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Revising with others can be hugely beneficial for your teen, and a great strategy to engage in.

Revision: Why Working with Others Can Help | Scholar Tutoring Agency

Revising with others can be hugely beneficial for your teen, and a great strategy to engage in. Here’s why:


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How to Wear a Wig

Wearing a wig can easily change or enhance your look. You may want to wear a wig if you are going to a costume party, but it can also be an everyday essential when you want a different color or style.

M8 crash causing travel chaos

A CRASH on the M8 is causing chaos for drivers.

PM urged to reconsider Sharm flight ban

Flights between the UK and the Egyptian resort have been banned since November 2015.

UK Government short-changing Scotland’s emergency services, SNP claims

Scotland’s emergency services have been “needlessly deprived” of resources by the UK Government’s refusal to refund VAT charges, it has been claimed.

Sudan declares state of emergency as president disbands Cabinet

A heavy security crackdown has left scores of protesters dead. At least 57 people have been killed since December.

Private firms enjoy £100m windfall as Whitehall scrambles to prepare for Brexit

Analysis firm Tussell said 85 contracts, including for consultancy, IT, research and legal services have been granted since June 23 2016.

Beavers to become protected species under new legislation

There had been calls for beavers to be given European Protected Species, with a consultation last year indicating support for the move.

How to Drive Uphill

Driving uphill can be tough, especially if the slope is steep. In particular, if you drive a manual, you might have problems with stalling or rolling backwards. Shifting to a lower gear is the key to

YouTube star Jamie Genevieve opens up about new BBC Scotland documentary

A glance through Jamie Genevieve's social media pages and a fairly intimidating impression emerges.

Dolly the Sheep pioneer on brink of cancer treatment breakthrough

IT HAS been a professional crusade against deadly illness – and the scourge of cancer in particular – that has been marked at intervals by one amazing scientific breakthrough after another.

Letters: Scotland must not be dragged down by the UK's European truculence

I HAVE been watching Sir Ivan Rogers, the former UK Permanent Representative to the EU, courageously giving frank and full evidence to the European Union Committee of the Lords and am shocked to lear

David Pratt: France seeks to neutralise the poison of anti-Semitism

After levels not witnessed since the Second World War, France soul searches over attacks on its Jewish community and seeks to punish the perpetrators. Foreign Editor David Pratt examines what might l

How to Wash Shoes in a Washing Machine

If your shoes have become extra dirty or smelly, you may be able to refresh them in the washing machine. Canvas or pleather shoes can easily be washed on the gentle cycle and then air-dried. Don’t w

How to Thicken Ganache

You’ve just made a batch of delicious chocolate ganache, but it’s too thin for your baking needs—don’t despair! You can try a few different tricks to thicken your ganache rather than scrapping

How to Make Money While Traveling

You may think it is difficult to make money while traveling, but with the Internet it has become easier to find location-independent work. Surely you have some skills that you will be able to leverage

How to Use Retinol

Retinol is an over-the-counter skin cream derived from a highly concentrated form of vitamin A. It's typically applied to the face in order to reverse some of the effects of aging, and can be purchase

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with an Iron

Grilled cheese sandwiches are easy and very affordable to make. However, if you do not have access to a stovetop or are lacking a frying pan, you may be thinking that you are unable to make one. But i

How to Resist Temptation

Temptation is when you have the desire to do something that is bad for you in some way. For example, you might feel tempted to do something you know is unhealthy for your body or that is against your

How to Become a Dance Teacher

With the proper credentials and training, “dancing through life” doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Many people make a living doing what they love, and if dance is your passion, you can make a gre

How to Crochet Scalloped Edges

A scalloped border is a wavy edge that goes around the outside of an item. Scalloped borders add interest to crocheted and knit items, such as blankets, scarves, and hats. It is easy to add a scallope

How to Head for the Highest Grades

How to Head for the Highest Grades Most teens strive to do their best when it comes to exams- and rightly so! It’s important to make their school years count. There’ll be nothing more satisfying-

Exams: The Cool, Calm and Confident Way

Exams: The Cool, Calm and Confident Way Cool, calm and confident is not often words fitting to a student preparing to sit exams. And those that do fit this description… well, we sometimes worry that

Mind Set just before an Exam

Mind Set just before an Exam Before great sporting events, athletes tell of things that motivate and prepare them for the challenging event ahead. Mentally, sportspeople have scenes, routines or image

Keeping up Momentum

Keeping up Momentum The January Blues may have been and gone, but your teen may still be stuck in a state of sluggishness. With wintry weather still upon us- and prelim exams likely well underway- you

Effective Revision Tips

Effective Revision Tips When it comes to revising, your teen will want to maximise on the time that they have to strive towards the top grades! Therefore, it’s wise to consider the best ways to revi

The Power of Guided Revision

The Power of Guided Revision The world of revision looks rather different nowadays, to what it may have looked like several years ago. As a parent recalling your own school days, you may remember bein

Revision Kit List: What Does My Teen Need?

