Best Receipt Printers

Learn how to find a receipt printer for your business.

Everything Grocery Retailers Need to Know About Scale Integration

Grocery retailers sell a variety of items by weight, including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cold cuts, bulk bin dry goods, and more. Whether people are buying a bag of sweet treats or a pound of sli

What You Need to Know About Tip Pooling

Tipping can be tricky for both customers and restaurant workers. In the United States, tipping is voluntary but widely practiced. Even if a customer receives sub par service, it is still considered c

Back-of-the-House vs. Front-of-the-House Receipt Printers for Restaurants

Restaurants are busy work environments where mistakes can quickly snowball into kitchen backups and long wait times for tables. A restaurant POS system with both front-of-the-house and back-of-the-hou

Top 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

Written By Michael K. Spencer   According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first year and 95% fail within the first five years. For local retailers

Why Shoppers Prefer Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Oro — Singapore. Written by Michael K. Spencer   While in parts of Asia e-commerce is really catching on, in North America especially, brick-and-mortar shopping experiences still dominate. However

10 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic for Small Businesses

Written By Michael K. Spencer   Getting customers in the door is a challenge for most brick and mortar retailers. Customers aren’t going to leave their homes to visit a physical store unless the co

How Back to School is Bigger than Ever for Retail

Back to School Marketing Tips for SMBs By Michael Spencer   This year it seems like Amazon’s Prime Day sent parents and kids back to school with early special back-to-school deals. According to Del

The Future of Blockchain in Retail

Written by: Michael K. Spencer   According to leading Retail news publication, Retail Dive, Blockchain will drive $164 Billion in efficiencies for retail by 2030. The press release by IHS Markit def

How to Use Receipt Printers for In-store Communications

At Star Micronics, we’re always pushing the limit of our POS-tech designs. We’ve been a leading global manufacturer of mobile, point of sale (POS), and customer engagement technologies and this ye

RetailNOW 2018 Recap

This year, RetailNOW 2018 ran from August 5th to 8th at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention center in Nashville, Tennessee. In this post, we’ll do a short recap of some of the trends and ou

Finding the Right Mobile Application and Printer for Your Restaurant

  Finding the Right Mobile Application and Printer for Your Restaurant When owning and operating a restaurant or food service business, it’s important that your customers are always left satisfied,

Square Register New POS

STAR MICRONICS 39472310 TSP143UIII ECO Thermal Receipt Printer KIT with AUTO-CUTTER and USB Interface. Compatible with Square Stand. Includes USB and Power Cables. Printer Drivers Included In The Box,

Square Register Stand | Find Out More

I have a friend who runs a small shop and knew the Esky ES-CD01 Heavy Duty RJ-12 Key-Lock Cash Drawer would be perfect for his application. This drawer was a massive upgrade to the system he had been

Square Register Stand | Take a Look Now

At the highest level, Register has a Peripheral class to model every hardware device we support. It includes common properties like manufacturer name, model name, and its connection state. At the next

Using a Receipt Printer with Square for Android

Today we’re going to be talking about receipt printers you can use with Square for Android. So the receipt printers you can use are Star Micronics USB interface receipt printers, and Star Micronics

Star Micronics TSP100/143 Receipt Printer Review

We’re doing a presentation on the Star TSP100 series thermal receipt printer. This is actually the Star TSP143, and this is a USB one that we have right here. It’s also available in Ethernet and o

Receipt Printer Basics – A Quick Lesson On Receipt Printer Basics

There are two main types of receipt printers. There is the older impact receipt printer which uses ribbon and the newer high speed thermal receipt printers that uses thermal transfer instead of using

Square Virtual Terminal

With Virtual Terminal, you can key in card payments right from your computer. Just head to your Square Dashboard and charge your customers in seconds. No extra hardware, reader, or app required. You p

How Square Works

You probably know Square as the little white reader that lets you accept payments anywhere. But there’s so much more Square can do to help you work smarter and save time. It all starts with our Poin

How to accept credit card payments anywhere using your mobile phone

Square reader and Square was the very first reader to enter the space and you can see if you look at the picture here, itís a little dongle basically that plugs into your iPhone earbud port and you c


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