Thyroid and Adrenals: The Power Couple

Always complaining that you’re tired? Is focusing hard, like in a perpetual fog? Is weight loss impossible? Do you stare at the ceiling wondering why you can’t sleep? Do you get sick often? You may be suffering from a thyroid deficiency and/or adrenal fatigue.

Understanding Your Thyroid Lab Ranges

Hey everybody Dr Hagmeyer here and today I wanted to spend some time talking about the TSH test and why when ordered by itself or in conjunction with free T4 is incredible misleading. I realized after

Dr Hagmeyer Patient Review- Fatigue, Depression, Male Hormone Imbalances, High cholesterol

    I just wasn’t myself. I found myself irritated with little things, emotional ups and downs, stress, Fatigue, I was struggling with sleep issues and some hormone problems. I started working wit

Berry Wonderful Bowl

Berry Wonderful Bowl is a simple breakfast rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

Mold is a Major Trigger of Mast Activation Cell Syndrome

Mast cells are an important part of your immune system, without them you would never heal from an injury. However, there is a condition where they become overactive and cause serious problems in the b

Is There Mold in Your Coffee? When Mycotoxins Matter

Ah, coffee. Coffee might be one of the most beloved smells and tastes in the world. There are few simple pleasures in life as enjoyable as cup of coffee in the morning. The best part being that coffee

Dr Hagmeyer Patient Review- Blood pressure, Irritability and Male Hormones Imbalances

      I just wasn’t myself. I found myself irritated with little things, emotional ups and downs, stress, Fatigue, I was struggling with sleep issues and some hormone problems. I started working

Gut Supportive Prune Apricot Compote

Prunes or dried plums are a good source of fiber, sorbitol (a sugar alcohol that can soften and loosen the stool) and contain high levels of phytonutrients called phenols.

Dr Hagmeyer Office Reviews-PCOS, IBS, Hormonal Imbalances

        My 17 year old daughter first started working with Dr Hagmeyer and his nutritionist about 6 months ago. It has been a long journey for my daughter and working with many kinds of traditiona

Dr Richard Hagmeyer Reviews- Thyroid disease, 56 pounds weight loss,

        I have not found any doctor-M.D. or Endocrinologist that really had his/her finger on the pulse of my problem for over 10 years. And I’ve been looking. I have a thyroid issue. The best w

Reviews Dr Hagmeyer- Fatigue, Emotional, Sleep problems

          I just wasn’t myself. I found myself irritated with little things, emotional ups and downs, stress, Fatigue, I was struggling with sleep issues and some hormone problems. I started wo

Poor Memory Curcumin Might Help

Memory complaints can sometimes begin as early as the 20s but for most, not until after age 60. Postpartum women and women going through menopause can also sometimes begin to experience memory problem

Can we cure Alzheimer’s Disease? Understanding the link between toxic exposures, insulin resistance, and brain health.

The recent discoveries surrounding Alzheimer's suggest that one day getting this disease could become optional. In understanding the progression of this disease better, researchers are finding ways to

Leaky gut Adrenal Gland Connection-Is Your Leaky Gut Hindering Your Adrenal Recovery-Try This If Your Are Not Getting Better

  Is Your Leaky Gut Hindering Your Adrenal Recovery? In today’s video, I want to talk to you about two of the most common conditions linked to chronic health problems- Leaky gut and adrenal gland p

Autoimmune Disease and Oxidative Stress

  A common Trigger or cause of autoimmune disease, Thyroid disease, Diabetes, Chronic Pain, and Depression is the notion of Oxidative stress. Oxidative stress, defined as a disturbance in the balan

                        Dr. Hagmeyer and his staff are fantastic. I went to see Dr Hagmeyer for Chronic fatigue, IBS which I found out in part was due to small intestinal bacterial overgro

Dr Richard Hagmeyer Office Review- Worth Every Penny

                        I am about a year out from my program I did with Dr. Hagmeyer. WOW…I feel AWESOME!!! I can’t thank Dr. Hagmeyer enough for the journey he had me on. I know a lo

The Fake Supplement Issue No One Is Talking About – Beware of Amazon

The problem is so out of control it’s crushing small businesses and leaving customers with imitation products. I see this as a pervasive problem that is hurting numerous people. As a doctor, what co

5 Incredible Benefits of Insulin Sensitivity – Plus, 11 Ways to Reverse Insulin Resistance

If you want to be your healthiest self, reaping the benefits of insulin sensitivity should be a priority. When you’re insulin sensitive your don’t have sugar crashes, you can eat more deeply satis

Spicy Chipotle Butternut Squash Turkey Chili

No tomatoes! No beans! Can I even call this chili?! Yep. Yep, I can. Why? Because it has all the flavors of chili and more.

The Sleeping Giant – Tips to Treat Reactivation of Epstein-Barr Virus

Did you know, you probably have virus lurking in the shadows? It’s called the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and an estimated 90 percent of us have it. Fortunately, for most of us it lies dormant, like a

Natural Flu Prevention

You probably know someone who has had the flu this season. It’s been a very early flu season and a more severe one than we normally experience. With estimates of the vaccine only being 10 to 30% eff

Lymphatic and Immune Support Tea

During flu and cold time of year, it’s important to nourish your immune system. But, most folks don’t know that the lymphatic and immune systems are intricately entwined and cannot function withou

Progesterone: The Forgotten Hormone

Estrogen’s forgotten sister, progesterone, is often overlooked. For example, a woman who has a full hysterectomy (causing a surgical menopause) may be given solely estrogen and no progesterone. This

Compounded Bio-identical Hormones

Recently, I saw a woman at my office who’d been prescribed a brand name Bio-identical estradiol gel. She didn’t come to see me for hormone therapy but she mentioned that the gel wasn’t improving

Things are heating up and it’s not just the weather!

HOT FLASHES: WHY DO THEY HAPPEN? WHAT ROLE DOES STRESS PLAY?   Hot flashes occur due to a narrowing of the core body temperature range due to something called norepinephrine. But hang on, aren’t ho

How does poor sleep affect our ability to learn? Study investigates

Most of us know that a good night’s sleep is key for happiness and productivity, and that conversely, a night of poor sleep can have negative effects on our performance during the day. But a new stu


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