PADI Closed Circuit Rebreather courses

The future of deep tec diving belongs to the CCR (closed circuit rebreather) and the Tec 40 CCR course is where it all starts.A rebreather is a breathing apparatus that absorbs the carbon dioxide of a user's exhaled breath to permit the rebreathing (recycling) of the substantially unused oxygen content of each breath. Oxygen is added to replenish the amount metabolised by the user. This differs from an open-circuit breathing apparatus, where the exhaled gas is discharged directly into the environment.

Utila Dive Center - Meet the Team - Juicy

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PTSD and Public Safety: Part 2

Do you know what to look for in your fellow public safety team member to know that they may be struggling with their mental health? There can often be a feeling of shame around mental health issues, b

The Horrors of Improper Tech Diving and How They Could Have Been Avoided

Does the thought of tech diving scare you? What are the aspects that concern you the most? Let’s take a look at some of the obstacles one may face in this type of diving as well as how to overcome

Advanced Underwater Video Course - GoMEDIA @ Utila Dive Centre

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Utila Dive Centre - Instructor Development Course - November IDC Highlights

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PADI Closed Circuit Rebreather courses | Utila Honduras

PADI closed circuit rebreather courses at diver and Instructor level on the Poseidon MK7 offered in Utila, the Caribbean Bay Islands of Honduras.

Proper Care, Cleaning and Storage of Dive Gear

It’s no secret that dive gear isn’t cheap. So, why wouldn’t you take the time to make sure that it’s properly cared for? We’re breaking it all down for you so you can make your gear last as

Jack of Many Trades: Today’s Firefighter

When people think of firefighters they may only think of one job. What folks may not realize is that our firefighters are often playing a huge role in keeping our communities safe when accidents happe

Meet the Utila Dive Centre Team - Jemma from England!

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Ten Diving Fantasies

What’s your diving fantasy? We’re sharing 10 magical places that will fall on any diver’s bucket list. Which one makes it to the top of yours?

October IDC Course in Action - Utila Dive Center - Instructor Training

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Keeping Our Oceans Clean: How YOU Can Help

When people think scuba diving, they may not immediately think of New Zealand. What you don't know is how much you're missing out by not putting it at the very top of your scuba diving bucket list!

Meet the Utila Dive Center Team - Duncan from England

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Aquarium Dives: to Count or Not to Count?

Ahhh, another great debate of the scuba world: to count aquarium dives or not. Some would say aquarium dives are a great way for new or inexperienced divers to gain experience in a controlled environm

Diving with Dolphins

You may have been swimming with dolphins, but have you ever been diving with them?!? Check out this awesome footage as some playful dolphins decide to join one of our dives!For more information and r

Because Miracles Happen

The goal of a public safety diver is to save lives without losing one of their own. We can all agree that working in public safety is no joke. It’s a job that takes a lot of physical and mental trai

Cave Diving Etiquette

Cave diving is one of the most beloved forms of technical diving; there is no doubt about it. Where there is passion, there is sure to be strong difference in opinion. While we all may do things a b

Meet the Utila Dive Centre Team - Teresa from Denmark!

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New eLearning Signup Process

We've revamped our eLearning sign up process to make it easier on all parties involved and to help everyone out as we transition into this new process we made some videos to walk you through our new s

PADI Women's Dive Day 2017 - Celebrating Women In Scuba Diving at Utila Dive Centre

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Iceberg Wobbling off Petty Harbour, Newfoundland

Late in the season for icebergs

Professional Underwater Video and Photography Courses - GoMEDIA - Utila Dive Centre

Utila Dive Center now offers an incredible opportunity for you to dive into the world of advanced and professional level underwater photography and film production. This goes beyond your typical PAD

Close Encounters with Icebergs

Being able to get so close to these gigantic structures is a reason why Newfoundland is such a premier adventure destination!🌊See what other adventures we have in store at www.oceanquestadventures

Drone View of Kayaking Bell Island

Ring in your summer by kayaking through "the Bell" of Bell Island and exploring some of the oldest geology in the world!book through: and select your advent

Close Encounters • Snorkelling with Humpback Whales!

We serve the playful and curious finned or limbed creatures everywhere!πŸ•ΊπŸΌπŸ¬πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ‹•HEY! Did you know that ALL of our Close Encounters tours earned the title "Canadian Signature Ex

Specialised Training for Career Enhancement

At GoProUtila and Utila Dive Centre we have a proven success in our training programs and can offer you training in IAHD Adaptive Teaching (disabled divers), International Yacht Training and the Diver

How to: Remove and Fit New Oxygen Cells to an AP Diving Rebreather

In this video, Tony will show you how to remove old / expired oxygen cells from your INSPIRATION Rebreather and fit a new set in a few easy to follow steps.

How to: Perform a Rebreather System Integrity Check

It is extremely important to cure any leaks before diving. A small leak is irritating and saps confidence.Be aware that it is very unusual to lose buoyancy or gas from the breathing loop. If there is

How to: Empty and Refill your Inspiration Rebreather Scrubber Cartridge

This video is provided to inform divers how to correctly empty and refill an AP Inspiration Rebreather Scrubber Cartridge.

Island Lifestyle & Environment

Utila is the real Caribbean, escape the crowds, no cruise ships, sustainable development, a way of life that is traditional and authentic.  Amazing diving with over 50 dive sites, diversity of fringi

Becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor

“Because my worst nightmare is to wake up old and grey, thinking about all the things I didn’t do!” –  Start your journey to becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor and living the dream lifestyle an

Tec diving

Awaken your inner explorer and advance your dive training and discover the depths of technical diving.  Our PADI TecRec courses are offered all year round and Utila is the perfect training location f

IYT Coxswain & DiveBoat Mate Graduates!

