Chocolate Researchand Sugar Marketing

Mint as a natural remedy for digestive problems and sugar marketing to kids and the latest research on chocolate for heart disease.

Can converting methane into CO2 help reduce climate change?

Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane, contribute to global warming by slowing the rate at which heat energy escapes into space. Although methane is less abundant than CO2, it is

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Augmented Medicine: the power of augmented reality in the operating room

by Nivanthika K. Wimalasena figures by Rebecca Clements Imagine going in for a surgery where the surgeon, instead of looking down and seeing only your swollen leg, can see the exact location of your

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Applications, implications, and limitations

by Daniel Greenfield figures by Sean Wilson The future of ‘standard’ medical practice might be here sooner than anticipated, where a patient could see a computer before seeing a doctor. Through

This Much Time In Nature Boosts Mental & Physical Health, Finds Study

It’s actually a super attainable goal. This Much Time In Nature Boosts Mental & Physical Health, Finds Study

How to Run and Walk Safely in the Dark

How to Run and Walk Safely in the Dark

Science in the News - Opening the lines of communication between research scientists and the wider community

Opening the lines of communication between research scientists and the wider community

Why Food Reformers Have Mixed Feelings About Eco-Labels

Grocery stores are full of food with labels like organic, cage-free or fair trade that appeal to a consumer's ideals. But there's often a gap between what they seem to promise and what they deliver.

How did dinosaurs learn to fly? Robots can help model the flapping wings.

Scientists generally agree that today’s birds descend from ancient flying dinosaurs, but nobody is sure exactly how the first flying dinosaurs actually took flight. A group of researchers from Tsin

This Energetic Imbalance Could Be Making Your Gut Health Issues Worse

{pixabay|100|campaign}When you are ready to move from good to great, you turn to the solar plexus chakra. This Energetic Imbalance Could Be Making Your Gut Health Issues Worse

Looking back on a milestone year in the movement to curb sugar

Wow. What a groundbreaking year for the movement to bring sugar back to healthy levels!  At the start of 2016, Berkeley CA was the only community in the United States with a tax on sugary drinks. We

Weekly Tips - Chocolate Pills, Mints and Sugar Marketing

This week some ultra spiritual yoga, why mint is good for you, a natural remedy for digestive problems and sugar marketing to kids.

The Swap: Less Processed Meat, More Plant-Based Foods May Boost Longevity

A new study of 80,000 people finds that those who ate the most red meat — especially processed meats such as bacon and hot dogs — had a higher risk of premature death compared with those who ate l

Don’t Let Schools Propagandize Your Kids

The following is a letter I wrote to my child’s school upon finding out some of the ideas they were trying to force upon her and her classmates as it relates to vaccines: With the school year nearin

Six Ways Our Cells Can Turn Against Us

by Catherine Weiner figures by Elayne Fivenson Every cell in our bodies is constantly on the edge of danger. Our DNA, the molecular blueprints that tell our cells how to function, brought us to life.

Mending a Broken Heart: A new post-heart attack adhesive patch speeds healing

Heart attack is a leading cause of death, and often results in damage by overstretching the heart muscle. Once overstretched, the weakened heart muscle is less efficient at pumping blood, and it’s

A Sweet Solution for Preserving Vaccines

Researchers at McMaster University have developed a novel method for stabilizing vaccines, removing the strict requirement that the components be maintained within a specific low temperature range f

How A Fight Over Beef Jerky Reveals Tensions Over SNAP In The Trump Era

Retailers that accept SNAP benefits must stock a variety of staple foods, including a minimum number of fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy and grain options. Now there's a fight over what counts.

10,000 Steps A Day? How Many You Really Need To Boost Longevity

Walking every day has been shown again and again to be important for staying healthy as you age. But how much do you need to walk to promote a long life?

So what color was that dinosaur, actually?

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Saber-toothed Tiger…as kids, we probably imagined these creatures using a variety of crayon colors. But what if we could figure out what color these creatures actual

Electric Forest

Semiconductors are materials that are used as switches in modern electronics. While the switches in your computer and smartphone are made of silicon, carbon-based organic semiconductors offer the

Finding What Sticks

by Christopher Gerry Our DNA influences our height, eye color, affinity for sky diving and other extreme thrills, sleep habits, disease risk factors, and more. It’s no surprise, then, that scientis

Opinion: Why Ditching Processed Foods Won't Be Easy — Barriers To Cooking From Scratch

Though a new study shows that eating unprocessed food is healthier, home-cooked meals require resources that food experts take for granted, such as money and time, the authors of a new book argue.

To Reduce Food Waste, FDA Urges 'Best If Used By' Date Labels

Confusion over whether a food is still safe to eat after its "sell by" or "use before" date accounts for about 20% of food waste in U.S. homes, the FDA says. The new wording aims to clear that up.

Calories, Carbs, Fat, Fiber: Unraveling The Links Between Breast Cancer And Diet

A new study finds that women who ate a low-fat diet and more fruits, vegetables and grains, lowered their risk of dying from breast cancer. But which of those factors provided the protective effect?

It's Not Just Salt, Sugar, Fat: Study Finds Ultra-Processed Foods Drive Weight Gain

"Landmark" study finds a highly processed diet spurred people to overeat compared with an unprocessed diet, about 500 extra calories a day. That suggests something about processing itself is at play.

PubMed Update: MLA 2019

​A 45-minute presentation was recorded at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, May 2019 outlining the new PubMed, now available for testing at PubMed Labs.

How Well Do Workplace Wellness Programs Work?

These job-based programs can motivate employees to make some changes in behavior, research finds, but they don't seem to move the dial on workers' health status or employer spending on health care.

My New Diet Is An App: Weight Loss Goes Digital

The popularity of weight loss apps, especially among younger people, has forced the traditional weight loss programs to revamp their models to include online, on-demand support.

PubMed Labs Update: Add Citations to the Clipboard

​The Clipboard is now available in PubMed Labs, allowing users to temporarily save and collect selected citations from one or more searches.

PubMed Labs Update: Advanced Search

​Advanced Search, including the Advanced Search Builder and History with search details, is now available in PubMed Labs

LinkOut Consolidation

​The National Library of Medicine (NLM) will consolidate the LinkOut for Libraries programs into a single service: Library LinkOut using Outside Tool.

An Updated PubMed Is on Its Way

​An updated version of PubMed, which will eventually replace the current version, is now available on the experimental PubMed Labs platform (

New Features in PubMed Labs: Email and Save Citations, Find Associated Data, and More

​NLM is continuing to develop features in PubMed Labs, with new tools and functionality added on a regular basis. Recent releases added several ways to save and share citations, as well as enhanceme

Systematic Filter Updated

​[Updated December 21, 2018, to include (Cochrane Database Syst Rev[ta] AND review[pt]).] The PubMed systematic [filter] strategy has been updated to incorporate the new 2019 MeSH Publication Typ

MeSH Updated

​PubMed MEDLINE indexed citations and the MeSH database have been updated with 2019 MeSH vocabulary.

PubMed Labs Responsive Web Site

​PubMed Labs is a responsive Web site that can generate different display options depending on a user's device size, e.g., mobile phones. Mobile device users that access PubMed Labs will soon notice

Formulas to Display in PubMed Titles and Abstracts

​On June 6, 2018, the National Library of Medicine began displaying formulas in citation titles, abstracts, and keywords in PubMed. Previously, formulas were replaced with [Formula:see text].


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