Operational Management Solutions for Manufacturing

Operational management solutions videos and blogs with information on how to increase profits for manufacturing companies.

Flexera SaaS Monetization

The Flexera Software Monetization Platform provides you with different options to implement your monetization models. This video walks you through the management of users and their use rights in a Sa

Accelerated SAM Brings You Faster Time to Value from Flexera

Flexera is changing the Software Asset Management Game: http://bit.ly/2uUiJ4aOrganizations of all sizes and software asset management maturity levels can get there faster and get more bang for their

Data Analytics Gives You Visibility into Key Enterprise Data from Flexera

Flexera is changing the Software Asset Management Game: http://bit.ly/2uUiJ4aGain insight into what you have, own, owe and need through hardware and software data analytics. IT Operations, Finance,

Unify Asset Management and Security Operations with Flexera

Flexera is changing the Software Asset Management Game: http://bit.ly/2uUiJ4aBuild a common foundation for Software Asset Management, Security and the broader IT ecosystem with normalized software i

Boost STP in Your Claims System with Decision Automation

Learn how you can automate decisions to handle more claims without manual intervention and apply advanced analytics and AI to detect fraud and manage waste. How claims are handled is central to the c

Monetize What Matters - Flexera Software Monetization

Software Monetization today is a matter of knowing what matters. Suppliers need a central view of their customers, across all products - SaaS, on-premises or embedded. And they need the data that hel

FlexNet Operations - Customer Growth

FlexNet Operations Customer Growth provides you with the insight you need to grow your customers and measure their success. www.flexera.com/swm

Rapid Deployment of Customer Next Best Action

Automated next best action decisions deliver 1:1 marketing and customer centricity to maximize the value of your customers. Learn how you can quickly deploy next best action decisions that deliver th

Supply Chain Planning Solutions by Demand Solutions

Demand Solutions can help you maximize revenue and profit with its state of the art supply chain planning solutions.

Bangalore cafe

Celebrating the opening of Flexera’s new Bangalore office in style.

The Truth Is Flexera is Reimagining the Way Software is Bought, Sold, Managed, and Secured.

Reduce Spend and Maintain License Compliance with Enterprise Software License ManagementFlexera Software is the established global leader in Software License Optimization solutions, enabling enterpri

Common Problem Series: Shipping Receiving

Is your operations losing you money? The end of the line could be where you are losing money and customers! Delivering the right product on time can be a struggle but doing it right will bring your c

Common Problems Series: Sales

Is your operations losing you money? Your sales team can increase your profits but are they doing it correctly and with long term goals in mind. Communication is key to ensure this puzzle piece fits

Common Problem Series: Quality Control

Is your operation losing you money? Quality Control is essential to your business but how do you maintain that without the employees being frustrated when things are found to be wrong? Learn how to w

Common Problem Series: Production Service

Is your operation losing you money? Production services is the heart of where the money is made. Does your business have processes and systems in place to ensure this happens? If not you will find yo

Common Problems Series: Procurement Inventory

Is your operation losing you money? Your inventory is a key puzzle piece to your operation! If there is a lack of accountability and detail your company will find itself in a mess. Learn how procurem

Common Problems Series: Overworked

Is your operation losing you money? Your team may be experiencing heavy work loads which result in lower quality and standards. Find out how your company can succeed to ensure everyone is on the righ

Common Problems Series: Management

Is your operation losing you money? Management is an important piece to your puzzle! If you are missing this piece your team will be lost and either lazy or push forward with their own ways. Get ever

Common Problems Series: Customers

Is your operation losing you money? Your problem is not the customers but the treatment and communication between your team and your customers. Learn how to spot common denominators that will enable

Common Problems Series: Accounting

Is you operation losing you money? Learn how your numbers are important to EVERYONE on the team and how the right communication can result in success!

Common Problems Series: Administration

Is your operation losing you money? Learn how your administration could be a part of the missing puzzle piece to success!

