want to buy a good mic, but how do you compare what a good mic vs a bad mic is so you get the best one for your money? That's answered by the basics of microphones. In this video, you'll learn ho

The Friday Roundup – Camera Shake, Auto-Focus and LUT Limitations

LUTS: The Complete Video Guide A few weeks back now on April Fool’s Day Casey Faris put out an incredible video purporting to announce the release of his amazing automatic super LUT called Pegasus.

The Friday Roundup – Vintage Voice Effect, Creative Tips and a Freebie!

So let’s kick off this week’s Roundup with a freebie! This week that venerable British broadcaster the BBC lifted her skirts and showed us everything! Well not quite because that would be very un-

Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2i vs Samsung S9+ vs Huawei Mate 10 Camera Comparison!!

Battle of the latest and greatest smartphone cameras (until the next ones come out). Gear used for filming this vid!Panasonic GH5: https://www.adorama.com/ipcdcgh5.html?kbid=913736Panasonic Leica 12m

$400 Stabilised 4K Vlogging Camera

Review of the Removu K1 Gimbal Stabiliser 4K Thing plus unboxing of other random goodies! Music: Blue WednesdayLitra Torch: https://www.adorama.com/ltt22bubk.html?kbid=913736iFootage Cobra 2 Monopod:

Fujifilm X-H1 Hands-on Review

Testing the photo and stills capabilities of Fujifilm's latest mirrorless camera. With 24-megapixels, in-body image stabilisation, 8fps/14fps and 4K video it seems to have it all. Featuring Alfie Gre

DJI Mavic Air Review - Ultimate Small 4K Drone?

I've finally got one! The DJI Mavic Air slots in between the cheaper Spark and more expensive Mavic Pro drones, but makes this 4K drone different? DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo: https://www.adorama.co

Sony a7 III Hands-On!

24-megapixel back-illuminated sensor; 6K full sensor readout downsampled to 4K; 10fps; 693 AF points; 15-stops dynamic range; ISO 204,800 MAX...and they call this a "Basic Model". $2000//£

Canon EOS M50 - 4K Mirrorless APS-C Camera!

Exclusive Hands-on Preview! Canon has joined the 4K mirrorless bandwagon with a bang!! This is their new affordable interchangeable lens mirrorless camera with a 24 megapixel APS-C sensor but more im


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