Adobe Preiere Elements Review

Reviews of Adobe's consumer level video editor Premiere Elements.

The Friday Roundup- Foley, LUTs, Audio and Lighting Tips

Foley: How Hollywood Sounds Effects are Made When you look at the differences between an amateur video and a professionally produced one you would get the idea that those differences are because of bi

Adobe: Creative, marketing and document management solutions

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. We help our customers create, deliver and optimize content and applications.

Interview: The Film Collaborative on Filmmaking Rights and Distribution

We spoke with the creator of The Film Collaborative about how filmmakers can retain their rights and get their films seen.

BREAKING: Instagram Releases “IGTV” to Host Long-Form Videos

Instagram has just announced a new addition to its platform for hosting up to hour-long videos. Here's what it means for content creators.

Interview: Keeping Score with Film and Television Composer Nathan Barr

We sat down with Nathan Barr for a conversation about composing sound tracks for films — and how a composer fits into the overall production crew.

Video Tutorial: Top 10 After Effects Mistakes To Avoid

In this video tutorial, take a look at ten Adobe After Effects mistakes that can really throw off your project if you're not careful.

Post-Production Tip: Four Highly Useful After Effects Scripts

Working with Adobe After Effects on a deadline? These four scripts will speed up your process — without creating careless errors.

Production 101: What Is a Digital Imaging Technician

Ever wonder what a Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) is, and what they do? In this article, find out everything you need to know about this important role.

Speed Up Your Workflow with Adobe’s New Project Rush

Adobe is changing the game for video content creators with Project Rush — a unified workflow solution integrating the Creative Cloud anywhere you need it.

The Friday Roundup – Zoom Transitions, B-roll and Motion Blur

10 Things To Do When You Get A New Camera In my house I am considered to be a bit weird by my wife and son. Whenever we purchase some new device, appliance or piece of technology the very first thing

Using Canon 5D Mark IV’s Auto-Focus While Shooting Video

In this article, we take a look at what you need to know about Canon’s auto-focus (Servo AF) before shooting video for your next project.

How To Create Great Marketing Videos

Video marketing is more essential now than ever. With 87 percent of marketing professionals utilising the power of video in their content marketing, it’s never been so important to make sure your ma

Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 Review and Overview

Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 Review part one. A full rundown of the new features and capabilities of the latest version of Premiere Elements.

Remove Unwanted Shot Features with Resolve 15’s Patch Replacer

Do you need to remove some unwanted elements from your footage? DaVinci Resolve 15's Patch Replacer has got the fix you need.

Filmmaking Tips: The Basics of Shooting A Dialogue Scene

Planning a two-person dialogue scene in your next film or video project? Here's everything you need to know to pull off the shoot.

The Friday Roundup – Basic Editing Cuts, Frame Rates and Time Lapse

9 Cuts Every Video Editor Should Know Whilst it is true that the available palette for cutting any video together is almost limitless it is also true that you need to nail down the basics before you g

MAGIX Video Pro X Review

Magix Video Pro X is the top of the line video editing software from the European based Magix company and in posting a review of the program it is important to understand where it sits in the overall

The Friday Roundup – Super Hero Tricks, Some Video FX and Aspect Ratios

How To Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Links It is probably safe to say that the world of YouTube for anyone that was previously making living over there from producing and uploading videos has d

The Friday Roundup – Hyperlapse, Color Grades and ND Filters

How to be Less Awkward Filming Yourself Whenever I come across videos like this I always include them in the Friday Roundup. For most people the idea of being in front of the camera sets off alarm bel

What are the benefits of internal communications videos

We all know video is an essential means of communicating with your customers. But more and more companies are now recognising the benefits of using video within the workplace, too. Here are a few reas

The Friday Roundup – Microphone Basics, Camera Effects and Stabilization

The Basics of Microphones Let me introduce the video below with an old saying that probably will hold true for as long as there is video. The most important part of video is… audio. For most people

Create a Great Family Video with VidProMom - Tutorial

Dazzle your friends with an awesome family video recapping your adventures this summer! VidProMom shows you how with Adobe Premiere Elements 2018: the features of Premie