Flexera, BMC, and Apptio: Cost Transparency in the Era of Digital Transformation

Watch how BMC, Apptio, and Flexera partner together to help communicate the true value of IT services and assets.

3 Critical Elements of a Digital Business Platform

Successful digital programs extend their Digital Business Platforms with 3 critical elements: decision modeling, predictive analytics and business rules technology. Coordinating these technologies in

3 Keys to Success in Customer Next Best Action: Decision Modeling, Business Rules and Analytics

Different from traditional upsell or cross sell campaigns based on segmentation or one-size-fits-all campaigns, next best action programs leverage decision modeling, predictive analytics and business

Bringing Clarity to Analytics Projects with Decision Modeling: A leading practice

To succeed, an analytics or data science team must effectively engage with business experts who are often inexperienced with advanced analytics, machine learning and data science. They need a framewo

Analytics Teams: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Deploy Your Model

Once you have a predictive analytic model, data mining output, a machine learning result or any other analytic output, the answers to these 5 questions determine how well deployment is going to go.

Analytics Teams: 6 Questions to Ask Your Business Partner Before You Model

Analytics Teams know that one of their biggest challenges is effective communication and collaboration with their business partners. Projects are plagued with too many iterations to get to a solution

3 Reasons to Adopt Decision Modeling in Your Existing BRMS Program

A decision modeling approach using DMN is the best practice for for scaling BRMS. Decision modeling address three key challenges of a existing BRMS program, improving traceability, sustaining busines

DecisionsFirst Modeler Integration for Red Hat JBoss BRMS

Learn how decision models based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard can be more easily integrated with business rules being managed and deployed using JBoss BRMS, improving traceability

4 Reasons to Start with Decision Modeling on Your First BRMS Project

If you are kicking off your first BRMS project, don’t start by gathering the rules! Often teams will be advised to begin their project by gathering all the relevant rules, in a natural language or

Demand Solutions Customer Conference - DSCOVER 2015

Highlights from DSCOVER 2015. Demand Solutions' customer conference, which was held on September 13-15, 2015, in San Diego. This event brings together supply chain planning professionals for 3 days o

S&OP: A Journey from Chaos to Prosperity Demand Solutions Webinar

Watch the replay of one of 2015’s best attended and best received webinars on sales & operations planning (S&OP): “S&OP: A Journey from Chaos to Prosperity.” This webinar was co-spo

9 Steps to More Accurate Demand Forecasts - Webinar Replay

Want to improve your company's forecasts. Watch this replay of a popular webinar on improving demand forecasts. The speaker is Bill Whiteside, a 30-year supply chain planning expert. Sponsored by Dem

Industry Week Webinar on IBP presented by Bill Harrison

On Thursday, April 17, 2014, Demand Solutions President, Bill Harrison presented a webinar on Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

Choosing a Production Scheduling and Sales & Operations Planning Software Solution

http://www.demandsolutions.comThis Senior Director of Strategy and Supply Chain tells why Zotos chose Demand Solutions supply planning software to manage the company's global supply chain for forecas

Managing Long Lead Times and Improving Forecast Accuracy With Demand Solutions Software

http://www.demandsolutions.comThis Managing Director of Inventory and Planning at Encompass Group tells how Demand Solutions supply planning software helped the company go beyond spreadsheets to mana

Benefits of Demand Solutions' DSCOVER User Conference

http://www.demandsolutions.comThis Managing Director of Inventory and Planning at Encompass Group tells how the Demand Solutions user conference makes a difference, to be able to meet with the Demand

Using Supply Chain Management Software to Achieve Supply Planning Goals (Key Performance Indicators)

http://www.demandsolutions.comThis Managing Director of Inventory and Planning at Encompass Group tells how Demand Solutions supply planning software helps the company achieve key performance indicat

Recommendation for Demand Solutions Forecasting Software

http://www.demandsolutions.comThis Managing Director of Inventory and Planning at Encompass Group recommends Demand Solutions supply planning software."If someone is looking for a forecasting to


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