Oil and Gas Management Consultant Videos

Some of the best management consultant videos for the oil and gas industry.

Business Management Consultant Profit Leaks Common Problems

Profit Leaks and how to fix them discussing Common Problems from a vantage point of a business management consultant. Please visit https://pro-bmanagement.com/common-problems/for more information on

Is oil sands divestment the key to positioning upstream portfolios for a low-carbon future?

We asked Amy Bowe, Director of Upstream Consulting, if divestment from oil sands, which has often been suggested, is key to positioning upstream portfolios for a low-carbon future.Get the full report

Business Management Consultant Profit Leaks Communication

Video discussing chapter on communication from Profit Leaks and How to Fix Them from a business management consultant. Visit https://pro-bmanagement.com/profit-leaks-and-how-to-fix-them/to find out m

Is investment in natural gas the key to positioning upstream portfolios for a low-carbon future?

Natural gas often gets touted as a bridge fuel to a low-carbon future. However, carbon emissions can vary greatly across gas assets to due a number of factors, including the quality of the gas and ma

Polyethylene Production- Logistical Challenges

WoodMac's Ashish Chitalia, Senior Research Analyst, explains logistical challenges resulting from new US polyethylene production.Visit our site for more from our study: Ethane to Polyethylene- Advant

Business Management Consultant Profit Leaks Structures and Systems

Introduction to Profit Leaks and How to Fix Them talking about structures and systems as a business management consultant. Visit https://pro-bmanagement.com/profit-leaks-and-how-to-fix-them/ for more

Polyethylene Production

WoodMac's Ashish Chitalia, Senior Research Analyst, explains what outcomes will arise from the rapid increase in US polyethylene production.Visit our site for more from our study Ethane to Polyethyle

Business Management Consultant Operations Management for Oil & Gas - YouTube

Mission statement for business management consultant Pro-B Management for operational excellence in Oil and Gas and Manufacturing. Visit our website: https:/...

Standardising corporate emissions data in the oil and gas industry

The carbon emissions targets of the 2015 Paris Agreement are set to have far-reaching and material implications for the long-term corporate strategies of every energy player.Companies are coming unde

Internships at Wood Mackenzie

Find out more by visiting: https://www.woodmac.com/careersWe speak to current employees about their internship experiences, and how the programme has helped shape their career.

Een datagedreven toekomst: een samenwerking tussen Havenbedrijf Rotterdam en The Analytics Academy

With an external environment that is constantly changing, Port of Rotterdam needs to move quickly into a data mature organization. To deepen the knowledge and accelerate the development of their Anal

A tale of two carbon metrics #WoodMacLive

How can our new carbon metrics help you benchmark upstream oil and gas resilience to a low-carbon future? In this #WoodMacLive broadcast Wood Mackenzie's Chief Analyst Simon Flowers put audience ques

Business Management Consultant Operations Profit Leaks and How to Fix Them

Video discussing how important operations are concerned in your business. Excerpt from Profit Leaks and How to Fix Them. Visit the corporate website to find out more: https://pro-bmanagement.com/prof

2018 US Lower 48 Oil Outlook

R.T. Dukes highlights our 2018 US Lower 48 outlook: Permian M&A market, oil price, and well completionsGet the full report:US Lower 48: 5 things to look for in 2018http://go.woodmac.com/l/131501/

Careers at Wood Mackenzie

Start your journey today at: www.woodmac.com/careers

The rise and fall of black gold

How will peak oil demand impact your sector? http://go.woodmac.com/peakoildemandUpstream: https://youtu.be/wrTBOqyliLk Upstream Supply Chain: https://youtu.be/6OJzlo8vO4k Chemicals: https://youtu.be

Common Problem Series: Shipping Receiving

Is your operations losing you money? The end of the line could be where you are losing money and customers! Delivering the right product on time can be a struggle but doing it right will bring your c

Common Problems Series: Sales

Is your operations losing you money? Your sales team can increase your profits but are they doing it correctly and with long term goals in mind. Communication is key to ensure this puzzle piece fits

Common Problem Series: Quality Control

Is your operation losing you money? Quality Control is essential to your business but how do you maintain that without the employees being frustrated when things are found to be wrong? Learn how to w

