Choosing a Home Inspector

Tips for choosing your best home inspector for your valuable property

(PDF) How to Pick a Home Inspector | Bill Gassett -

See how to pick a home inspector with these great tips. Choosing a home inspection company should not be taken lightly. The home inspection is the key to knowing all the problems associated with the p

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Nathan Bardwell - NBC News

Franchisee Nathan Bardwell out of Colorado explains the importance of a home inspection to the NBC news team!

A Complete Guide to Home Inspections

Complete guide to home and property inspection

Overlooked Home Inspection Items

This article sets out in detail 3 sometimes overlooked home inspection items that aren’t easy to find problems and require diligent insp

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

If you want to avoid costly repairs, make sure that your home is ready for the winter. But isn’t always easy to know what you can do no

5 Pro Tips from Real Estate Agent

5 pro tips buyers absolutely must know: BY MAUREEN STANLEY September 10, 2020 Tip #1 Know your credit score According to Experian, a cons

Tile Roofing Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing Written by Bob Formisano Tiled roofs are beautiful and durable. They are also expensive and heavy, but that

Roofing Tips

Roofing Tips Should I Repair or Replace My Roof by Nick Guli While homeownership can be great, it typically comes w

Introducing PTP 360°

This new innovation from Pillar To Post provides an interactive 360° virtual tour to help buyers get to know the home, enabling them to make a confident home ownership decision. This is especially v

Brandon Kristensen, NB

Brandon Kristensen from Moncton, New Brunswick, gets his vehicle stuck in the snow on his way to an inspection.

What You Need To Buy a House

Published from on February 3, 2020 – By Ryan Smith You are about to embark on one o

How To Prepare for an Open House

BY ELIZABETH WEINTRAUB posted on the Real estate agents often use open houses

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter is coming. Whether you live on the coast or in an area that gets blanketed in white for months of the year, it’s time to prep.

Garage Door Inspection

TESTING YOUR GARAGE DOOR AUTOMATIC REVERSE Published from US Inspect  A garage door auto reverse is pretty much what it sounds like –

2019 RE/MAX R4 Recap

We had a great time at the 2019 RE/MAX R4 Convention in Las Vegas, NV connecting with awesome agents that are passionate about our brand!

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When to listen, when not

I'm in the middle of renovating my house. It was build in 1947 and there are "problems". I am glad I bought this house. It has been wonderful.I was thinking back to the Home Inspection. The home inspe

Home Staging

Like pre-listing home inspections, home staging is becoming better understood and encouraged by Realtors for properties that are somewhat "lacking".Shows like HGTV's "The Stagers" have really helped c

Building Science

Dr. John F. Staube is a building science engineer and professor at the Department of Civil Engineering and the School of Architecture at the University of Waterloo.Dr Staube is also one of the princip

Home Renovation Shows Evolve

I wrote before that I am not a fan of the show "Flip This House". It was too much about the "money". It could be argued this glorification of money over substance contributed to the American subprime

An American Home Inspector

Jim Morrison is a second generation home inspector. After University he joined his father at Allan Morrison Home Inspector, Co. Inc. and is now the President. Recently, Jim described part of the home

Standards of Practice - Section 12

12. FIREPLACES AND SOLID FUEL BURNING APPLIANCES12.1 The inspector shall:A. inspect:1. the system components.2. the vent systems, flues, and chimneys.B. describe:1. the fireplaces and solid fuel burn

Standards of Practice - Section 11

11. INSULATION AND VENTILATION11.1 The inspector shall: A. inspect:1. the insulation and vapor retarders in unfinished spaces.2. the ventilation of attics and foundation areas.3. the mechanical venti

Holmes Inspection

Oct 1st at 8pm Eastern Standard Time, the first episode of Holmes Inspection will air. I'm a big fan of Holmes on Homes and look forward to Mike's new show.If you feel your are a victim of a home insp

Standards of Practice - Section 10

10. INTERIOR10.1 The inspector shall:A. inspect:1. the walls, ceilings, and floors.2. the steps, stairways, and railings.3. the counter tops and a representative number of installed cabinets.4. a rep


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