Well done to Dee Wilson, Jordan Kirkland and Jason Sharp on qualifying as an International Yacht Training Dive Boat Mates opening up an ocean of possibilities in both the dive industry and superyacht/

Utila Dive Center 100% Aware

Make a difference with Utila Dive Center We're proud to announce that in January 2014 and beyond Utila Dive Center will be supporting Project Aware as a 100% partner and financially supporting Project

Get Rebreather Certified & Dive Galapagos with us!

Join our Rebreather Trip to the Galapagos September 7th to 14th 2015 Following the success of our first comprehensive rebreather trip to the Galapagos in 2013, we are now organising the next bi-annual

Utila Whale Shark sightings

Look who's showed up! – Utila Whale Shark Sightings! During the Easter week the conditions on Utila have been flat seas and the Whale sharks have been consistently sighted, in this photo our awesome

Congrats Ossie – Rebreather Instructor

How fitting that on Earth Day this week, marine biologist Ossie Stewart qualified with us as a PADI Poseidon Rebreather Instructor, and becomes the 1st female certified as a PADI Rebreather Instructor

Congrats August Instructors!!!!

Congratulations to our August Scuba Instructor course with another 100% Pass – Often Imitated but Never Surpassed!!!! What a way to start summer and giving themselves a gift that can now be shared w

2020 Vision Colour Display from AP Diving

The AP 2020VISION Colour Display is an ultra-bright, high-resolution, full colour display delivering real-time information directly from the rebreather controllers. It’s all about improving communi

How to: Shorten AP Medium Pressure Hoses with Reusable Fittings

This video demonstrates how to shorten an AP Medium Pressure Hose with a reusable fitting. For more information, download the PDF manual here:

Robust Ghost Pipefish

Difficult to spot due to it's incredible camouflage, this Robust pipefish (Solenostomus cyanopterus) was found on our house reef, Biorocks.

Eagle Ray on Gili Meno Slope

Gracefully swimming around the slope of Gili Meno, this Spotted Eagle Ray (Aetobatus narinari) has been a regular presence on the Gili Meno Slope dive site in the last few months.

Closed Circuit Rebreather Tec Dive

CCR dive on JJ-CCR and Posidon Mk VI in the Philippines.Divers: AVM, RBLocation: CebuEquipment: - JJ-CCR, modded with Golem BOV- Posidon MK VI- GoPro

Awesome Jeep Wranglers in Switzerland!! (Axial SCX-10)

RC Axial SCX-10 Wrangler and Tamiya Plasma Edge doing some off roading in Grindelwald. Cars:Axial SCX-10 Wrangler G6:27T motor, Axial AE-2 ESC, metal gear housing, metal servo horn, Spektrum DX3C rad

AP Inspiration: Primary Display

The wristset primary display LCD screen is the communication hub of the Vision system offering clarity in both senses - readability and understanding.The key requirement -- to "Always Know your

AP Inspiration: OCB

A popular upgrade for all Inspiration rebreathers, AP's patented open circuit bailout mouthpiece lets you switch to OC easily with one movement of a simple turning ring. It comes with a 1.5m low pres

AP Inspiration: Head-Up Displays

Vision's Head Up Display has two pairs of LEDs, (each pair connected independently to each controller) green on the bottom, red on the top -- just four lights in all.When you take your diving serious

AP Inspiration: The Closed Circuit

With fully closed circuit rebreathers like the AP Inspiration, all of your exhaled gas is retained within the system in a closed loop. It is then filtered, refreshed and recycled back to you to breat

Enriched Air Nitrox Course

Want to extend your bottom time? Tired of reaching your no-decompression limits too quickly with just regular air? The PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course should be your next step, and it takes just one

Night Diving in Gili Trawangan

It's a whole new world when you go diving at night for the first time. Some fish go to sleep while other nocturnal creatures awaken and begin their daily routine. Whether you choose a single Adventur

PADI Junior Open Water Course

Diving really is for everyone! Eager young divers aged 10-14 years old can complete the Junior Open Water Course certifying them to 12 metres. Once the diver turns 15 they are able to upgrade the scu

JJ-CCR Course at Blue Marlin Dive

Blue Marlin's senior technical instructor Will Goodman is one of two IART JJ-CCR (closed-circuit rebreather) instructors in Indonesia... the other is our owner/director, Simon Liddiard. Join Blue Mar

Warty Frogfish

We spotted this little Warty Frogfish (Antennarius maculatus) at Han's Reef on just off of Gili Air a few days ago.Most fish use pectoral fins for maneuvering or for propulsion, but in frogfish, pect

Setting lines at Tunang Wall

A short video of the 2 dives made by Will Goodman and his technical support team to set the lines down to 140 metres in preparation his world record attempt. More dives and more line to follow in the

Macro Life Gili Trawangan

The Gilis are home to some amazing macro life including sea moths, nudibranchs and ornate ghost pipe fish. Check out this great video montage of a few of our favorites.

Diving on Turbo and Sunset

Here is a great short of some divers enjoying two of our popular dive spots just off of Gili Trawangan. Video includes white tip reef sharks, cuttle fish, octopus, a sea snake, some JJ-CCR divers and

Rebreather Dive: Grotta delle Colonne - San Vito lo Capo Dive

Dive in San Vito lo Capo at Grotta delle Colonne, Sicily, with UnderHundred diving using a Sentinel eCCR (cameraman).The dive is to a cave with columns at around 25m depth. The cave is full of a red

Maldives Dive near Bandos Island

Maldives dive near Bandos island.

Trapani Dive Pavlos

Dive to the Pavlos V, a water tanker that sank off the coast of Trapani Sicily. Dive was with in April.


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