Soda Taxes and GMO News

News for the current state of GMOs, production and legislation and the ongoing story of sugar taxes.

Data Mining: How You're Revealing More Than You Think

Data mining recently made big news with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but it is not just for ads and politics. It can help doctors spot fatal infections and it can even predict massacres in the Co

Do Animals Appreciate Music?

Animals might be music lovers, but how can we know? Is the ability to perceive and appreciate music a shared human and animal experience?Hosted by: Stefan ChinHead to for ha

It’s Okay To Change Your Big Dreams

It’s been nearly five months since I’ve written a blog post. For someone who used to write one every week, […] It’s Okay To Change Your Big Dreams

13 Unexpected Ways to Fit In Cardio

Sneaking cardio into daily life can save time and improve fitness, sometimes on par with the benefits of a scheduled sweat session. And more time getting moving in our daily lives means less time sitt

What Happens If You Stop Pooping?

Constipation is no fun. Luckily, it can usually be remedied with a handful of prunes, a few cups of coffee, and some patience. However, if you don't poop for a long, long time, constipation can devel

Food and Recipes: All About Honey

Honey’s been used to heal wounds, ease allergies and sweeten things up for centuries. What is it? Where does it get these special powers, and can it really do everything it gets credit for? Food and

The Neolithic Diet: New Details About What's in the Iceman's Stomach

An analysis of samples taken from the Iceman’s stomach has revealed new details about what people were eating thousands of years ago!Hosted by: Hank GreenHead to for hand

Weekly Tips- A Win for Soda Taxes and a Lose for GMOs

This week news that GMOs haven't really performed as expected, Harvard study supports soda tax and just for fun, Food Babe takes on Bojangles

How to Build a Rocket Engine in Your Kitchen (Experiment Episode)

Hank demonstrates how to build a hybrid rocket engine in your kitchen!Hosted by: Hank GreenHead to for hand selected artifacts of the universe! ----------Support SciShow by

Food Navigator’s collection of articles on “healthy fats”

Fat remains in the news.  Which ones are health, and which not?  FoodNavigator-USA collects its articles on the topic.  My thoughts:  Beyond that, food fats are mixtures of monounsaturated, polyun

Tariffs induce trade retaliation. Ouch.

This administration’s tariffs on steel and other imports have induced the affected countries to retaliate, particularly by targeting agricultural products. China has already targeted pork products (

Weekend action: speak up for public health

As I posted last week, the New York Times has a handy guide to how to participate in politics. The American Public Health Association (APHA) also has a guide, Speak for Health, specifically focused o

How 6 Rare Diseases Are Changing Everyday Medicine

To get 2 months of unlimited access to Skillshare for free, click here:, studying uncommon maladies can reveal larger insights into how our bodies work!Hosted by: Hank

Pork Barrel Politics: Trade and Other Issues

Pork.  I love the term.  It reeks of politics. Pork’s Trade Problem I’ve been following the pork industry’s problem with the Trump Administration’s trade policies with much interest. We impo

This Just In: Your Starbucks Order Will No Longer Come With A Plastic Straw

It’s the last straw for the beverage giant. This Just In: Your Starbucks Order Will No Longer Come With A Plastic Straw

6 Times Scientists Radically Misunderstood the World

Science has come a long way in understanding how our universe works and that road has been full of wrong turns and dead ends. Here are 6 scientific explanations that turned out to be way off track. H

Beverage Daily’s roundup of articles about—Beer!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Here’s Beverage Daily’s latest MONTHLY BEER SPECIAL: AB InBev CEO: ‘Beer needs to play the natural card more’:  Beer is all about natural ingredients: and tha

Alcohol and heart health

Moderate alcohol consumption can have a beneficial effect on heart health, but the “moderate” part is the key. One drink a day is recommended as the safest amount that offers a heart-health benefi

Does Microwaving Food Destroy Its Vitamins?

