What We Can Learn From Nature

Nature is perfect and operates under the law of necessity. There is no morality in the universe, the universe is amoral.

What We Can Learn From Nature - Dr Thomas Lodi

What we can learn from nature is that everything that happens is necessary Every organism is what it is because it needs to perform a set of functions to make this whole thing called nature work. Natu

Learning About Learning in Nature | The Evergreen State College

What can nature teach us? How do we learn? How might experiences in nature help us understand how learning occurs and how we can support the learning of others? We will investigate these questions thr

The Extraordinary Power of Perspective

Writing to you from 40,000 Feet Up Coaching took me from London to Washington DC this week.  As I write, I’m on the […] The post The Extraordinary Power of Perspective appeared first on Purpose

How To Be Your Most Productive Self: Let Go Of Being Perfect

We live in an era of overachievement, and in this era flaunting those achievements (we’re looking at you, social media) is totally the norm.

Full Speed Ahead: How To Accelerate Agile Teams With Trello

Running a Scrum or Kanban process isn’t about the tool you use. Rather, it’s about the quality of the team collaboration and, ultimately, delivering value to your customers.

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Relationship

“At the end of our lives, we will ask, Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?” ~ Brendon Burchard We hold […] The post 6 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Relationship appeared first on Purpo

Grounding and Chakra Balancing: Guided Meditation

We are all made of the elements of the earth. Our organs, bones, tissues, and our entire cell structure is made out of […] The post Grounding and Chakra Balancing: Guided Meditation appeared first

5 Powerful Lessons to Learn from The Alchemist

The great courageous act that we must all do, is to have the courage to step out of our history and past so […] The post 5 Powerful Lessons to Learn from The Alchemist appeared first on Purpose Fai

Asking For A Remote Work Policy? Pro Tips And Trends Of The Year To Reference

Remote work is growing in popularity, and more and more companies are adopting the mentality and practices of hybrid teams: Offering employees the option to work from the office, remotely

Two Simple Breathing Techniques that Your Brain Will Love

Of the many techniques I have created and incorporated into my Brain Education method, seven are most useful and form the foundation of the practice: breathing, meditation, energy sensitivity, exercis

Hurra! ¡Viva! Introducing Trello's International Blogs, Now In 5 Languages

Did you know: There are over 7,000 languages worldwide—yet only about 23 of them are used by more than half the world’s population?

The Journey Beyond Yourself: On Welcoming Who You Truly Are

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a […] The post The Journey Beyond Yourself: On Welcoming Who You Truly Are appeared first on

A Boost For Your Day

This is something to get your day going. Some inspiration and motivation for your everyday life. Better Than Good, by Zig Ziglar 1. […] The post A Boost For Your Day appeared first on Purpose Fairy

Trello Day On Replay: Catch Up With Free Video Talks From Our Biggest Event Ever

Once upon a time, in a land far away, hundreds of people gathered at harvest time to meet, greet, and reveal the secrets of their greatest achievements. They shared tales of creativity, c

6 Reasons Why Others Opinions of You Don’t Matter at All

How many times did you allow others opinions of you to keep you from being the person you deep down inside know you […] The post 6 Reasons Why Others Opinions of You Don’t Matter at All appeared

What Does it Mean to Truly Be At Peace?

“We don’t realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace.”~  Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love The […] The post What Does it Mean to Trul

The Self-Talk Struggle Is Real: How To Win At Work With Sports Psychology

In the 1998 NBA Finals, down by one point and with only 18 seconds left in the game, Michael Jordan tore the ball away from the opponent and made the winning shot of his last game with th

Level Up: Pro Tips For You To Maximize Trello

This blog post is part of the Trello Day Replay series of talks given by members of the Trello team, Google, and Typeform about different ways they’re using Trello to be more effective

A Shortage Of Oncologists And Why That’s Not A Bad Thing

This study reports on why there is a shortage of Oncologists I share my thoughts on this. This study on a shortage of oncologists featured on the ASCO Post website is interesting but not as interes

How To Hack Your Habits: Author James Clear Shares His Life-Changing Strategy

Admit it: You’ve got a few pesky habits you’d like to kick. Oh, and we know you’ve got big plans for how you’re going to change your ways. But how long have you been saying this w

The Life-Changing Power of Expressing Daily Gratitude

Want to know a tiny secret about happiness?  Well, if you clicked on the headline, you don’t probably need to guess: it’s practicing gratitude!  I […] The post The Life-Changing Power of Ex

