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US Coast Guard Awards Golden Ray Responders

The US Coast Guard presented public service awards to maritime partners for their actions during the Golden Ray capsizing and subsequent response during a ceremony at the Southeast Georgia Conference

Fugro Gains Full Ownership of SEA-KIT International

Fugro announced it has reached a binding agreement for the acquisition of the remaining shares in SEA-KIT International, a long-standing partner in the development of uncrewed surface vessels (USV) fo

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WinGD Debuts Variable Compression Ratio Technology

Swiss marine power company WinGD will realise the first commercial instalments of its new variable compression ratio (VCR) technology on two new dual-fuel LNG powered vessels being built for NYK Line.

Webinar: How to Overcome Dynamic Emulsion Layer Measurement Challenges

Asian Oil & Gas (AOG) is hosting a webinar on the groundbreaking patents that are pushing multiphase detection, measurement, and control technology forward.Throughout the oil and gas and petrochem

New Record Set in Unmanned Vessel Data Collection

Heralding a new zero-carbon era for ocean observations, a wave-propelled uncrewed surface vessel (USV) has for the first time successfully recovered scientific data from a sensor moored 1,800 meters d Best Boating Electronics Accessories & Supplies

Your #1 Go To Store For Marine Supplies with Trusted Brands! Best boating supplies & marine equipment. Shop boat seats, anchors, life jackets, fishing boat accessories, radars marine autopilot fishfin

CMB.TECH, Boeckmans to Build Four Hdrogen-Powered Cargo Ships

CMB.TECH and Boeckmans will build four hydrogen-powered 5.000-dwt general cargo vessels with reduced greenhouse emissions.The first vessel is expected to be delivered in the second half of 2025. The

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United States Coast Guard

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Kraken Robotics Awarded Contract to Survey Buried Subsea Pipeline

Kraken Robotics has been awarded a contract for a specialized sub-seabed survey to map the exact location and integrity of buried pipelines.The contract, valued at $1 million, will be completed in the

Diana Shipping Announces Time Charter with K Line

Diana Shipping Inc. has announced that, through a separate wholly-owned subsidiary, it has entered into a time charter contract with Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K Line) for one of its Capesize dry bulk ves

Ritchie F82W Voyager Compass Flush Mount White F82W – Themarineking

Ritchie F82W Voyager Compass Flush Mount White F82W

BIRNS Achieves AS9100:2016 Certification

BIRNS, Inc., designer and manufacturer of high performance connectors, custom cable assemblies and lighting systems, has announced that its Quality Management System (QMS) has been certified to AS9100

Report Highlights EU Live Animal Transport Issues

A new report provides insights into animal welfare issues during transport within and from the EU.Around 44 million farmed animals a year are transported, including unweaned calves and lambs on journe

How to Convince Your Significant Other to Buy a Boat: 8 Steps

Any couple knows that you don't always see eye to eye, especially on big purchases. If you follow these steps you'll have that boat you've always wanted in one week flat regardless of your financial s

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Kraken Robotics Reports Strongest Quarter in History

Kraken Robotics has filed strong financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2023.“With Q3 being our strongest quarter in history and Q4 expected to show further improvement, we are

Verlume Reports 'Significant Growth' in 2023

U.K.-based energy management and storage technologies company Verlume reports an increasing headcount and sales growth in 2023 across several markets including offshore wind, subsea monitoring and off

The Impact of Plastic in the Ocean: A Global Concern

Plastic pollution in our oceans has become a pressing global concern, with far-reaching consequences for both the environment and human well-being. Understanding the magnitude of the plastic proble

Exploring the Vast Contrasts Between the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean are two of the largest bodies of water on Earth, each with its own unique characteristics and features. In this article, we will delve into the contrasts be

Learning lessons from (almost) a decade of MPA monitoring in English waters: where are we now and what happens next?

In recent years it has become clear, both in the UK and globally, that interventions are urgently needed to protect our precious marine wildlife and safeguard the resources provided to us by the sea.

What I Didn’t See . . .

