Software Downloading Tips and YouTube

Software downloading and registration procedures, some key editing tips and transition tutorials.

5 Small, Budget-Friendly Lights for Any Camera Setup

Proper lighting can vastly improve the quality of your video. Upgrade your kit with these affordable diffused LED lights.

The Friday Roundup – Rookie Mistakes, Lenses and YouTube Tips

6 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make Although aimed at budding filmmakers this one has some (slightly) more advanced tips most of us can take advantage of. They open up with a discussion on frame rate

This is how much Youtube paid me for a 1,000,000 Viewed video (& what thats REALLY worth)

Tips from Renowned Cinematographers for Your Next Film

Interested in becoming a noteworthy director of photography? The best place to begin is by studying the great cinematography masters.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: How to place a Video in Text with Any Custom Background (Tutorial) the latest version of Adobe CC:

352 Free Letterbox Templates for Video Editing (8K, 4K, HD & More)

Easily give your videos the cinematic cropping they deserve with these free high-res letterbox templates for video editing.

How to Create a Low-Budget Crash Zoom from Two Shots

The crash (or snap) zoom is a cinematography technique you’ll see in big-budget films. Here's how to create it at home.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: How to use New "Quick Export" Feature (Tutorial) the latest version of Adobe CC:

Using XML Files to Move Your Timeline to a Different NLE

If you need to transfer your timeline between two different pieces of video editing software, using XML files could be the solution for you.

How to Create Matte Text Animations in After Effects

Check out all of the possibilities for creating text animations using mattes in After Effects. Tutorial includes free project file!

To Split-Screens and Beyond: The Art of Creating Doubles

Movies have adapted over time to the need to have two characters from the same person in one movie. Body doubles are often used, and a lot of times, camera techniques have been used. There have been

How to Use ScreenFlow: Best Screen Recorder for Mac OS (Full Beginner Tutorial Walkthrough)

Friday Roundup - Software Downloading Tips and a Few Bits and Pieces

This week a run through of my software downloading and registration procedure, some key editing tips and a really weird transition tutorial.

Interview: Casey Neistat on the Future of Creative Video Content

Let's have a peek into the famous YouTuber’s camera bag and a look at how creative digital video is changing.

The Wiggle Expression: Creating Movement in After Effects

In After Effects, use the wiggle expression to create random movement by modifying numbers, not keyframes.

Filmmaking 101: Shooting a Video from Start to Finish

Filmmaking may seem like a beast. However, you can learn every aspect of this storytelling medium. Let's start by picking up a camera.

The Queen's Gambit & Color Grading (Netflix Miniseries) (Visual Analysis) the latest version of Adobe CC:

Dolby Cinema for Filmmakers and Audiences

Let's explore the Dolby Cinema experience and see what makes it so unique for filmmakers and audiences alike.

How to Create Seamless Multi Post Carousel Photos for Instagram (Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorial)

Follow me on Instagram: the latest version of Adobe CC:

How to Upload Your Videos to Instagram from PC and Mobile

It’s no big secret that Instagram has grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years. Thousands of people who are interested in creating and sharing content are using Instagram for just

The Fundamentals of Film Lighting

Although it is just one ingredient of a film, film-makers know that light can make your film look professional, or if not applied correctly, amateurish. Control of lights is an important step in crea

The Friday Roundup – Keyframing, Pre-production and Montages

How To Keyframe Video Exposure in Filmora X As I have mentioned quite few times over the past few months, the ability to use keyframes in most video editors at the consumer level has become pretty st

The Curves Tool: An Introduction to Color Correction Curves

For video and photo editors, using the color correction tools is an everyday occurrence. The tool that manipulates curves is essential in their work. Regardless of which software package you use, the

A Movie Synopsis: What it Is and How to Write One

It’s a great movie and you want to share it with the world, that is not the best example of what is called a movie synopsis. A real synopsis is a brief description or summary of what a potential au

How to create Youtube Thumbnails directly in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (No Photoshop needed!) the latest version of Adobe CC:

Adobe Premiere Pro: Understanding Sequence Settings & Clip Mismatch Warning (Tutorial / How to) the latest version of Adobe CC:

Last Chance... VidSummit Worldwide Preview

Join Me for the VidSummit Worldwide preview Livestream. Get access to speakers and sessions of VidSummit 2020

The Friday Roundup – Getting Ideas, Tilt Shift Lenses and Action Cams

Finding the Idea – Making Videos When Your Brain is Potatoes. So right out of the gate here on this one let me set the scene. This video tutorial is probably better aimed at more advanced video mak

VidSummit Worldwide Preview

Join Me for the VidSummit Worldwide preview Livestream. You will have access to speakers and sessions of VidSummit 2020

The Red Queen's Race & How to Grow on Youtube

just do it bro

Women of YouTube...Empowering Women to Build a Legacy

FREE VIDSUMMIT SESSION: If you want to grow your audience, build your brand, and create income by putting it all together, you CAN'T MISS VidSummit 2020. https://www.vidsummit.comWe have over 50 se

Artificial Intelligence Brings Money to Brand's and Creators, GUARANTEED!

BEN's Group CEO Rick Ray Butler and Tyler Folkman use Artificial Intelligence to guarantee brands and creators ROI when they strategically collaborate together.FREE VIDSUMMIT SESSION: If you want to

How to Remove a Logo from a T shirt and Add your own in Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorial

Instagram: Twitter: Website: Download the latest version of Adobe CC:

The Friday Roundup – Color Matching and Keyframing in Filmora X

Color Matching, Keyframing and Audio Ducking in Filmora X Last week the big announcement from Wondershare was the release of Filmora X and within that release three great new features. I mentioned th

Wondershare Filmora X Review

First up, Why Filmora X? Before I get into the whole WonderShare Filmora X review it is important to address why Filmora X has a place in the world. Since the introduction of consumer level video edi

30 Day Creator Challenge is up, but what's next?

We’ve come to an end with the 30 Day Creator Challenge. I want to show you where it goes from here, join me live while I host a LIVE coaching call.SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOSâ–¸

Can you BE SUCCESSFUL on YouTube in 2020?

Is it possible to be successful on YouTube in 2020? I'm giving you 5 amazing reasons to look at YouTube as the best opportunity to get your videos noticed online.Check our Our Sponsor StoryblocksLear

30 Day Creator Challenge Coaching Call

We’re at the halfway point of this 30-day challenge, and I want to chat with you!I’m hosting a LIVE coaching call SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOSâ–¸

5 Reasons Why Your Views Suddenly Dropped…

Did your views on your YouTube channel suddenly drop? Don't start blaming YouTube until you see the 5 reasons views drop on your channel.Check our Our Sponsor StoryblocksLearn More - https://www.stor

What the YouTube Algorithm Cares About… Get More Views

Learn how the YouTube Viewer impacts the YouTube Algorithm. In my VidSummit presentation, I go in-depth and show you what triggers the algorithm to get more views and grow on YouTube.MrBeast - How To

Get Your Viewers to Want to Watch Your Videos Longer!

Learn you can get you viewers on your video to want to watch longer, giving you more YouTube Watch Time. The will make YouTube want to show your video to more people because of your higher audience r


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