Costly Home Inspection Errors

Home inspection errors that cost home buyers money.

Which smoke alarm to buy

Shopping for a new smoke alarm? Stop. Don’t even go to the store until you know exactly which smoke alarm you want. I know the ins and outs of smoke and CO alarms, and I’m still overwhelmed by th

Let the Sunshine In! Everything You Wanted to Know About Sunrooms

From family rooms to entertaining spaces or even just a place to put plants during the winter, the additional space sunrooms provide is a huge benefit. Learn how sunrooms can increase your home value

How to Make up to $100,000 by Renting Your Home

Rental websites like Vrbo are giving hotels a run for their money. Since the emergence of rental websites, more and more travelers are opting to rent homes when they travel. This is good news for tho

Is Renting-to-Own a Good Option for You?

Renting to own might be worth considering depending on your situation, but you need to carefully research and plan for the agreement. The post Is Renting-to-Own a Good Option for You? appeared first

Calgary Home Inspection Cost Discounted for Spring!

Home inspection cost for your Calgary home inspection with a discount for pre-purchase and pre-listing property inspections.

Expert Travelers Share Their Best Money-Saving Travel Hacks

If you’re someone who loves to travel, then you know it can be expensive. From the cost of food to accommodation expenses, it adds up quickly. If you’re wondering how to make the most out of your

Inflation Moves Even Higher as Home Prices Dip – Market Update

If you’re reading this Monday afternoon, this is one last friendly reminder for those of you who haven’t filed your tax return to get on it. Maybe you can even get on the news while you’re line

How Long Should You Keep Your Mortgage Documents?

After selling a house, how long should you keep your old closing and refinancing documents around? Our Home Loan Experts provide some advice. The post How Long Should You Keep Your Mortgage Document

Living in a Converted Camper Van

Off-the-grid living has gained popularity thanks to the freedom it provides. Hear the story of one man who was able to do it in his converted camper van. The post Living in a Converted Camper Van app

Mortgage Life Insurance vs. Term Life Insurance

If you’ve bought a house recently, you’ve probably received a ton of mail warning you to protect your mortgage payments with life insurance. What those letters are usually selling is a specific t / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

About HUD Program Offices Resources Contact Us Información en Español

What’s a Roth IRA?

When it comes to a Roth IRA, financial ignorance is not bliss, and your future deserves better. Take a break from Flappy Bird and Tinder on your iPhone to learn the basics and why, as a member of the

7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

You don’t have to wait until Earth Day to start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We have seven ways you can be green every day! The post 7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day! appeared first

Home Inspection School FAQ's - USCI

Home Inspection School FAQ's. 100% Online - Study at Home. Start your new career Today! Request Info or call 866.250.6851.

Carbon monoxide alarm requirements for Minnesota

Carbon monoxide alarms are required for most dwellings in Minnesota. I get a lot of questions about the little details, and today I’m going to cover them all. General Carbon Monoxide Alarm Require

Kura: helping you win at homeownership

Your home inspector probably gave you a big list of things to maintain when you bought your home. Have you stayed on top of it? All of it? When stuff gets neglected, stuff breaks or stops working.

Trade tip: make your ladder scratch-free

We do our best to leave houses in the same condition that we found them in, and that includes the gutters. If I lean an aluminum ladder up against a gutter, I’m going to scratch it up. I’ve never

Automatic water leak protection

This is a guest blog post by Joe Westerlund, a home inspector at Structure Tech. “Is there water pouring through your ceiling?” When I was working as a plumber, this was my occasional attempt at

Snow+rain=extremely heavy snow

It’s time for Minnesotans to consider removing snow from their roofs because of the weight. Just two weeks ago I wrote a blog saying not to worry. At that time, roof snow loads were somewhere in t

Chimney inspections: pass or fail, nothing in-between

Having a rip-roaring open-flame wood fire in your living room is serious business. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an estimated 22,300 residential structure fires occurre

Q&A: “How much snow is safe for my roof?”

The record-setting snowfall that we’ve received here in Minnesota raises concerns about how much snow a roof can hold. Should you remove snow from your roof to prevent a collapse? I have good news

Bath fan duct: metal or plastic?

Should bath fan ducts be made from metal or plastic? If you live in a cold climate like Minnesota, I recommend plastic. Why would someone want metal? It gives you a smooth interior, which means less

Ice Dams: how to prevent and how to remove

Ice dams are literally dams of ice that form on roofs and cause water to back up. Ice dams form when the snow that touches the roof melts, and then that water freezes again before running off the roo

Tips on Selling Your Home

By Cassie Steele A Clean Home Sells Faster The average home is seen 8-10 times (study by Sage Real Estate) before it sells. This means that you need to make sure that your house is clean and declut

Technology Transforming Home Buying

How technology is transforming home buying written by Cassie Steele “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic,” said Arthur C Clarke, the science fiction author, screenwriter o

Safely Securing a Mortgage

Safely Securing A Mortgage Written by Cassie Steele  Canada is in a golden age for mortgages. Bank of Canada’s latest figures revealed that whilst households are in larger amounts of debt than eve

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Detection

by Nick Gromicko interNACHI A very important article discussing the importance of Carbon Monoxide Detection and the poisoning effects when found in your home. Also discuses carbon monoxide detectors p

Home Inspection Tips for Home Buyers

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a veteran homeowner downsizing or trading up, these valuable home inspection tips can he

Elderly Home Safety Checklist

Home Safety Checklist for the Elderly The following is an elderly home safety checklist that is presented as a public safety for som

Home Buyer Mistakes

 Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid Deadly Mistake #1: Thinking you can’t afford it. Many people who thought that buying the home th

Save Money and Energy in Your Home

This post is about how to save money and energy in your home utilising 10 strategies originally posted on the InterNACHI site for ho

Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

THE BIGGEST HOME INSPECTION MISTAKES THAT YOU SHOULD AVOID When you are moving into a new home, one of the best things that you can do is get a home inspection. It will not only ensure you are able to

The Importance of Hiring a Certified and Experienced Home Inspector

It is true, that purchasing a home or business is one of the biggest investments we make during our lifetime. It can be emotional, stressful and overwhelming at times. The good news is – you don’t


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