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Explaining Why Companies Need An LMS Today

Learning Management Systems have become a must for all organizations already. Let's see why... This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

eLearning In The Manufacturing Industry: Learning The Ropes

Manufacturing companies can be reticent in jumping on to the eLearning bandwagon, thinking it to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Here is a recommended approach that can help manufacturing companies

How To Use Scenario Based Learning For Corporate Training And Gain A Better ROI: Featuring 7 Examples

In this article, I show you how you can use the powerful technique, that is scenario based learning, to design high-impact corporate training and do justice to your new mandates and, in the process, s

Blockchain For Mobile App Development

The promise of blockchain is realized by mobile app developers now. Here we explain how blockchain can be incorporated into building mobile apps and the key considerations for doing so. This post was

INTED2019 - 13th Annual Technology, Education And Development Conference

This conference will be the best opportunity to present and share your experiences in the fields of Education and Technology in a multicultural atmosphere. Every year, INTED brings together over 700 d

Free eBook: 5 Steps To Digitize Learning Within Your Organization

It may be plain to see, but not so plain to do. Digitizing the training you have to design and deliver is a mission vital for the success of your organization. Advice on it is sought for, that is why

How to Edit a Classic Conversation Scenario

A conversation scenario is an eLearning staple. Presenting a conversation between two characters—ideally ones that represent your learner demographic—allows you to explore two different perspectiv

How To Ensure Compliance Training ROI With Looop LMS Platform

Looop can help you maximise your compliance training ROI whilst also improving performance and productivity across the entire organisation. Take a look at how to ensure your compliance training progra

6 Benefits Of Using Training Catalogues For Leadership Training In Your Organization

To read the many profiles of great business leaders, you’d think that they are born, not made. Yet, leadership at the top and throughout an organisation is too important to be left to chance. This p

What LMS Reports Give You A Hint Who To Promote

These 3 LMS reports will help you improve the individual performance of each employee and identify high-potential employees from a talent pool. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

10 Practical Ways To Lead An Unstoppable eLearning Team

How do you set up and lead a high-flying eLearning team that produces solutions on time, within budget and that meet all stakeholder needs? We’ve pulled together some top tips for leading a winning

Power Up With New PowerPoint Styles

Attention, PowerPoint users. Last week, we released 2 new PowerPoint Template Styles! Each PowerPoint Style features 20 files. For our PowerPoint Styles, we focused on data-driven graphs and charts. R

Webinar: User Experience Strategies for Successful eLearning

In this recent webinar, Dan Frazee, Lead Developer on the eLearning Brothers Custom Development team joined us to share his user experience strategies for successful eLearning. He used some really coo

eLBX Presents: Angel Green

If you caught our post last week with Dr. Scott Baird’s eLBX presentation video, you know that we’ve decided to share all the presentations from eLBX 2018 here on the blog. While nothing can repl

A Conversation With eLearning Rockstar Rich Vass

Brianne Thomas, a learning experience designer for Capitol One and the woman behind Northlake Professional Group, recently interviewed our Studio Director, Rich Vass. Great conversation and laughs ens

Working With Our “Popular Choice Game” Template Style

Adding a game to your eLearning course is a great way to increase engagement and (sneakily) quiz your learners. That’s why we include this Popular Choice game in each Template Styles family. However

2 Keys to Getting Started With eLearning Brothers

This summer marked the creation of our new Customer Success division and our team has been working hard to figure out ways we can help you get the most out of your account. In addition to all of the a

Webinar: Spy on Our Video Expert While He Edits in Camtasia 18

Yesterday our Video Specialist, Andrew Townsend, held a webinar where he demonstrated his process for editing a video in the newest version of Camtasia. In his step-by-step presentation he covered: Us

eLBX Presents – Dr. Scott Baird

A few months ago, we hosted eLBX, the first eLearning Brothers user conference extravaganza. We were excited to see hundreds of eLearning Rockstars descend upon Salt Lake City for our conference, but

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