What We Can Learn From Nature

Nature is perfect and operates under the law of necessity. There is no morality in the universe, the universe is amoral.

What We Can Learn From Nature - Dr Thomas Lodi

What we can learn from nature is that everything that happens is necessary Every organism is what it is because it needs to perform a set of functions to make this whole thing called nature work. Natu

Learning About Learning in Nature | The Evergreen State College

What can nature teach us? How do we learn? How might experiences in nature help us understand how learning occurs and how we can support the learning of others? We will investigate these questions thr

Fasting Insulin Level Below Three

People should strive for a fasting insulin level below three and then maintain it. People who are healthy and don’t live in a major city are in the perfect position for proper brain wave function. T

Meet Your Solar Body, the Unlimited Source of Healing Potential

I have been able to spend a lot of time on both the northern and southern hemispheres of the earth. I have had this opportunity because I have helped develop training and retreat centers on both sides

Inner Strength: Guided Meditation for Inner Strength

Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out~ Katherine Dunham There are […]

Ways To Resist Temptation

The Best Ways To Resist Temptation and Help Avoid The Wrong Path Let’s review some the best ways to resist temptation. What people would find out by going to sleep at night as the sun is going down,

8 Things You Should Let Go to Find Your Way Back to Yourself

“In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” ~ Deepak Chopra Find […]

Who You Are Is Enough, No Matter What Anyone Else Says

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us have this toxic belief that we are not enough – not good […]

Simple Living: 4 Blessings of Living a Simple Life

“It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly.” – Bertrand Russell Simple living gives […]

Learn to Trust Your Intuition: Guided Meditation

There is a voice inside of you that knows the truth of who you are, the truth of why you are here on […]

Accepting Pain: The Pain Behind the Brightest Smile

“There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’ No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful […]

What Is Iodine Used For In The Body

I’m often asked what is iodine used for in the body, here’s the answer. A lot of people often ask about iodine supplementation. They ask about things such as how much and how often. They ask shoul

A Simple Meditation Flow for Genius-level Creativity

When you think of the geniuses of history, the people who create art and technology that change our culture for generations, what do you suppose gives them the ability to do so? What sets them apart f

Mindful Meditation for Being Present

“Mindful meditation is where you sit down, get comfortable, pay deep attention to your breathing and let your mind wander, applying mindfulness and […]

Dementia: Bringing an Unexpected Gift of Love

“Nobody’s perfect. We’re all just one step up from the beasts and one step down from the angels.” ― Jeanette Walls Do you believe a […]

Journaling: The Healing Power of Journaling

Journaling is an extremely powerful tool. Yes, it takes a little time and effort to do. Your well-being is well worth the effort, […]

What We Can Learn From Nature

What we can learn from nature is that everything that happens is necessary Every organism is what it is because it needs to perform a set of functions to make this whole thing called nature work. Natu

Robin Sharma’s Top 10 Success Rules

Success is not a function of the size of your title but the richness of your contribution. ~ Robin Sharma Success means different […]

Offering a Prayer of Peace for My Fellow Earth Citizens

Today, June 15th, is a special day for me and for many others. It is Earth Citizen Day. I hosted the New Millennium World Peace and Humanity Conference with many honored guests and twelve thousand par

New Approach To Immunotherapy Misunderstood

A new approach to Immunotherapy allows the National Cancer Institute to create a limitless number of targeted therapies in many forms. My response to their published Press Release. What blows my mind

Mind Body Spirit Connection Definition

The Mind Body Spirit Connection Definition by Dr. Thomas Lodi. We have to go back to Dr. Sigmund Freud when talking about the mind. Freud came up with the ID Ego and Super Ego. The ID Ego is the basi

The Definition For Stress

The definition for stress is an internal friction on an object. If an object has tension on it, that causes stress. Hans Selye, who was an endocrinologist, came up with the term stress. I have my own

Energy Dancing: A Simple and Fun Form of Meditation

Have you ever watched a young child dancing along to some happy, upbeat tune? Probably, the child had a wide grin on his or her face and moved about freely, without any self-consciousness. No one had

Cooked Versus Raw Food

There is a tremendous difference in cooked versus raw food from a nutritional perspective. It’s important that people eat lots of raw vegetables. Your salad should have lots of broccoli, cabbage, ca

Why Do We Need Plants To Live?

Why do we need plants to live because everything starts with them! Plants like what humans don’t. They like it when we die because they love our corpse. They love when we have a bowel movement. So,

Better Self-Parenting: How to Develop the Habit of Positive Inner Dialog

You’ve probably noticed that you are harder on yourself than you are on other people. Most of us have developed the habit of negative self-talk, which is that voice inside that constantly criticizes

Best Intermittent Fasting Method

The best intermittent fasting method is simply called healthy eating. Healthy eating is when one eats once a day. And, it’s always beneficial to skip a day or two of eating every now and then for th

How to Become a Conduit for Universal Energy

Have you ever heard of chunjikiun? For many, that is an unfamiliar term, but in the practice that I teach, a path rooted in ancient Korean energy study, its cultivation is the main objective. You coul

10 Simple Ways to Feel the Rhythm of the Universe

Have you ever heard of yullyeo? Maybe not, since it is a concept found in ancient Asian stories about how the universe and humanity came into being, and it is not often talked about in the West. I thi

How to Upgrade Your Brain Operating System

We could say that the content of our current lives, both the positive and negative aspects, is the sum total of our day-to-day habits. All of us can identify good and bad habits that are part of our c

Try an Information Fast for Spiritual Clarity

Staying on a healthy diet can be difficult in today’s world. Advertisements for fast food and candy are everywhere, and store shelves are packed with tempting treats. Unsurprisingly, lots of people

How to Clear Persistent Emotions that Hold You Back

Although people often bemoan getting older, multiple surveys have found that older people are happier than younger people. Perhaps this is because the process of living teaches people what is truly im


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