Sleep Awareness Month

March brings us springtime, flowers, and a break from the cold weather. But, it also means daylight savings time, days are longer and nights are shorter. Even though, daylight savings only means one hour of sleep loss, that one hour can drastically change our sleeping habits and schedules. This change can have a lasting effect on people both young and old. March is Sleep Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate and re-learn how important sleep is to our health and overall wellness.

Sleep Awareness Month | Pediatric Care Group, P.C.

March brings us springtime, flowers, and a break from the cold weather. But, it also means daylight savings time, days are longer and nights are shorter. Even

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Medicaid Managed Care Structures and Care Coordination

BACKGROUND: Child enrollment in Medicaid managed care (MMC) has expanded dramatically, primarily through state mandates. Care coordination is a key metric in MMC evaluation because it drives much of t


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