Electrical Safety First: Protect Your Home And Fam

Electrical safety first can seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many of us fail to follow basic safety guidelines.

Electrical Safety First: Protect Your Home And Family

Electrical safety first can seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many of us fail to follow basic safety guidelines.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) | Michigan Technological University

Environmental Health and Safety (formerly Occupational Safety and Health Services) is committed to the safety and well-being of Michigan Tech's campus community and the environ

Halogen Lighting Installation

A Halogen Lighting Is Super-Efficient In Murrieta! When it comes to energy savings, halogen lighting is the smart choice. A halogen lighting is tested for safety, to ensure it is appropriate for vario

Get More at Steiner Electric’s Will Call Counters

In many ways, Steiner’s Will Call Counters are the face of our renowned, 100-year-old company, and many area contractors, industrial electricians, maintenance workers and others depend on us as a tr

Webinar: NFPA 70E PPE Changes Affect PPE for 2018

Date: November 30, 2017 Time: 1:00 p.m. EST (10:00 a.m. Pacific) The new NFPA 70E has many changes for implementation in an electrical safety program. This webinar will be a guide for implementation

Compact Fluorescent Lighting Installation

A Compact Fluorescent Lighting In Murrieta! Compact fluorescent lighting is energy-efficient, but those bulbs contain toxic mercury, which makes them less environmentally sustainable than LEDs. Colore

Sharing Arc Flash Incident Information Toward Prevention

Three recent events have spurred me to write a little about sharing incident investigations. OSHA delayed its rule on web based incident reporting which could greatly increase the information on accid

ISEA QSSP Training for Arc Flash by ISEA, ArcWear and e-Hazard

The Advanced Arc Flash Safety Training Course is designed to provide the Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP) with knowledge of arc flash, arc rating, PPE, and hazard analysis. Participants will

Burning Questions: ArcWear Short Sleeved AR Shirt with Rubber Insulating Sleeves Study Now Online

Three Utilities provided gloves, sleeves, shirts and funding to complete an arc flash testing to evaluate the use of Rubber Insulating Sleeves with AR Short Sleeved Shirts.  ArcWear’s published rep

Steiner Honors Our Veterans

Duty, Honor. Country. These hallowed words, as Gen. Douglas MacArthur reflected, is not only the motto of the West Point Military Academy, it is the heart and soul, the strength and the goodness, of t

Siemens Circuit Breaker Expands Design Possibilities

A circuit breaker such as the Siemens new 3VA molded case circuit breaker line is an essential piece of safety equipment that protects critical infrastructure from the harmful effects of short circuit

Safety And Security With Advanced Smoke Detectors

Advanced Smoke Detectors Are Made To Alert You Of A Fire In Murrieta! Caring for advanced smoke detectors is a quick and easy task. Disposing of your household smoke detectors is safe and easy. Chang

Facts About LED Power Supplies

LED Power Supplies Are One Of The Most Popular Items In Murrieta! LED power supplies are rapidly advancing compared to conventional incandescent and fluorescent lighting. When the LED is degrading ov

Electricity Safety Tips At Home

General Electricity Safety Is Important In Murrieta! Remember, living better with electricity safety is the key. Home electricity safety is not something that should ever be taken lightly. The energy

Hubbell Disconnect Switch Enhances Safety with LED Phase Indicators

The National Electronic Code requires that disconnect switches be in the line of sight of a user, motor and the equipment the motor drives. This allows the motor to be shut down for maximum safety. No

e-Hazard’s Train the Trainer: A Solution For You

What is Train The Trainer for LV, HV, and 1910.269 (Utilities)? e-Hazard’s Train the Trainer (TTT) Program for Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) is a four-day course encompassing potential elec

Standard vs Innovative: The Contractor Solutions Professionals Beyond Customer Service

The Contractor Solutions team wants to provide contractors with the best customer service and has developed several ways for them...

What Are the Different Metal Conduits?

Flexible Metal Conduits Can Be Installed In Most Of The Same Places In Murrieta! Metal conduits is an excellent mechanical protection of cables and electrical wires. The earthing on metal conduits is

Worker Fatality After Contact with Overhead Power Lines

A 21-year-old worker came in contact with power lines while doing construction work at a Pittsburgh residence. According to a news report, he fell off scaffolding after making contact with the lines.

