Chocolate Researchand Sugar Marketing

Mint as a natural remedy for digestive problems and sugar marketing to kids and the latest research on chocolate for heart disease.

Jellyfish-inspired electronic skin can heal itself under water

Skin is the largest organ in human body, and can sense important information such as pressure, temperature and pain. This waterproof barrier protects us from infections and can heal itself. Electroni

Weight Loss Is Hard. We Want To Hear Your Story

NPR is working on a series of stories about overcoming the biological and mental hurdles to weight loss, and we want to hear from you.

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Food and Nutrition: Bugs You Can Eat

{pixabay|100|campaign}If you can get past your initial reaction to them, insects aren’t only edible but also can be good for you. Food and Nutrition: Bugs You Can Eat

Science in the News - Opening the lines of communication between research scientists and the wider community

Opening the lines of communication between research scientists and the wider community

Get Your Heart Pumping With This HIIT Jump Rope Circuit From Kira Stokes

Jump your way to a stronger, fitter, and more toned you. Get Your Heart Pumping With This HIIT Jump Rope Circuit From Kira Stokes

Misophonia: When Life's Noises Drive You Mad

Some people experience intense rage or fear when they hear the sound of people chewing, spitting, or throat-clearing. Turns out they may have a rare condition known as misophonia.

CRISPR-Scanning Towards New Drugs — drug discovery is difficult, but CRISPR might be able to help

by Michael Vinyard figures by Nicholas Lue Most therapeutic drug candidates that are put through clinical trials fail. Given that most of these fail during early development, the cost of bringing a

Weekly Tips - Chocolate Pills, Mints and Sugar Marketing

This week some ultra spiritual yoga, why mint is good for you, a natural remedy for digestive problems and sugar marketing to kids.

Cholesterol Redux: As Eggs Make A Comeback, New Questions About Health Risks

A study found consuming two eggs per day was linked to a 27 percent higher risk of developing heart disease. The finding reopens the debate about the potential risks of too much dietary cholesterol.

3 Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Family Recipes

{pixabay|100|campaign}Baked spaghetti? Yes, please. 3 Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Family Recipes

A New Kind of Twin

Researchers in Australia have found the second-ever documented case of semi-identical twins, who share all the DNA from their mother but have different sets of genes from their father. A potential me | Hydration: how much is too much?

{pixabay|100|campaign}After being told for years to drink up to prevent dehydration, athletes are now being warned about the dangers of drinking too much. | Hydration: how much is too muc

FDA approves first ketamine-based antidepressant

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting more than 300 million people of all ages around the world. The most commonly used antidepressant medications are called selective se

Arrival of Gene-Edited Babies: What lies ahead?

by Valentina Lagomarsino figures by Sean Wilson Nearly four months ago, Chinese researcher He Jiankui announced that he had edited the genes of twin babies with CRISPR. CRISPR, also known as CRISPR

Walk Your Dog, But Watch Your Footing: Bone Breaks Are On The Rise

Maybe it's just because a large number of older people have learned the benefits of exercise and canine companionship. Whatever the reason, walking a dog on a leash has been linked to more fractures.

Cellulite: These dimples aren’t for smiling

Cellulite is the subcutaneous (under the skin) fat that can be seen on the lower portion of the body. This dimply skin is typically seen around the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. It is a type of conne

Cancer Leads Athlete To Tough Choice

Cyclocross racer BrittLee Bowman chose a double mastectomy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 34.

Steaming plastic into fuel

We are living in the age of plastic. Each human is estimated to produce their body weight in plastic waste each year. Most of these plastics are dumped in landfills, where they need many centuries be

An Updated PubMed Is on Its Way

​An updated version of PubMed, which will eventually replace the current version, is now available on the experimental PubMed Labs platform (

Underdiagnosed Male Eating Disorders Are Becoming Increasingly Identified

NPR's Michel Martin talks with journalist Soledad O'Brien about her recent reporting on eating disorders among male athletes. O'Brien said social media played a big role in these eating disorders.

Scientists create an expanded 8-letter DNA genetic code

Each cell in a living organism has an instruction manual known as the genome. These instructions are spelled out using letters, called bases, that pair with one another to form long double-stranded m

Lessons from the Human Genome Project

by Rebecca Fine figures by Elayne Fivenson The Human Genome Project, one of the most ambitious scientific projects ever undertaken, achieved a monumental goal: sequencing the entire human genome. Si

March 13 – Creating Perception: How the Brain Constructs the World

Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 13th Location: Pfizer Hall at Harvard University, 12 Oxford Street, Cambridge (link to directions) Speakers: Dana Boebinger Graphics: Olivia Foster Rhoades H

Dogs and humans were buried together in 6,000-year-old graves

Dogs are “man’s best friend,” but how long have they been our four-legged companions? A recent study suggests that dogs and humans may have formed close relationships as early as 6,000 years ag

'Cultured': A Look At How Foods Can Help The Microbes Inside Us Thrive

The foods we put in our bodies affect the kinds of bacteria that live and flourish there. A new book explores this collaboration — and the cultures whose dishes maximize the relationship.

U.S. Soda Taxes Work, Studies Suggest — But Maybe Not As Well As Hoped

Connecticut and California are considering statewide taxes on sugary drinks. New data from soda taxes in Berkeley and Philadelphia present a mixed picture of their effects on sugar consumption.

France Recognizes Lightsaber Dueling, 'Time' Magazine Reports

France's fencing federation hopes the move will lure people addicted to their screens to exercise more. Lightsaber instructors will train people to take part in three-minute bouts.

The 'Strange Science' Behind The Big Business Of Exercise Recovery

Does exercise recovery work? Science writer Christie Aschwanden examines the physiology and effectiveness of sports drinks, protein powders and other products and services in her new book, Good to Go.

New Features in PubMed Labs: Email and Save Citations, Find Associated Data, and More

​NLM is continuing to develop features in PubMed Labs, with new tools and functionality added on a regular basis. Recent releases added several ways to save and share citations, as well as enhanceme

Systematic Filter Updated

​[Updated December 21, 2018, to include (Cochrane Database Syst Rev[ta] AND review[pt]).] The PubMed systematic [filter] strategy has been updated to incorporate the new 2019 MeSH Publication Typ

MeSH Updated

​PubMed MEDLINE indexed citations and the MeSH database have been updated with 2019 MeSH vocabulary.

PubMed Labs Responsive Web Site

​PubMed Labs is a responsive Web site that can generate different display options depending on a user's device size, e.g., mobile phones. Mobile device users that access PubMed Labs will soon notice

Formulas to Display in PubMed Titles and Abstracts

​On June 6, 2018, the National Library of Medicine began displaying formulas in citation titles, abstracts, and keywords in PubMed. Previously, formulas were replaced with [Formula:see text].

PubMed Commons Discontinued

​PubMed Commons, a feature that enabled authors to share opinions and information about scientific publications indexed in PubMed, was discontinued on March 5, 2018.All comments are archived on our

New Maximum Length for Custom Filters in PubMed

​In April 2018, NLM will start limiting the length of PubMed custom filters to 4,000 characters, and asterisks (*) for truncation will no longer be allowed in these filters. We are introducing a li

PubMed Commons to be Discontinued

​PubMed Commons has been a valuable experiment in supporting discussion of published scientific literature. While many worthwhile comments were made through the service during its 4 years of operati

MeSH Updated

​PubMed MEDLINE indexed citations and the MeSH database have been updated with 2018 MeSH vocabulary


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