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When considering DFW Estate Sale companies, we are one of the premiere Estate Sales Companies in DFW. Our services include estate liquidations, downsizing and moving sales.

Deceased Taxpayers Understanding the General Duties as an Estate Administrator | Internal Revenue Service

Deceased Taxpayers – Understanding the General Duties as an Estate Administrator

The Center for Tax Law and Employee Benefits, The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois

The John Marshall Law School Center for Tax Law and Employee Benefits is dedicated to offering graduate degrees with rigorous academic standards, fostering research for better understanding of the mul

DFW Estate Liquidators | DFW Auctions | When Pigs Fly

Specializing in estate liquidating, downsizing, estate sales and more we provide services in Dallas, Fort Worth and DFW Metroplex. Call us now!

Allen Estate Sale Dec 1-2 by When Pigs Fly

Fabulous Full House! Fred Red Harris Original Western Paintings, Hooker Bedroom Suite, Bass Boat (may be sold before the sale), Jewelry, Mary Kay and tons more. There are still tons of photos and the

J.​ ​Levine​ ​Auction​ ​&​ ​Appraisal​ ​Announces New​ ​Location​ ​in​ ​Scottsdale​ ​Quarter

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (November 10, 2017) – J.Levine Auction & Appraisal, an auction and estate liquidation company is opening a new customer center in Scottsdale Quarter, one of Scottsdale’s top

Robson Ranch / Denton Estate Sale Nov 24-25

  Enjoy Photos on This Link  When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions Nov 24-25 Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00pm Robson Ranch/Denton, TX Another lovely home in Robson Ranch Co

10 Necessities for Your Man Cave

All of my friends ask me to keep an eye out for this and for that at auction, mainly because we see some of the coolest stuff on the planet and sometimes for a heck of a deal. It’s a dangerous busin

Trophy Club Estate Sale Nov 3-4

   When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions Nov 3-4 Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00pm CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS 2 Avenue Twenty, Trophy Club TX Stunning neighborhood off of Trophy

Denton Estate Sale Nov 10-11

     When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions Nov 10-11 Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00pm Denton, TX John Harrington Estate (Southmont) Please click here for photos! Another l

What’s Up With All the Americana?

In the business of antiques and collectibles, we often see strange trends, and I’m not talking about what’s hot and what’s not. I am talking about the trend of similar things I’ve never, or ha

Get Over it, They Don’t Want it…

What? Your stuff. Why? It’s not theirs. It’s kind of a broken record around the auction and estate liquidation business: “my kids don’t want my stuff.” Auctioneers and the like often find th

Rare, Complete 1924 Apothecary Found in Arizona

Nearly a century after Hartigan’s Drug Store opened in Andover, Massachusetts its pharmacy and soda fountain sit in Scottsdale, Arizona at J. Levine Auction & Appraisal awaiting the October 26 A

Flower Mound Oct 19-21

 When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions October 19-21 Thursday – Saturday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Fantastic Estate Packed With Multiple Collections. 2015 BMW X5, 1973 Z28 Camaro, SOLD-2001 Ford F250

J. Levine to Auction Rare ‘Lost’ Jackson Pollock Painting on June 20 in Scottsdale

Painting has strong provenance and forensics, and was found in same estate as Kenneth Noland, Hazel Guggenheim McKinley, Jules Olitski and Cora Kelley Ward pieces SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (June 5, 2017) –

Eclectic Mix of Art, Vintage Furniture, Coins & Currency in J. Levine 3-Day Auction May 25, 26 & 27

Large coin and currency collection includes a rare Flowing Hair half dime from 1795 and a $20 Gold Liberty coin from 1901 SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (May 16, 2017) – An eclectic mix of fine art, vintage fur

A New Blog Location

As you may have noticed there hasn’t been a new post in a while. The reason for this is The Estate Lady blog has relocated to a new site. Please click this link http://www.theestatelady.com/blog

Bidding Frenzy Expected for Rare, 1959 Gibson Flying V Guitar in J. Levine March 30 Auction

Flying V was a failure when introduced in 1958, but recent auction history shows some guitars are selling for more than $100,000 SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (March 17, 2017) – A rare, 1959 Gibson Flying V Kor

What will happen to your guns under President Trump?