Revision Kit List: What Does My Teen Need? You might think it’s lucky if your teenager finds a pen around the house to write with, let alone owning a whole stash of stationery to revise with! Some t

Muster Up January Motivation

Muster Up January Motivation As parents, we know how important our child’s education will be in the future, and it can be frustrating when your teen doesn’t seem to grasp a sense of the motivation

New Year’s Revision Resolutions

New Year’s Revision Resolutions As we’re celebrating seeing in 2019, your teen might be feeling a little more daunted than celebratory: it’s an exam year- and the months creep ever closer! So, w

Five Ways to Improve Grades

Five Ways to Improve Grades When it comes to improving grades, many teens aren’t sure what to do. Lots of them are under the impression that they “just need to write more” – but this is largel

Wiki page, Exam and Revision Techniques: Exam and Revision Tips for College and A Level Students

Exams can be a source of real fear and anxiety for a lot of students. The more you revise and prepare, the better you will do. This micro-site has been created to support all our future University o

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Wiki page, Exam and Revision Techniques: Making revision easier (by not forgetting as much)

Revision is not REvision if you feel you learning things for the first time because you have forgotten it all since your lectures/classes. If you attend a lecture or class and then put your notes a

Wiki page, Exam and Revision Techniques: Revision planning

Revision planning tips  There is no single best way to revise for an exam but you do need to adopt an organised approach.  Here are some tips for planning your revision: Find out the exam format T

Wiki page, Exam and Revision Techniques: Remembering

Having said that exams at university are more about understanding than remembering, there will always be some things that you do need to remember. For example, even in a more theoretical subject, it

Wiki page, Exam and Revision Techniques: Other Resources

Other resources Answering Exam Questions - from the University of Reading How to Remember Information for Exams - From Memory Techniques - Links to over 20 resources to help you with r

Wiki page, Exam and Revision Techniques: Exams - on the day

In the exam hall What to bring: Your student card (if you can't find it, bring other photo ID). Pens, pencils etc. Calculator (if needed and allowed). What to leave away from your table: Any note

Wiki page, Exam and Revision Techniques: Active Revision

  In higher education, your examinations should not just be testing your ability to remember information; instead they test your understanding of information.  It is therefore important to make s

Wiki page, Exam and Revision Techniques: Exam and Revision Techniques - Introduction

Why do we have exams? The aim of exams is to inform others, as well as you, about the  standard of your work. Unless there was some form of recognised standard, qualifications would lose their v

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Sands performs Macbeth in national Shakespeare Schools Festival

            Sands students recently had the opportunity to perform an abridged version of ‘Macbeth’ as part of the national Shakespeare Schools Festival. The group participated in a workshop

South Koreans look to Sands for ideas…

As young people in South Korea struggle with the consequences of their ultra high pressure education system Sean goes to Seoul to share how Sands treats social development, emotional literacy and acad

Sands School camp 2014 – Bryher

We finished the term with a wonderful week camping on Bryher, one the Scillies’ “off” islands. After a lively crossing on the notorious ‘cork-screwing’ Scillonian III and arrival in pouring

School Uniform – a dialogue with parents

The latest in Sean’s series of articles about education is on school uniform. Does having a compulsory uniform policy free our children and teenagers from the tyranny of the media/fashion/consumptio

New Amnesty Youth Group at Sands

Respect is central to our ethos here at Sands; as a school, as a community and as individuals.  We feel that having an awareness of world issues is important as it helps us to grow as compassionate p

EQ vs. IQ

Sean’s second article in the Dialogue with parents series is about the importance of developing emotional literacy and how this can be supported in school. Whilst it cannot be taught in the conventi

Alternative approaches to education – a dialogue with parents

Sean considers the  ‘method behind the madness’ that has gone into creating a school with such a unique identity as Sands through a new Dialogue with Parents page on our website. The topics cover

Trainee teachers learn about Sands

On Friday 7th February, a group of students and staff went to Coombeshead school in Newton Abbot to present Sands School at the SCITT* training session for student teachers. We were presenting alongsi


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