Electrical Safety First: Protect Your Home And Fam

Electrical safety first can seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many of us fail to follow basic safety guidelines.

Electrical Safety First: Protect Your Home And Family

Electrical safety first can seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many of us fail to follow basic safety guidelines.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) | Michigan Technological University

Environmental Health and Safety (formerly Occupational Safety and Health Services) is committed to the safety and well-being of Michigan Tech's campus community and the environ

Prevent OSHA’s Top Ten Violations

Choosing the right electrical training for employees and following the e-Hazard Safety Cycle™ can help employers prevent most of OSHA’s Top Ten Violations for 2017. According to Deputy Director P

Energy Efficiency Through Energy Management Systems

A Home Energy Management Systems Are Most Effective Energy management systems are to decrease the energy consumed per production by making improvements in energy usage. With the development of softwar

CSA Z462-18 Has Been Released

Based on the latest research, the CSA Z462-18 – Workplace Electrical Safety builds upon its previous editions. It was written in conjunction with the latest editions of NFPA 70E – Standard fo

2018 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, Now Available

CSA Group Releases 2018 CE Code The C22.1-18 – 2018 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, includes over 260 updates and revisions. The publication is developed with the participation of all Provincial

For Your Safety Tips – Install An Organized Electrical Wiring Layout

How To Organized Electrical Wiring Layout? The electrical wiring layout is the physical connections and outline of an electrical system or circuits.Electrical wiring is rated in gauge for its size and

If I Install a Shield Between the Low and High Voltages in a Panel, Do I Still Wear Arc Flash and Shock PPE to Work on LV only?

Q: If you were working inside of a panel with high and low voltage, would it be allowable to have a shield installed to separate the two so that you could work on the low voltage equipment without nee

What to Consider When Permanently Installing An LED Flood Light?

LED Flood Light Is Perfect For Your Next Home Improvement The led flood light is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, maintenance-free alternative to traditional HID lighting. The led flood li

Want Lighting Incentives? Check New Ground Rules

If you are considering a lighting upgrade or you are bidding on a lighting job for the Standard or the Public Sector that would require ComEd incentives to facilitate, it is imperative that you follow

Is Use of Balaclava Mandatory or Not Required?

Did something about the balaclava change recently in NFPA 70E®2018? Recently I completed an arc flash engineering study (a.k.a. an arc flash risk assessment) and then labeled the electrical equipment

A Guide To Generator Installation

The Benefits Of Generator Installation In Murrieta Generator installation is the only way to ensure automatic standby power protection that really works when you need it the most. Each generator insta

Hugh Hoagland Presents: The Future of Electrical Safety

Upcoming Free Webinar In three weeks, Hugh Hoagland and Lanny Floyd will share insights into the future of electrical safety already contained in NFPA 70E, NESC, IEEE 1584, IEC, NEC and the ASTM Arc F

Five Reasons To Call An Electrician ASAP

Importance Of An Electrician In Murrieta An electrician is a tradesperson specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines, and related equipment. A job has to do with electric powe

Procrastination vs Preparation: Laura Helms’ Project Management Toolkit is a Key to Jobsite Success

Laura Helms is a member of the Project Construction Team, which handles project management for the Contractor Solutions Team. She...

Energy-Saving Tips for the Eco-Friendly Homeowner

The Importance Of Energy-Saving Tips In Murrieta Energy-saving is a part of the concept of eco-sufficiency. On a larger scale, energy conservation is an important element of energy policy. By reducing

Take Advantage of A Solar Tax Credit Before It’s Gone

A Solar Tax Credit In Murrieta! The solar tax credit is a credit that both home and business owners can claim on their tax returns. The solar tax credit is calculated as 30 percent from the net system

Joy to the World, One Child at a Time

If we could harness the smiles of joy from the children and their families who attended the 26th Annual Homeless Children’s Party and convert it to electricity, we could light many future nights no

New List of 2018 Lighting Incentives Now Available

ComEd released its 2018 list of energy efficient lighting products for which certified contractors can receive ComEd rebates. The list reflects two significant changes compared to 2017. High wattage L

Lightning Conductor Installation Can Save You a Fortune

Lightning Conductor Can Protect Many Houses In Murrieta A lightning conductor installation is to protect buildings against direct lightning strikes by channeling the electric charge to earth. The ligh

Procrastination vs Preparation: DJ Williams Adds Up the Benefits

The Contractor Solutions Team has an internal support system of Project Construction Team (PCT) Managers to assist with operations and...

