Fishing Offshore a use acr Ditch Bag for Safety

when going offshore ditch bag is one of the must have in your marine craft you should carry.

RIP Dave Whitlock

Named to Fly Fisherman magazine’s “50 Most Influential Fly Fishers in the Last 5 Decades.” Dave Whitlock, fly tier, writer, photographer, lecturer, and artist extraordinaire, ... The post RIP D

Fishing in Morehead City: The Complete Guide

Areal view of Morehead City on a sunny day.

The Marine King – Themarineking

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@themarineking | Linktree

Linktree. Make your link do more.

Xantrex 220W Solar Max Flex Slim Panel 7840220 – Themarineking

Xantrex 220W Solar Max Flex Slim Panel 7840220

Tom McGuane | Mill House Podcast

Tom McGuane is a giant among legends across all continents and countries. His boundless heart and endless determination tackled dreams only he could’ve accomplished. Tom’s ... The post Tom McGuan

Peter backs the boat down the ramp like a pro

The post Peter backs the boat down the ramp like a pro appeared first on Moldy Chum.

2022 Holiday Gift Ideas

The annual Caddis Fly Shop holiday gift guide. The post 2022 Holiday Gift Ideas appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Water Pressure Gauge: An Introduction

If you love being out on the water, then you know how important it is to have a boat engine that is in good working condition. One of the most important parts of your boat is the water pressure gauge

The most BEAUTIFUL trout river in the WORLD

Fly fishing for marble trout in Slovenia. The post The most BEAUTIFUL trout river in the WORLD appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Marine transportation

Links to information about marine transportation in Canada.

Ritchie F82W Voyager Compass Flush Mount White F82W – Themarineking

Ritchie F82W Voyager Compass Flush Mount White F82W

Ernest Hemingway Signature T30 #(001)

  The Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection is proud to present the first conventional fishing rod to bear the name of Ernest Hemingway. The urge to ... The post Ernest Hemingway Signature T30 #(001)

Safety – Themarineking

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Mini Zonkers

These are mini zonkers. The fly is 4cm long from the hook eye to the end of the zonker tail. These two patterns have been ... The post Mini Zonkers appeared first on Moldy Chum.

Boat Outfitting - Adhesive/Sealants – Themarineking

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Striped Bass: ASMFC Considers Commercial Quota Transfers

Just when you thought we had turned the corner on striped bass. Let’s get ready to rumble. Everyone who came out over the last two ... The post Striped Bass: ASMFC Considers Commercial Quota Transf

Raymarine Wind Vane Cups A28167 – Themarineking

Raymarine Wind Vane Cups A28167

Sunday Toona: Old Man Down The Road Edition

“Old Man Down the Road” Widespread Panic with John Fogerty Lockn’ Festival Arrington, VA September 7, 2013. The post Sunday Toona: Old Man Down The Road Edition appeared first on Moldy Chum.

How to Choose the Correct Boat Rudder Angle Indicator?

When sailing, you need to be able to change the angle of your boat quickly. With a rudder, you can do that by tilting it at a specific angle. If your rudders are not working properly, or if you want

Cormorant relocation not working out as planned

A comedy of errors, including the typo in the headline. Forcing a fish-eating bird colony off East Sand Island near Chinook to protect migrating young ... The post Cormorant relocation not working ou

Marine VHF Frequencies: The Basics

If you’re new to the world of marine radio, the VHF frequencies can seem like a confusing jumble of numbers. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks.  Marine VHF frequencies are

Digital Boat Gauges: How They Work And Why You Should Get One

There's a lot to know about everything in your marine environment. Keeping tabs on the correct pressure, temperature and flow are essential to keeping your boat running as efficiently as possible. Di

What is the difference between crewing cruise ships and super yachts?