Create a Great Family Video with VidProMom - Teaser

Dazzle your friends with an awesome family video recapping your adventures this summer! VidProMom shows you how with Adobe Premiere Elements 2018: the features of Premie

Edited Wall Decor Tutorial with Skip to My Lou

Learn how to edit your photos with a unique twist and then turn them into wall decor that will surely pop: the features of Premiere Elements 2018:

Edited Wall Decor with Skip to My Lou Teaser

Learn how to edit your photos with a unique twist and then turn them into wall decor that will surely pop: the features of Premiere Elements 2018:

The Friday Roundup – Camera Shake, Auto-Focus and LUT Limitations

LUTS: The Complete Video Guide A few weeks back now on April Fool’s Day Casey Faris put out an incredible video purporting to announce the release of his amazing automatic super LUT called Pegasus.

The Friday Roundup – Vintage Voice Effect, Creative Tips and a Freebie!

So let’s kick off this week’s Roundup with a freebie! This week that venerable British broadcaster the BBC lifted her skirts and showed us everything! Well not quite because that would be very un-

Simple or Easy Video Editing Software

The need for an easy video editing software solution has become steadily more relevant over the past few years. For the past few years all of the major video editing software companies have been battl

The Powerful Benefits of a Logo Animation

Want to know how to make your business stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive online marketplace? Get your logo animated! Why your logo matters for your business We can all recognise

Exploring Elements: Watercolor Guided Edit with Skip to my Lou

In this episode of Exploring Elements, Cindy Hopper of Skip to my Lou shows you how easy it is to apply the Watercolor Guided Edit to your pics using Photoshop Elements 2018:

Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Business with Video

We all know video marketing achieves amazing results – but it isn’t enough simply to have a great video produced. If you want to get the most out of your video marketing, you have to know how to u

Exploring Elements: Freeze Frame Guided Edit with VidProMom

In this episode of Exploring Elements, VidProMom shows how you can create freeze frames with motion titles in your videos using Premiere Elements 2018:

Turn Your Photos Into Pencil Sketches with Photoshop Elements 2018

Did you know you could quickly transform your photos into sweet sketches? Photoshop Elements expert Bob Gager is back with a new Ask Bob tutorial to show you how!

How to Choose a Corporate Video Company in Melbourne

Choosing the right company to produce your corporate video is a crucial and difficult decision. If you get it wrong, you can end up paying a lot of money for an ineffective product that doesn’t do w

Exploring Elements: Bounce Back Guided Edit with VidProMom

Exploring Elements is back, this time with VidProMom! Learn how to create your own fun bounce-back style videos from your own clips in Premiere Elements 2018.

Action Cam Guided Edit with Vid Pro Mom Teaser

Lights, camera, action! VidProMom is here to help you clean up your action cam footage so you can make your on-the-go memories look better than ever: the features of Prem

Fix Your Action Cam Footage with Vid Pro Mom

Lights, camera, action! VidProMom is here to help you clean up your action cam footage so you can make your on-the-go memories look better than ever: the features of Prem

How to Create Influential Case Study Videos

A good case study video can be the ultimate marketing tool. Here we take a look at why they’re so effective, and what you can do to make sure your case study video has maximum impact. Why do case st

14 Ways to Market a Promotional Video

So you’ve had an amazing promotional video produced and now you want to share it with the world! But, in such an overcrowded online marketplace, how can you make sure your video is reaching the righ

Why Online Ads are Getting Longer in 2018

Online advertising; the growing trend In 2017, online video ads were more prolific than television ads. More and more industries are recognising the potential online videos have of reaching a wider au

What is a Landing Page Video

More and more businesses are now choosing to include video on their landing pages. But what are landing page videos, and what advantages can they offer your business? The purpose of a landing page In

4 Huge Benefits of Home Page Videos

Your website is your most effective marketing tool if it’s done right – but if you’re not using video on your Home page, there’s a good chance your site isn’t working as efficiently for you


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