Modify Your Hoffman Enclosures With Ease

In an increasingly automated world, manufacturing control panels can be a production bottleneck, a time consuming and costly manual process. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Steiner can help yo

Lightning Protection Installation Reinforces Your Structure

Lightning Protection Installation Is Necessary For Murrieta Lightning protection installation is an affordable amenity that offers protection against a leading cause of property damage. Direct lightn

Electrical Tools Used For Safety

An Electrical Tools In Murrieta! One of the main hazards of electrical tools is the risk of electrocution. Experience and expertise with a range of hand and electrical tools are mandatory, as is a foc

Southwire Expands Warranties for Complete Line of Surge Guard* Products for RV Market to Include Connected Equipment

Southwire Company, LLC, the trusted source for Surge Guard* products designed to protect you, your RV, and electrical equipment, is...

LED Parking Lot Lights Grow in Use

  Cities around the world are switching to LED street lights as a way to save both energy and money. The LEDs have a significantly longer life expectancy than other types of lights, resulting in few

Hotstick Arc Flash Shield NFPA 70E and OSHA Arc Flash Engineering Control Standard ASTM F2522 – 12(2017) Standard is Reapproved

This test method is intended for determining the heat attenuation factor (HAF) of a shield material and the effective heat attenuation factor (EHAF) at the location of the worker in a specific test se

This National Miners Day, We Thank Those Who Work in the Mining Industry

On December 6, 1907, 362 miners were killed in the worst mining accident in America’s history. An explosion spread through...

Southwire Plans Expansion in Villa Rica

As the company continues to focus on its efforts to Accelerate Growth, Southwire will be expanding its distribution facilities in...

Elk Grove to Japan, Steiner Delivers

Imagine you’re sitting in your office, and your corporate headquarters contacts you and tells you they’ve had an emergency shutdown and they need you to get them some critical parts by the next da

ARCPRO 3.0 Available with Batch Processing and DC Arc Flash Calculations from Kinectrics

Kinectrics announced that the newest release of their arc flash hazard analysis software – ArcPro 3.0 – is available for sale worldwide. The software is based on decades of experience in the field

Selfless and Generous Act Shows the Spirit of the Holidays

The holiday season brings out the good in most people, but sometimes the not so good in others. A recent event brought out both actions. On Nov. 16, a woman stole a donation jar filled with money earm

Unoriginal vs Award-Winning: Adam Akins Saves Time Through Enhanced Setups

Adam Akins is a new addition to the Contractor Solutions Team. With 10 years of experience in sales at Southwire,...

Refinery Fire Animation: How Maintenance Can Lead to a Flash Fire

Many people think of a refinery as a potential place for a flash fire, and many would have thought this hazard had been “engineered out” at this location. Here is how things happen. Most of the en

These Eyes: Electrical Safety and Metal Eyeglass Frames

Question: Some of our workers want to wear metal eye glass frames with side shields for doing electrical work. Is this allowed by OSHA or NFPA 70E? Answer: (We wanted to play the Guess Who’s “Thes

Southwire Senior Engineer Selected to Present on VFD Cables at the 2017 Automation Fair Event by Rockwell Automation

Southwire, one of North America’s largest wire and cable producers, was selected to speak on the benefits of its specially...

Get More at Steiner Electric’s Will Call Counters

In many ways, Steiner’s Will Call Counters are the face of our renowned, 100-year-old company, and many area contractors, industrial electricians, maintenance workers and others depend on us as a tr

Steiner Honors Our Veterans

Duty, Honor. Country. These hallowed words, as Gen. Douglas MacArthur reflected, is not only the motto of the West Point Military Academy, it is the heart and soul, the strength and the goodness, of t

Siemens Circuit Breaker Expands Design Possibilities

A circuit breaker such as the Siemens new 3VA molded case circuit breaker line is an essential piece of safety equipment that protects critical infrastructure from the harmful effects of short circuit

Standard vs Innovative: The Contractor Solutions Professionals Beyond Customer Service

The Contractor Solutions team wants to provide contractors with the best customer service and has developed several ways for them...

Southwire Announces Acquisition of DCN Cables

Southwire Company, LLC announces the acquisition of DCN Cables of Youngsville, North Carolina – an industry leader in manufacturing power...

Standard vs Innovative: Digital Innovations for Jobsite Benefits

The Contractor Solutions team listens to our contractors and support their needs both on and off the jobsite. Through a...


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