Cruise ships and super yachts are both large vessels that are staffed by crew members who make sure things are running smoothly. Don’t let that statement fool you, though—the experience of workin

Over 150 local school pupils visit the Maritime Skills Academy

This week, over 150 KS2 pupils, aged 10 and 11 years old, from local Dover schools visited the Maritime Skills Academy in Whitfield, as part of Maritime UK week. Pupils watched a selection of Water S

Dock Lines for Boats (All You Need to Know)

"Dock lines for boats? Do I need to know about that?" you might be thinking. Well, if you're a boat owner, the answer is a resounding yes! You need the right dock lines to keep your boat safe and sec

20 Most Unique Gift Ideas for Boaters in Your Life

If you know a boater, then you know that they are a unique breed. They have their own lingo, their own culture, and their own way of life. And when it comes to gift giving, they can be a tough bunch

Monaco Yacht Show – September 2022

28th September – 1st October 2022 The Viking Maritime Group will once again be attending the Monaco Yacht Show this year, in the iconic Port Hercule. Discover the fascinating superyacht world and m

3 Bank Battery Chargers: Ultimate Guide

There's nothing worse than being out on the open water and having your boat's battery die on you. That's why it's important to have a good quality charger on board, so you can keep your battery toppe

Why you need a Life Jacket for Fishing (And How to Choose the Right One)

Fishing comes with its dangers, and wearing a life jacket is one of the best ways to protect yourself. Indeed, they're not the most stylish things in the world. But, when you're out in the middle of

The Essentials Of Handheld Marine Radios

If you're thinking about buying a handheld marine radio, there are a few things you should know before you make your purchase.  In this article, we'll share with you what you need to know about hand

Boat Fender Holders: Ultimate Guide

Whether you are an avid boater or you only go out on the water occasionally, it’s important to have boat fender holders for your boat fenders. Holders for boat fenders provide a secure place to sto

Seatrade Cruise Med – 14th September

We are excited to announce that Paul Rutterford, Viking Crew Operations Director has been invited to attend Seatrade Cruise Med as a guest speaker. Paul will be addressing the topic, Human vs Machine

Navigation Boat Lights Guide: Light Up Your Boat and Navigate Safely at Night

Looking to deck out your navigation vessel with some safety navigation lights? Well, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll give you all the need-to-know info on navigation boat light

Mooring Cleat: The Helmsman's Best Friend

A mooring cleat is a small, unassuming piece of hardware that plays a significant role in keeping your boat safe and secure. Like a loyal friend, a good mooring cleat will be there for you when you n

Boat Trolling Motors: What You Need to Know

Are you thinking about getting a trolling motor for your boat? If so, then you've come to the right place. We'll cover all the basics of boat trolling motors in this blog post.   We'll discuss what

Boat Bumpers: The Incredibly Simple Way to Protect Your Boat

If you own a boat, then you know how important it is to keep it in good condition. But did you know that one of the best ways to protect your boat is to invest in a set of boat bumpers?  Boat bumper

Fluke Style Anchor: The Perfect Anchor for Soft Bottoms

Are you sick and tired of your anchor getting stuck in the mud? Do you want the perfect anchor for soft bottoms? Look no further than the Fluke Style Anchor! Made from high-quality materials like ste

What is the Marlins English Test?

The ICS Marlins English Language Test is an international standardised test of English for the maritime industry. It is used by shipping companies, maritime schools and training organisations to asse

Anchoring at Night: Ultimate Guide

There is something special about anchoring at night. The stillness of the water, the bright stars overhead, and the feeling of being at one with nature. It's an experience that every boater should ha

Scenic Group’s Virtual Career Fair

Wednesday 17th August Viking Crew are hosting a virtual career fair on Wednesday 17th August, an online event for those wishing to work on cruise ships, specifically for candidates interested in care

What Are the Benefits of Working on a Cruise Ship?

When people think about cruise ships, it’s usually in the context of a relaxing vacation and not about the benefits of working on a cruise ship. Sunbathing, fruity drinks, delicious food, beautiful

Scenic Interview Day – Zeebrugge 25th June 2022

On Saturday 25th June the Viking Crew team visited the Scenic Eclipse in Zeebrugge Belgium, where we hosted an interview day onboard the vessel for some potential future Scenic crew members. Jessica,

Colin McMurray announced as Non-Executive Director

Viking Maritime Group (VMG) is pleased to announce that Colin McMurray has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director of the Group, bringing with him a wealth of experience from an extensive career i

Pop-Up Club BBQ in Vegesack

The Pop-Up Club returned to Bremen for their legendary Summer BBQ! Viking Crew, along with Global Services and Savage Lighting hosted an evening of dinner, drinks, music and networking for our second


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