Isobuster Updates,Effects Tutorials and Time Freez

Isobuster update news, general effects tutorials including time freezes, invisible cloaks and tips on handling vertical videos.

Avid Media Composer 2020

Avid Media Composer has been at the forefront of nonlinear, digital video editing for three decades. While most editors and audio mixers know Avid for Media Composer and Pro Tools, the company has gro

Simple Color Workflow in FCPX

Building on the heels of the previous post, I’d like to cover five simple steps to follow when performing basic color correction, aka “grading,” in Final Cut Pro X. Not every clip or project wil

The Curves Tool: An Introduction to Color Correction Curves

For video and photo editors, using the color correction tools is an everyday occurrence. The tool that manipulates curves is essential in their work. Regardless of which software package you use, the

The Friday Roundup – Getting Ideas, Tilt Shift Lenses and Action Cams

Finding the Idea – Making Videos When Your Brain is Potatoes. So right out of the gate here on this one let me set the scene. This video tutorial is probably better aimed at more advanced video mak

Recover Files & Data from CD, DVD, Hard Drive, USB, SD with IsoBuster!

Recover data quickly! Recover data from CD, DVD, BD, HDD, Flash drive, USB stick, media card, SD and SSD with IsoBuster - The award winning, highly specialized and easy to use Memory card, CD, DVD, Ha

5 Easy FCPX Color Tricks

Color correction plug-ins are certainly fun to use, but Final Cut Pro X has plenty of horsepower on its own. There are also a number of features and techniques that often get overlooked. Here are five

Optical disc - Wikipedia

In computing and optical disc recording technologies, an optical disc (OD) is a flat, usually circular disc that encodes binary data (bits) in the form of pits and lands (where a change from pit to l

The Fundamentals of Film Lighting

Although it is just one ingredient of a film, film-makers know that light can make your film look professional, or if not applied correctly, amateurish. Control of lights is an important step in crea

To Split-Screens and Beyond: The Art of Creating Doubles

Movies have adapted over time to the need to have two characters from the same person in one movie. Body doubles are often used, and a lot of times, camera techniques have been used. There have been

AIoT Solutions for Safe Offices, Residential Buildings, Health Facilities and Schools

CyberLink and Talma join forces to host a webinar on AIoT solutions for safe offices, residential buildings, health facilities and schools during COVID-19.Learn more about CyberLink FaceMe®: www.cyb

The Friday Roundup – Keyframing, Pre-production and Montages

How To Keyframe Video Exposure in Filmora X As I have mentioned quite few times over the past few months, the ability to use keyframes in most video editors at the consumer level has become pretty st

A Movie Synopsis: What it Is and How to Write One

It’s a great movie and you want to share it with the world, that is not the best example of what is called a movie synopsis. A real synopsis is a brief description or summary of what a potential au

How to Upload Your Videos to Instagram from PC and Mobile

It’s no big secret that Instagram has grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years. Thousands of people who are interested in creating and sharing content are using Instagram for just

The Friday Roundup – Color Matching and Keyframing in Filmora X

Color Matching, Keyframing and Audio Ducking in Filmora X Last week the big announcement from Wondershare was the release of Filmora X and within that release three great new features. I mentioned th

The Friday Roundup – Rookie Mistakes, Lenses and YouTube Tips

6 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make Although aimed at budding filmmakers this one has some (slightly) more advanced tips most of us can take advantage of. They open up with a discussion on frame rate

The Friday Roundup - Isobuster Update, Camera Moves And Time Freeze

This week some cool effects tutorials for time freezes, invisible cloaks a la Harry Potter, tips on handling vertical videos and more!

Drive – Postlab’s Virtual Storage Volume

Postlab is the only service designed for multi-editor, remote collaboration with Final Cut Pro X. It works whether you have a team collaborating on-premises within a facility or spread out at various

AI for Healthy and Contactless Public Transportation | CyberLink, PortNexus and S2 Global Webinar

CyberLink, S2 Global and PortNexus join forces to host a webinar on how biometric technologies create safe and secure user experiences in airports and public transportation.Learn more about CyberLink

Wondershare Filmora X Review

First up, Why Filmora X? Before I get into the whole WonderShare Filmora X review it is important to address why Filmora X has a place in the world. Since the introduction of consumer level video edi

Accusonus ERA5

The trend in audio plug-ins is simple-to-use effects with a minimal number of controls. Waves started this with their One Knob series – a set of equalization, reverb, and compression filters to make

AI-based Video Security Solutions for Safe Business Environments | CyberLink & VIVOTEK Webinar

CyberLink and VIVOTEK present solutions for smart security, visitor management, and contactless access control. In this webinar, learn how smart security can enable touchless access control and mask

AI-based Video Security Solutions for Business Environments|CyberLink, VIVOTEK, Supermicro (Spanish)