5 Rules To Work By When Managing A Remote Team 'Round The World

This blog post is part of the Trello Day Replay series of talks given by members of the Trello team, Google, and Typeform about different ways they’re using Trello to be more effective

Inner Strength: 15 Wise Lessons for Rebuilding Inner Strength

We all have heard of the saying: “Life is not a bed of roses.” Life provides daily challenges in our lives. Yes, life […] The post Inner Strength: 15 Wise Lessons for Rebuilding Inner Strength

How To Become A Project Management Master With Trello

As a project manager, you wear many hats and juggle one too many balls in the air. You could consider yourself a modern-day jester. But sometimes the depth and weight of your responsibili

Where Does B12 Come From?

Where does B12 come from and is it vegan? First of all, it needs to be understood that B12 production in nature only occurs in prokaryotes which is bacteria. Nowhere else in nature is B12 produced. T

Ten Secrets to Making Your Life a Masterpiece

You are an artist. Every human is an artist because, unlike other animals, our fate is not just determined by instinct or environmental conditions. We have a unique ability to shape the content and di

Self Breast Exam vs Mammogram

Let’s review a self breast exam vs mammogram. The most common form of breast cancer that is non-invasive is referred to as stage 0 and is known as DCIS. This article will explain why a self breast

Dr. Thomas Lodi Is On A Mission In Thailand

For 20+ years now, Dr. Thomas Lodi has been helping cancer patients reclaim their health through a comprehensive cancer care program anchored on integrative oncology. Integrative oncology, also known

How to Avoid Spiritual Egotism and Practice Humbleness

Spirituality could be defined as the practice of bringing one’s ego under control. Many paths instruct adherents to become egoless and to cultivate an attitude of selflessness. “Enlightened” ind

Vegan Keto Meal Plan

A vegan keto meal plan is tough to find. Coming up with a vegan keto meal plan is difficult as the exact ratios need to be met for the “ketosis” to take effect. Listen in to hear why you need a

How to Cultivate a Win-Win Mentality in Yourself and Others

When you were growing up, you probably came across a bully or two. These were the kids that thought they could become a big shot by pushing people around or by calling them names. We all knew then tha

Water Fasting For A Week

The benefits of water fasting for a week are life-changing. It is the absolute best way to detoxify the body. One of the first things you will notice when water fasting for a week is your tongue will

The Perfect Diet Is Not Eating

It may be hard for some people to grasp but the perfect diet is not eating. There is no perfect nutrient. There is a part of every nutrient, every food, that is not usable. For example, if you eat an

How to Brighten Your Day with Sunrise Meditation (Even on a Rainy Day)

Have you ever noticed how the universe’s macrocosm is reflected in its microcosms, that patterns repeat whether you look up close at the details or from a distance at the big picture? For example, t

The Power Of Prayer And Praise

The Power Of Prayer And Praise from the Spoken Word The power of prayer and praise has a large influence on the body. There were some amazing studies conducted and documented by Dr. Emoto from Japan.

Why Body Detoxification Is Important

Why body detoxification is important for health The body has a built-in system to cleanse, to detoxify. Why body detoxification is important is because we are all accumulating toxins on a daily basis

Our Health Is Our Birthright

Our health is our birthright and should never be taken for granted! We are not taught anything about health in schools, instead what is taught is sickness management. Our health is our birthright and

Living a Life of Service (Without Burning Out)

Spiritual maturation naturally leads to changes in perspective and priorities. Where once we were concerned mainly with ourselves and that which reflects directly upon our status in the world—our ca

Igniting Your Solar Healing Power

All of us have witnessed the miracle of our body’s healing power, but we tend to take it for granted. If we get a scratch or a small cut, we know that it will heal up and disappear within a few days

Meet Your Solar Body, the Unlimited Source of Healing Potential

I have been able to spend a lot of time on both the northern and southern hemispheres of the earth. I have had this opportunity because I have helped develop training and retreat centers on both sides

A Simple Meditation Flow for Genius-level Creativity

When you think of the geniuses of history, the people who create art and technology that change our culture for generations, what do you suppose gives them the ability to do so? What sets them apart f

Offering a Prayer of Peace for My Fellow Earth Citizens

Today, June 15th, is a special day for me and for many others. It is Earth Citizen Day. I hosted the New Millennium World Peace and Humanity Conference with many honored guests and twelve thousand par


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