This blog contains a wee bit of self-mockery as well as a LOT of joy at what others saw during the most recent dive trip I organized to God’s Pocket Resort. There is so much I DID see and learn from

NatGeo Fail

[Positive update November 12: NatGeo has taken the video down from Instagram and Facebook. But, still has it on their YouTube Channel.] Whoa! Astoundingly and disconcertingly inaccurate! This video is

If We Couldn’t Laugh . . .

The tide was high, the boat ramp was flat, and we all need the fun. I shared this video on my social media feeds and it appears there was significant appreciation of the intended humour and levity. I

What Is One Part of a Regular Vessel and Engine Maintenance Program?

Vessel and engine maintenance is a critical aspect of ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of marine equipment. By implementing a regular maintenance program, ship owners and operators can mi

What Is Needed for Steering Control on a PWC?

PWC, or Personal Watercraft, is a popular and thrilling waterborne activity enjoyed by many outdoor enthusiasts. As with any watercraft, steering control is essential for a safe and enjoyable exper

What Must Be Onboard a Boat While Towing a Water-Skier Under Florida Law?

Florida is famous for its beautiful waterways, making it a popular destination for boating enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned boater or a novice looking to enjoy the water, it is crucial to un

Reducing the Risk of Collision in Areas of Heavy Boat Traffic

In areas of heavy boat traffic, the risk of collision is a significant concern. Understanding the dangers associated with heavy boat traffic is crucial in developing strategies to minimize the risk

Understanding the Purpose of a Ventilation System on a Motorized Vessel

A ventilation system plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and comfortable environment on a motorized vessel. Whether it's a small pleasure boat or a large commercial ship, proper ventilation

Filing a Boating Accident Report in Florida

Boating accidents can be stressful and overwhelming experiences. Whether it's a minor mishap or a more serious incident, it is crucial to understand the importance of filing a boating accident repo

What to Check to Ensure a Safe Speed for Your Boat

Boating can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience, but it is crucial to prioritize safety above all else. One essential aspect of boating safety that often receives inadequate attention is the sp

Where Is the Best Place to Store a Fire Extinguisher on a Boat?

  Fire safety is of utmost importance when it comes to boating. Understanding the role of fire extinguishers in marine safety and knowing potential fire hazards are crucial for the well-being of al


Otherworldly. One-worldly!While on a recent trip to God’s Pocket Resort north of Port Hardy, it happened to be that there was a huge aggregation of jellies. It was truly awe-inspiring to be diving a

Striped Sea Star

I found distraction from the darkness by making compiling these photos of one of the most diversely colourful sea star species off our coast – the gobsmackingly beautiful Striped Sea Star. Note how

What do a Communications Officer, a Shellfish Scientist and a Fish Health Inspector have in common?

Answer: They all graduated from a Zoology degree at the University of Exeter in 2016!  With the start of a new academic year, this time often comes with big decisions and a lot of uncertainty. Perhap

Basket Stars

How can it be that I do not yet have a blog about Basket Stars? I am hereby correcting that and including a gallery of photos of this astoundingly beautiful species. Prepare yourself for abundant supe

Into the deep: How Cefas science of the deep-sea is exploring uncharted waters

The deep-sea covers more than 60% of the Earth's surface. Deep-sea ecosystems are amongst the least well understood owing to the combined challenges of remoteness, vastness, and the difficulties of ex

One year on: Cefas generates new tools and evidence to support marine natural capital programme

Natural capital refers to parts of the natural environment, such as forests, fisheries, rivers, biodiversity, land and minerals, that provide valuable goods and services to society. Much like human c

Making waves: recent contributions of Cefas fisheries science for the future of fisheries management in the UK

On Monday 17th July, the UK government’s Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) announced further steps to deliver a thriving, sustainable fishing industry and healthy marine

Early Career Scientist Interdisciplinary Summer School: a week of fun, facts and FISH!

First things first, who am I? I'm James, an Offshore Fisheries Observer and team leader at Cefas. I have been doing the observer role for almost 4 years now, so I am very much an early career (fisheri


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