Many people avoid using microwave ovens, fearing how it changes the molecular structure of your food, but studies have some evidence that may surprise you.Hosted by: Olivia GordonHead to https://scis

We Probably Can't Save the Vaquita—But We Can Learn From Them

Save the Vaquita Day is the first Saturday after the 4th of July, and it serves as a reminder that preventing extinctions means acting early.Hosted by: Hank GreenHead to for

Turns Out, Spiders Use Electricity to Fly

Apparently some species of spiders can fly… and it turns out they don’t even need the wind to do it.Hosted by: Hank GreenHead to for hand selected artifacts of the unive

Weekend Reading: Food Citizenship (I’m in it)

Ray Goldberg.  Food Citizenship: Food System Advocates in an Era of Distrust. Oxford University Press, 2018. As should be obvious from this cover, I have a special interest in this book.  For more t

It’s July 4. What better time to participate in politics. Here’s how.

The New York Times has issued a splendid guide to how to use the political process (behind a paywall, alas) to get what our country needs. The guide covers how to vote, lobby, get information, show up

Big Soda strong-arms California: no more soda taxes for 12 years. Shame!

In 2017, Jennifer Pomeranz and Mark Pertschuck published an article in the American Journal of Public Health titled State Preemption: A Significant and Quiet Threat to Public Health in the United Stat

Rebooting food: technological solutions to world hunger

Lots of people are worried about how we are going to feed people in the future and are thinking about possible solutions to problems of world hunger.  Hence: Rebooting Food from the Thomson Reuters

Changing SNAP for the better: the politics

The Bipartisan Policy Center, a Washington-based think tank whose slogan is “Working to find actionable solutions to the nation’s key challenges,” did a study on SNAP: “Leading with Nutrition:

Announcing My Next Book: Feeding You Lies

My mom called yesterday and said “Have you turned it in yet?” – I responded with a big “YES! It’s done.” And we both rejoiced. I have been heads down for the last year working on something

Mini Zucchini Banana Muffins (No Added Sugar!)

I’ve been wanting to share this recipe for a long time! Harley’s been eating these Zucchini Banana Mini Muffins up and the best part? They have no added sugar! I always have a batch of these ready

Organic Chicken Bone Broth Powder – The Next Truvani Product!

A couple months ago I was in L.A. for a business trip and one of my colleagues looked over and asked what my daughter Harley was drinking. I told him it was my homemade bone broth that I brought all t

How I Lost The Baby Weight

First of all, I should let you know that I debated calling the title of this post something different. In fact, the title of this post makes me cringe a little. The Food Babe lifestyle has never been

Turmeric Hummus + 10 Healing Recipes!

As you know I launched my new product company Truvani this year. It’s been a wild ride and very exciting – not to mention, seriously stressful at times. To source the best ingredients, it takes ti

You Won’t Believe This New Fast Food Packaging!

When I first started this blog (7 years ago), I had no clue what an adventure it would be. I had no idea that anyone besides my own friends and family would read what I wrote. I certainly never knew t

Carrot Cake Muffins

These carrot cake muffins make a fun breakfast or snack on the go, but you can also frost them like cupcakes to make a festive Easter treat! They’re gluten-free and have no added refined sugar, but

Lush Bath Bombs Are Not What You Think

If you read ingredient lists like me, I hope that doesn’t stop at just food. Food chemicals are nasty, but the skincare and cosmetics industry is even worse. The FDA doesn’t regulate cosmetics as

What’s The Healthiest Fast Food Burger Chain?

If you’re careful about what you eat, you probably don’t frequent chains like McDonald’s or Burger King, but where do you go when you want a burger? There are several higher-end and “farm-to-

3 Ways To Use Truvani Turmeric

One of the most unique qualities of our Truvani Daily Turmeric Supplement is that the tablets are uncoated, so you can use them in recipes at home. This is great for people who have difficulty swallow


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