Now that we’re more than a month into the Trump era, I’m eager to see how the new administration, controversial legislation, and even heated Twitter exchanges about gun control affects firearm sal

Museum-Quality Collection of Art in North Scottsdale Home to be Auctioned on Sat., Feb. 25

Entrepreneur/financial planner spent more than 30 years collecting fine art SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Feb. 13) – A museum-quality collection of fine art will be auctioned in a north Scottsdale home near th

What’s in Your Plan?

Have you thought ahead to make a plan for your cherished possessions, or at least gift them prior to passing away? I encourage everyone to make a plan and put it in a legal document. Consider giftin

Time of the Heavy Heart

However, I can control how I respond to these troubles. I can find my own unique and personal ways of contributing more good and more light.

Dangers of Choosing a Company Based on Their Low Commission

KNOW WHO YOU ARE HIRING! The time it takes to find those true professionals is time well spent.

The Many Hats of an Estate Liquidator

Many people are under the impression that an estate liquidator is someone who puts on glorified yard sales. Nothing could be further from the truth! Professional estate liquidators wear many hats on

The Blockade

It is not okay to be The Blockade. I can see both sides and I understand the emotional ties to a home and possessions can be very strong. But nothing ever stays the same. This is about the parent's

The Real Value of Our Antiques and Heirlooms

Gone are the days of truly caring about quality. Gone are the days of the younger generations wanting traditional furnishings. In are the days of how the item looks and functions.

Unthinkable, Unethical, Unlawful ~ Good Grief!

Most professionals that work within the estate industry hear and see things that defy logic and make our hair stand straight on end.  This story is one of them. Imagine your sibling is very ill, in t

Think Before You Throw!

Do it for the earth, do it for extra space, and do it for your pocket! Donating, recycling, and selling are the way to go when downsizing or handling an estate.

10 Estate Behavior Commands

While there are no laws that pertain to human behavior when handling an estate and the distribution of property, these commandments should be "etched in stone" to remind us how we should behave.

The Curse of the Brown Furniture

Some furniture just isn’t selling well right now, especially what is being called “brown furniture”, such as mahogany china hutches, oak dressers, maple coffee tables and the like (read this art

Choosing an Estate Sale Company You Can Trust

Most estate sale companies, just like most people, are reputable and honest.  A few are not.  Sometimes we need a little help in decided which is which. Someone recently bemoaned the dishonesty foun

The End of the Line

I see the end stories to the lives of way too many people. The following poem really struck a nerve for me.  If it doesn’t for you, then maybe you are doing things the right way. The Journey One da

Vindication At Last!

I’ve been called a fool more than once.  I’m okay with that for the most part.  My beliefs have often been called naive and unsophisticated (yes, I DO believe in ghosts, so deal with it).  At l

What I Hate About Running Estate Sales

The last few entries were a bit schmaltzy and people are starting to complain (Okay, nobody complained; it was just my opinion.  Either nobody else thought so, or nobody else reads my blog.).  With

What We Carry With Us

This is just for those who run sales or are interested in running them. Or just for the curious. Here is a list of the stuff I often take with me to an estate sale: Tape: cellophane, blue painter’s,

18 Tips on Shopping at Estate Sales

This is a companion piece to my earlier entry about how NOT to shop at estate sales.  If you haven’t read it, you can find it here.  Shopping at estates sales is not only economically sensible, bu

How to Shop at Estate Sales (if you are shopping for trouble)

Have you ever shopped at an estate sale?  Well, here is some advice to help you get the most out of the experience.  Granted, it might also get you banned for life or arrested or beaten by your fell

Why Do Hoarders Hoard?

The term “hoarder” is one you hear a lot these days. At one time the term was used to refer only to those with a profound and psychological inability to limit their attainment of possessions and/o

How to Handle Difficult Estate Sale Clients

You know the kind of client I mean:  they hound you, bully you, accuse you of cheating them or of not knowing your business.  They claim you made promises that you never did, never would.  They bit


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