Sleep Awareness Month

March brings us springtime, flowers, and a break from the cold weather. But, it also means daylight savings time, days are longer and nights are shorter. Even though, daylight savings only means one hour of sleep loss, that one hour can drastically change our sleeping habits and schedules. This change can have a lasting effect on people both young and old. March is Sleep Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate and re-learn how important sleep is to our health and overall wellness.

Sleep Awareness Month | Pediatric Care Group, P.C.

March brings us springtime, flowers, and a break from the cold weather. But, it also means daylight savings time, days are longer and nights are shorter. Even

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Table Manners for Kids! And a Meal Time Rules Printable

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Italian Baked Spaghetti Squash

Italian Baked Spaghetti Squash with veggies, Italian sausage, cheese and marinara!  You may never have pasta spaghetti again!  Healthy Italian Baked Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti squash is like magic!

10 Kids Books that Teach Nutrition

Combine story time with educating kids about nutrition, and you have a recipe for success! These 10 books that teach nutrition are perfect to get you started! Kids learn in many ways.   Children’s

Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese Dippers

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Teaching Kids How to Make Sandwiches {with a printable}

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Rain Boot Easter Basket

This post is sponsored by SweeTARTS, but all opinions are our own! This year I decided to skip a traditional Easter basket and go with this super easy DIY Rain Boot Easter Basket! DIY Rain Boot Easter

5 Things to Include in your Stocking Stuffers

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nestle. The opinions and text are all mine. This post is sponsored by Nestle. When it comes to stocking stuffers, we like to craft ours with

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Teaching Kids Healthy Brushing Habits

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the American Dental Association. Thanks for helping us spread the word about kids’ oral health! How many times do you have to tell your kids to br

DIY Sick Kit

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of P&G . The opinions and text are all mine. 20% of Americans will get the flu this year and the symptoms last for a week on average, you w

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Quesadilla Mummies

Getting kids to eat before heading out for Trick-or-Treating can be a challenge, but giving kids the opportunity to help make their own fun dinner will get them excited to eat. These Mummy Quesadillas

Creamy Mac & Cheese

Macaroni & Cheese is the perfect comfort food.  It’s warm and cozy and especially cheesy — what’s not to love.  This recipe for homemade Creamy Mac & Cheese is super yummy with a littl

15 Cool Ways To Make A Light Saber

Finding new ways to make a light saber is one of my kids favorite things. We love Star Wars and all the fun crafts we make to go along with it. (One of our most favorites ever is this R2D2 trash can!)

Medicaid Managed Care Structures and Care Coordination

BACKGROUND: Child enrollment in Medicaid managed care (MMC) has expanded dramatically, primarily through state mandates. Care coordination is a key metric in MMC evaluation because it drives much of t


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