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5 Case Studies That Prove Learning Games Work

Does game-based learning work or does it just distract from learning? In these case studies, you can find out the real benefits of learning games. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Best Practices For Translating eLearning Content: 3 Must Haves

With the rapid scale of globalization, new technology, and digitalization, eLearning companies are choosing to scale up by providing multilingual resources. This article looks at what that means in te

How To Use Games To Market Your Learning Program

One of the major challenges HR and L&D professionals face is getting the employees to get interested in the learning programs. Games or rather game-based learning can help here. This article will

GRC eLearning Launches New eLearning Business Arm

GRC International Group PLC, the leading provider of cybersecurity and data compliance products and services, has strengthened its existing eLearning business with the announcement of a brand new comp

Does Your Vendor Value The LMS Customer Experience? 5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Current LMS Falls Short

An LMS that falls short on customer experience can negatively impact your ROI and prevent you from achieving your organizational objectives. But what are the warning signs that you should look for in

Webinar: Instructional Designers, Protect Your Position – Advice From Dr. Baird

We were so happy to host Dr. Scott Baird, founder of Griffin Hill in a webinar this week discussing how you as instructional designers can make your positions “unassailable.” With experience in in

The Right Way To Use Gamification

Always wondered whether it's possible to use gamification in a way that's authentic to your organization and brand? We dive into the context, clarity, and structure that lets you fit gamification into

Upskilling Employees In The World Of Digital Transformation: How To Retain And Engage Your Workforce

In the backdrop of digital transformation, providing the right skilling opportunities to your workforce at the right time holds the key to the success of an organization. Companies must ensure that th

Training Millennials: Engaging Generation Y In Training

Gen Y will make up over 40% of the workforce by 2020. Training managers need to act now to make sure Millennials are engaged with their learning platform. This post was first published on eLearning In

How Digital Learning Is Working In Retail

This is how you can make digital learning work for Learning and Development (L&D) to equip retail workers with all they need, as they need it, in a way that shapes how they think and act on-the-jo

Elements Of A True Learning Culture: Employee Engagement

As suggested in Part I of this article, the development of a true learning culture within business organizations is no longer a "we will experiment with this if we have time but let's keep doing what

Learning and the Brain

There’s a new movement called Organizational Psychology. It’s about using psychology to make sure you hire the right people, develop the people you have, and understand employee engagement. Sounds

Destroy Distractions With These Easy Camera Tricks

Distractions in videos come in many ways. In the theater, directors will use clutter on the screen to distract the viewer, or to help convey chaos. Leaving lots of people or things or lights or miscel

Webinar: Wait… You Made That in PowerPoint??

Last week we brought Stacey Wilhelmsen, Senior Graphic Designer, and Thomas Reyes-Cairo, Product Production Manager, over from our template development team in a webinar discussing some slick and exci

Friday Finds: Productivity Hacks

I first stumbled upon this service several years, and I really think it hasn’t gotten the glory it deserves. To be fair, it’s not exclusively a business tool or an eLearning tool. But there’s so

From the Archives: Our Top 5 Webinars

We were feeling that #ThrowbackThursday vibe today, so we decided to look back at our most popular eLearning webinars from 2017 and 2018 so far. Want to guess which webinars were the most popular? No?

eLearning Blogs (Other Than Us) You Should Read

  We try not to be greedy here at eLearning Brothers. We want you to read our eLearning blog, of course, and we work hard to serve up useful content for you. But we understand if you want a second pe

Be Stylish With These New Captivate Templates

  Crunched for time? It happens! Using these new Captivate Style Templates, you can still produce a great eLearning course even when you’re under a tight deadline. eLearning Brothers Templates incl

To Quiz or Not to Quiz…That Is the Question

  How do you incorporate quizzes into your eLearning? Do you believe in the “quiz early, quiz often” strategy, or do you wait until the end of the course? Or do you live on the edge and say “wh

This Lectora Template Style Is Totally Rad

It’s time to have some fun! The 80s Neon Style is the newest one of our Template Styles to hit the Lectora Template Library. I personally love this Lectora Template Style—the colors, the fun fonts

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