In this webinar, CyberLink, VIVOTEK and Supermicro present how they have joined forces and create turnkey solutions for smart security, visitor management, and contactless access control. They demons

iZotope RX8 Audio Editor

Most digital audio and video editing applications come with a robust set of audio plug-ins, but many editors and mixers prefer to augment those with third-party effects. iZotope is the go-to brand for

AI and Face Biometrics to Secure Large Facilities in the Age of COVID-19 | FaceMe Webinar

Presented by: CyberLink and AdvantechIndustrial facilities, plants and warehouses typically require strict access control and monitoring for employees and visitors, as well as authentication for mach

Color Finale Connect – Remote Grading for FCPX

Remote workflows didn’t start with COVID, but that certainly drove the need home for many. While editing collaboration at a distance can be a challenge, it’s a far simpler prospect than remote col

Working with ACES in DaVinci Resolve

In the film days, a cinematographer had a good handle on what the final printed image would look like. The film stocks, development methods, and printing processes were regimented with specific guidel

Larry Jordan’s Techniques of Visual Persuasion

You may know him as a speaker, trainer, or web presenter. Or from the long-running Digital Production Buzz podcast series. Or his 2 Reel Guys series with the late Norman Hollyn. Regardless of how, Lar

Improving your mix with iZotope

In classic analog mixing consoles like Neve or SSL, each fader includes a channel strip. This is a series of in-line processors that can be applied to each individual input and usually consists of som

Facial Recognition x Smart Security -Empowering Smart AIoT Applications

Join us to learn how LILIN & CyberLink innovative facial recognition technologies for the new generation smart security & smart AIoT applications.

AI-based Solutions to Create Safe and Enjoyable Environments During COVID-19 | FaceMe® Webinar

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect businesses across the US, there are AI-based technologies enabling safe reopening, ensuring visitors maintain distance from one another, wear face mask

FaceMe® Health - Total Solution for COVID-19 Pandemic Control

FaceMe® Health is an integrated solution for mask detection, authentication and temperature measurement. It offers contactless pandemic control measures as required across a wide range of organizati

How to import the PowerPoint and PDF file to the webinar (Windows) | U Webinar Tutorial

Download U Webinar FREE Here: Webinar is a high quality, built-for-business webinar app that is free to download and simple to use. With our U tutorial videos, you c

How to import the PowerPoint and PDF file to the webinar (Mac) | U Webinar Tutorial

Download U Webinar FREE Here: Webinar is a high quality, built-for-business webinar app that is free to download and simple to use. With our U tutorial videos, you c

Flex Lights: A Filmmaker’s Secret Weapon | Falcon Eyes RX-18TD Review

In this video, we demonstrate the wide range of ways you can use the Falcon Eyes RX-18TD when making films. By the end of the video, you will have a good understanding of the specs and features of th

Getting THE FILM LOOK with a 360° Action Camera | Insta360 ONE X Review | The Film Look

This video will give you a rundown on the main features of the Insta360 ONE X. We test the camera alongside our Sony a7s and see if it can stack up in a true, traditional filmmaking scenario!📼 Che

Realistic Reverb: How to Mix GREAT Foley & ADR for Films

Learn how to re-create the genuine reverb of your film location with special guest Mark Edward Lewis of so YOU can become a post-production audio God!For more in-depth knowledge, chec

Every Filmmaker Struggles to Make Films | The Film Look

Making films takes time; hardships, struggles, and setbacks are a rite of passage for every indie filmmaker. We wanted to share everything that has happened in the last year with our channel and our


🚀 - Step up your sound game with our FOOTSTEPS SOUND PACK. It features 200+ sounds, 9 surfaces, and 6 types of footwear, perfect for your next film project.📺 H

Get Cinematic: Add MORE to Your Set | The Film Look

This video will show you how adding more mess and clutter into a frame can actually make it look more cinematic. By the end of this video, you will have an understanding of what you will need to dres

Prevent Jarring Edits using the 30° Degree Rule | The Film Look

This video will show you how to use the 30° degree rule when shooting a film. By the end of this video, you will know how to apply this rule to your films so you will have a smooth and good-looking

Make Your Characters Looks BADASS with this Camera Move! | The Film Look

This video will show you how to pull off the "action hero entrance" motivated camera move for your next short film. By the end of the video, you'll know what the camera move is all about, h

Step up your Lighting Game by using False Colour | The Film Look

This video will teach you the basics of using the false color feature found on field monitors for filmmakers. By the end of this video, you will have an understanding of how to apply false color to y

Super Sharp With Lots of Style | Jupiter-9 85mm F2 Lens Review | The Film Look

In this video, we are going to be reviewing out vintage Jupiter-9 85mm F2 Lens which is about 30 years old. The lens is super sharp and has a lot of flares. 📺 How to support the channel🚀


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