Electric Panel Replacement Dallas

Your Dallas home’s electrical panel (also known as the breaker box) is one of the most important things in your home. Its main purpose is to circulate electricity throughout your home. And thou it’s rare, old and outdated electric panels have been the cause of fires. Having a Dallas electrician inspect your electrical panel and breakers is always a wise decision.

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Tips for Troubleshooting Your Circuit Breaker

Your circuit breaker plays an essential role in the safety of your home by helping to protect your electrical wiring system from overheating. By sensing any electrical overload and interrupting the fl

Dallas Restaurant Week Is Here

One of the highlights of living in a large community like the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex is the availability of amazing, diverse culinary experiences. WE all have our favorite go-to places for Maxi

New Kind Of Lunch Date

We love our animals in North Texas, There are so many parks, trails and lakes to share with our dogs. Get out with our dogs lets us enjoy the day and get some exercise. Some medical studies show that

Carpenter Ant Bite: The Dangers These Ants Pose

Carpenter ant bites can be a big pain—quite literally. A bite on human skin looks like a pea-sized blemish, and the aftermath may feel like a strong pinch or even a quick burn on the skin. This i

Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Perfume?

Spending time outside during certain times of the year can put you in closer contact with a number of insects. You’ve noticed those days you’re outdoors and wearing perfume, you’re getting bi

How To Keep A Lawn Green In The Summer Heat

In the heat of a Texas summer, it can feel like keeping your grass green is a full-time job—which makes sense when you learn that even warm season species prefer temperatures in the 70s. It may s

DFW’s New Outdoor Attraction

DFW is a rapidly changing all the time. We sometimes get frustrated with traffic delays as new roads are built. We sometimes get tired of the constant construction projects for new shopping centers. B

Going Green: Saving Energy and Money with Eco-Friendly Home Updates

You’ve got an older home, but you’ve got eco-friendliness on your mind, and you want to do everything possible to add improvements that will benefit the environment. Check out these great ideas fo

Can Power Washing Damage Concrete?

One of the most satisfying, but time-consuming, outdoor tasks you can take on is power washing your driveway and walkways. While you know that using a power washer can almost magically erase built-

Spring Cleaning Time, DFW

It’s that time of year again – Spring Cleaning Time! We need to get ready for the warmer weather by opening the windows and getting busy with ridding our homes of the dusty musty winter air. Some

Pool Pump Humming But Not Working: What Should I Do?

The pump is the heart of your pool. This important part creates the pressure that moves your pool water through the filters, chlorinators and all the other components of your pool’s circulation s

What Is Crabgrass? Weed Management Advice From The Pros

The condition of your yard is a large part of your property’s overall curb appeal. Because of this, homeowners can spend significant amounts of valuable free time making sure plants are watered,

Bed Bug Or Tick: What’s In My Home?

After spotting a tiny bug in your house, you are understandably freaked out. Could it be a bed bug, or was it actually a tick? If you’re being honest with yourself, it could be any kind of pest,

Do Crickets Bite? Keeping These Insects Out Of Your Home

Some years, crickets seem to be everywhere. In late summer and early fall, you might notice an abundance of these insects near your porch lights or hear a chorus of chirping in your backyard at nig

Best Grass For High Traffic Backyard Dog Owners

No matter the size or breed, dogs benefit from a good outdoor space. Your furry companion can get exercise and fresh air, and most breeds love having a dedicated area where they’re free to run ar

Safe Driving In Wet Weather

North Texas has been a bit soggy lately. It means roads are wet, flooded, or even severely damaged by all that water draining into the storm drains. To stay safe, you don’t have to remain at home. T

How Often Should I Water My Lawn With A Sprinkler System?

We all have that one neighbor with the perfect lawn. You know, the yard that you can’t help but pause in front of to admire. On one of these occasions, you ask yourself: “How often should I wat

DFW Out And About

Before the rains begin again, it looks like DFW is going to be enjoying some nice weather. It’s time to begin getting the kids out of the house for some fun on the weekend before the rain ends and s

Going Solar in Your Apartment: 5 Ways to Get Started

If you own a home, going solar is a no-brainer. Upon installation of a solar system you immediately begin to reduce your energy bills. As an investment, solar can provide an amazing return every month

Congratulations, DFW!

When you live in DFW, you realize it’s a huge place, made up of individual cities. Sometimes that idea can be overwhelming. And sometimes, having our own little city is comforting with so much going

What’s New? Find Out At Dallas Startup Week!

Every one, both old and young, are constantly dreaming of new ideas or new ways to do things. People create fascinating new products and great new concepts just sitting around a coffee table. However,

Symptoms of An Old Electrical Panel

So, what are the classic symptoms of an old electrical panel? Well, as mentioned above, flickering lights is an indicator that a system is overloaded, if not old. But to see if a breaker box is old,


If you are like me, you like to get a good deal and a cheap electrician certainly sounds appealing. Many are just trying to save some money and feel that there's no harm in hiring a cheap electr

Florida Treasures – The Edison Museum

When many people think about Florida most just think about our beautiful beaches, however, there is so much more to see in our state. One of our treasures is the Edsion/Ford Estates in Fort Myers, Fl

The Knob and Tube Wiring Dilemma

First of all, what is knob and tube wiring? Knob and tube wiring is the original wiring method used from the late 1800’s until approximately 1945. It is a system that involved stringing individual

Choosing Ceiling Fans

Choosing Ceiling Fans If you are thinking about ways to beat the summer heat, you have probably been considering investing in a ceiling fan or two. If so, you may be wondering what to look for when s

Ceiling Fan Direction and It’s Importance

Changing your ceiling fan direction Hopefully this will jog some of the reader’s memories of their parents or grandparents doing this. However, I was one that was confused by the whole process and

Who is Reddy Killowatt?

Who is Reddy Killowatt? Most if not all companies have thought about having a cool and fun animated character to represent their business, but has anyone ever thought of who the first animated charac

Murano Chandelier

Identifying Genuine Murano Chandeliers with Small Jobs Electric as we Visit the Murano Factory in Venice, Italy I have always had a fascination with lighting, likely because my Dad was an electrician

Lower Your Electricity Bill

Lower Your Electricity Bill Let's look at ways to help you lower your electricity bill. Did you know that millions of people unawarely spend more than they have to on their monthly electric bill? The

War of the Currents AC vs DC

War of the Currents AC vs DC How would you feel if you came up with an invention that completely revolutionized the way the whole WORLD operates yet someone else received the credit for it? Such is t


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