Steiner Collects Record Amount of Clothing for Koats4Kids

Steiner Electric employees and its customers once again stepped up—in a big way—to help Rockford-area children-in-need by collecting warm clothing. This year, Steiner collected a record number of

OSHA Electronic Record Keeping Will Save Costs and Allow Data Mining to Focus Safety Efforts

For too long OSHA records have been reported in writing with forms.  This placed a huge cost to keep these records on the federal government BUT also made it hard to get info from OSHA other than the

2018 IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop

For those of you who like to plan ahead, registration is open for the 2018 Electrical Safety Workshop (ESW). Next year’s event will be in Fort Worth, Texas, from March 19-23. Go to this page to find

Solar Lights: Clean, Efficient, and Cost-Effective

Solar Lights Can Be A Great Alternative In Murrieta! Having the best outdoor solar lights is a great energy saving way to bring light into your home. You should not worry about the bad weather because

Hugh Hoagland Presents: NFPA 70E Changes For 2018 and Practical Implementation

Date: Thursday November 2, 2017 Time: 2 PM (EST) 11 AM (PST)   The hour-long webinar will discuss the core changes in the NFPA 70E 2018 standard and practical implementation of the changes. Special a

Using an Electrician Is an Essential Part of Home Electrical Maintenance

Is A Home Electrical Maintenance is useful In Murrieta? Home electrical maintenance is ensuring that all the connections with the electrical panel are secure. Home electrical maintenance can prevent a

Steiner Leads the Way to ISO 9001:2015

Of the nearly 1-million organizations certified globally to the ISO 9001 quality standard, only an estimated 20 percent have successfully transitioned to the revised 2015 standard. Steiner Electric is

Steiner Collects Koats4Kids

With winter approaching, some of the most vulnerable in our society — children and young people — could use a little help to stay warm and Steiner Electric, the Salvation Army and the Rockford com

Home Wiring Technique

A Home Wiring In Murrieta! Home wiring is not a do-it-yourself task that should be undertaken unless you are confident you know what you are doing. The biggest danger that comes with bad home wiring i

Southwire Announces Acquisition of DCN Cables

Southwire Company, LLC announces the acquisition of DCN Cables of Youngsville, North Carolina – an industry leader in manufacturing power...

Is There a Smart Home in Your Future?

A Smart Home Can Make Your Life Easier In Murrieta! A smart home is more than simply having a few connected devices in the home that make certain elements of home life easier. A smart home is any home

Sandvik CoroTurn 300 Metal Cutting Tools Offer Quality Turning

For longitudinal and face turning, Sandvik Coromant now offers CoroTurn 300 metal cutting tools that are designed for high-volume, OD steel-turning operations. The Sandvik CoroTurn 300 metal cutter fe

Fire Prevention Week: Don’t Forget Electrical Safety!

Electrical safety is e-Hazard’s passion. As individuals, our #1 concern is for the safety of workers. As a company, we educate and train people in the workforce on electrical safety, and we do so wi

Standard vs Innovative: Digital Innovations for Jobsite Benefits

The Contractor Solutions team listens to our contractors and support their needs both on and off the jobsite. Through a...

Generator Rentals and Services Ready for Emergencies

A phone call in the middle of the night can be a startling and worrisome occurrence, but for the generator rental team at Steiner Electric, it is just another day of the week. The team is available 24

Schneider Electric Acquires ASCO Power Technologies

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, has acquired Asco Power Technologies, a leader in the Automatic Transfer Switch  market, for $1.25 billion. ASCO employs

Ordinary vs Extraordinary: Tony Lutzi Helps You Secure Jobs Through Innovative Products

DJ Williams, Contractor Solutions’ Project Construction Manager, ensures the smooth integration between what contractors need and what Contractor Solutions offers....

38 Special, Charity Cruise-In to Highlight Southwire’s Community Day

With a strong focus on the company’s continued commitment to sustainability, Southwire will host its annual Community Day on Saturday,...

Southwire To Host Disaster Relief Collection For Victims of Hurricane Irma

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, which leaves a path of devastation and flooding in Florida, Georgia and the surrounding...

Jordan’s Journal: Day Three of Project GIFT in Texas

On Saturday, Sept. 9, we completed our two-day distribution. At 6 a.m., two hours before the event was scheduled to...

Jordan’s Journal: Day Two of Project GIFT in Texas

Today, Sept. 8, we began our distribution efforts in Bellaire, Texas, a city southwest of Houston. A team of Project...

Jordan’s Journal: Day One of Project GIFT in Texas

On Thursday, Sept. 7, members of Southwire’s Project GIFT drove to Bellaire, Texas, to distribute much-needed supplies to victims of...

Southwire Now Offers Connectors, Tools Designed with Mini-Split Installations in Mind

Southwire, one of North America’s largest wire and cable producers, has enhanced its EZ-In™ Mini-Split cable offering with connectors and...


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