Common Problem Series: Production Service

Is your operation losing you money? Production services is the heart of where the money is made. Does your business have processes and systems in place to ensure this happens? If not you will find yo

Common Problems Series: Procurement Inventory

Is your operation losing you money? Your inventory is a key puzzle piece to your operation! If there is a lack of accountability and detail your company will find itself in a mess. Learn how procurem

Common Problems Series: Quality Control Overworked

Is your operation losing you money? Your team may be experiencing heavy work loads which result in lower quality and standards. Find out how your company can succeed to ensure everyone is on the righ

ORTEC and Microsoft | Enabling supply chain analytics in the digital era

With recent developments in big data and analytics, companies are becoming increasingly aware thatthey have a treasure trove of information that can be put to use to improve all aspects of their supp

How to Assess Political Risk in Oil & Gas

An introduction to the political and country risks that oil and gas investors must consider.

What are the Key Contractual Risks in an Oil & Gas Project

Video tutorial on the key contractual risks found in an oil and gas investment.

How to Measure Geological Risk in Oil & Gas

The importance of geological risk in oil and gas. An explanation of the key concepts.

How to Manage Risk in Oil and Gas

An introduction to he risks taken on by investors in oil and gas projects.

The ORTEC Big Data Portal | Marketing Webinar

Are you spending your marketing budget wisely? Can you anticipate customer behavior and effectively target campaigns? The ORTEC Big Data Portal helps you answer these and many other questions your te

The ORTEC Big Data Portal | Products Webinar

Are you using ORTEC Routing and Dispatch, ORTEC Service Planning, ORTEC Workforce Scheduling and/or ORTEC Inventory Routing? Then you might want to learn more about our Big Data Portal. The ORTEC Big

The ORTEC Big Data Portal | Supply Chain Webinar

Want to empower your planners with state-of-the-art analytics technology and boost supply chain performance? Look no further! Watch our 15-minute webinar and find out how you can use the ORTEC Big Da

What are Full Cycle Costs in Oil and Gas?

An explanation of Full Cycle Costs and their importance in exploration and development decision making.W: http://warrenbusinessconsulting.com/L: https://www.linkedin.com/company/warren-business-con

What are Creaming Curves used for in Oil and Gas - Part 2

Second instalment to explain oil and gas creaming curves and what they are used for.W: http://warrenbusinessconsulting.com/L: https://www.linkedin.com/company/warren-business-consulting?trk=biz-com

What are Creaming Curves used for in Oil and Gas - Part 1

A brief overview of creaming curves and how they are used.W: http://warrenbusinessconsulting.com/L: https://www.linkedin.com/company/warren-business-consulting?trk=biz-companies-cymT: @WBCTraining

How to Understand Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources

Brief over view of reserves and resources definitions in oil and gas.W: http://warrenbusinessconsulting.com/L: https://www.linkedin.com/company/warren-business-consulting?trk=biz-companies-cymT: @

How to Calculate Government Take in Oil & Gas

A short explanation of how to calculate government take in a production sharing contract.W: http://warrenbusinessconsulting.com/L: https://www.linkedin.com/company/warren-business-consulting?trk=bi

How to Understand Government Take in Oil & Gas

This 2 minute video explains how Government Take is calculated in oil and gas projects.W: http://warrenbusinessconsulting.com/L: https://www.linkedin.com/company/warren-business-consulting?trk=biz-

ORTEC Consultoria em Dois Minutos

Durante séculos, a matemática foi utilizada para explorar e descobrir o mundo. Agora, estamos entrando na era de Big Data, da Otimização, das Ciências dos Dados e de Análises Avançadas. Na ORT

ORTEC Consulting in 2 minutes

For Centuries we have used mathematics to explore and discover the world. Now we are entering the age of Big Data, Optimization, Data Science and Advanced Analytics guide us again. At ORTEC we have o

ORTEC Consulting - Business Analytics Oil, Gas and Chemicals Webcast

Ever asked yourself how your company’s analytics maturity compares with your peers in the Oil, Gas and Chemicals industries? Or ever wondered how your upstream, surface and subsurface forecasting a

ORTEC Consulting | Retail Webcast

Learn how to leverage big data and analytics to:Drive innovation in a competitive and fast-paced marketImprove concepts for home deliveryMake data-driven pricing decisionsRealize real-time optimizati


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